See the lies

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I have never felt this tired in my life. My body ached and it felt hot, my head was spinning non-stop, and the floor felt too cold. And too think that I thought death was more painful. I heard voices around but they would fade in and out.

"She's burning up"

"Should we take her to the hospital?"

"Mu, why didn't you tell us. We could have subbed you in half time"

I couldn't tell who they were anymore… liked it mattered. I'm sure a little rest will do me good. My body felt heavy, I felt someone lift me up and a voice came soon after.

"Never mind, I'll take her home" It was a male's for sure… deep and calm like usual… it was Takumi's. His grip on me was strong and his arms wrapped around my frail body. I tried to open my eyes but the lids felt so heavy. I decided to just to take a little nap… who knows maybe this is all a dream itself.


"You're an idiot… he's not helping you because he likes you… it's pity… He pities you!" Where was this voice coming from… it sounds like…

"Me… or should I say You." I turned to a mirror and saw my reflection… or so I thought it was.. "Me?" I answered while stepping back from the mirror.

"Idiot…" She replied, she looked just like me except only half her face was shown on the mirror. "I'm dreaming right?" I asked thinking that there was no way this could be real.

"And what if your not? Let me just tell you one thing… That man… he doesn't love you. Get it in your head…" she yelled.. I know that maybe what she says is true but hearing it… right from her or should I say my mouth.... it felt like someone just stabbed me… slowly. This is crazy "Haha, Hahahah!" I started laughing while gripping my face. I felt warm liquid crawl down my face and I glanced at the mirror. She was staring… no… smirking…

"You… Don't… Know… Anything!" I shouted and punched the mirror. It shattered and fell to the floor along with my knees. I covered my face with both hands and the only sound heard was my weeping.

"Hey…Hey wake up" I felt someone grip my shoulders and shake me slightly. I opened my eyes slowly. I quickly shut them after seeing such brightness enter me. I groaned and opened them slowly once more. Everything was a blur but I could see what they were. A familiar face was actually what I saw first.


"Hey, you alright? The fever went down for bit but I think it's coming back" His deep voice was heard while I felt his hand on my forehead. I shivered at the touch due to his cold hands.

I looked around at my surroundings to see a room filled with posters, basketball of course. There was a shelf with some books and a phone nearby the bed I was on… wait this isn't my room… don't tell me I'm at his place. I felt him remove his hand from my forehead and onto my head.

"You scared me, Mutsumi" I looked at him, he just said my name.. I mean it's no big deal but he rarely does it. "Am.. I at your.. place?" I asked while chocking a little.

"Ya, I brought you home but no one was there. So I thought it'd be okay if I took care of you. Mom isn't in though but I'm sure it's fine since she knows you." He said picking up a tray from the floor. "How.. long was I-" I saw him stuff a spoon of food into my mouth. How rude, I didn't finish my sentence. " After the game til now" He replied while glancing at the clock. It now read 10 o clock pm...

"Eh?!" I said with my mouth full of food. I choked and started coughing raipidly. Taku quickly started patting my back to help me regain my breath. "Geez swallow before you talk" He said with a slight tone of anger in it.

I was shocked. I slept for half a day, sure I felt a bit better but still... half a day. Takumi continued to stuff the food into my mouth when I least expected it. I did feel a little happy that he was feeding me... but then it hit me. Did he feel responsible for me getting sick? Is that why he's taking care of me? Is he.. pitying ... me?

"I um.. changed your clothes for you since no one else was around. I didn't want you to be in those sweaty clothes, it was wet." He said while looking away. Was he .. blushing? "It's fine." I replied while looking down. I was wearing a big shirt which was for sure belonged to Taku. "I want you to stay the night. I called my mom, she said it was fine and that she will contact your mother." I looked at him with a shocked expression.

"Wait your house is small, where will you and I can go home now. I'm all better" I quickly said to him with a cough following. "It's fine. I'll sleep on the floor. Just stay the night. It's already late." He replied while stuffing more food into my mouth. He got up soon after and opened a cupboard, he took out a futon and laid it on the floor next to me. He got some bed sheets out and laid them down.

"T-Thanks... for everything" I said quietly to him.

He didn't flinch or move. He stood still like if he was waiting for something."It's no problem... I think it was probably my fault .... your like this now" He said while picking up the tray and walking out his room.

Wait his fault? So he's only taking care of me cause he thinks it's his fault... is he pitying me. I stared at the door in shock. Was it really true... I clenched my fist I looked around for something to wear.

I got off his bed and opened his drawers...I turned red when I saw his boxers "Wrong drawer" I muttered while closing it and opening the one below it. He had all his pants, jeans and so on. I grabbed a pair and put them on, but they were huge. I heard footsteps coming towards the room. I wans't planning to stick around any longer.

I opened the window to see a small ledge for me to jump too. I held my pants and jumped out the room trying to leave no trace which was probably impossible. I landed on the ledge and my pants fell, I grabbed them and pulled them up. I jumped once again and landed on grass. I was probably in his lawn, I coughed and rubbed my hands together.

It was cold and windy and dark clouds were seen. I decided to head over to Mai's place. I wouldn't want to disturb this guy too much. I thought outloud. I pushed the gate opened and ran out. I ran for a while until I was out of breath. I stopped at a corner to catch my breath but I kept coughing. "Stupid stupid stupid"I kept saying to myself and hitting the wall next to me.

"Mu? Is that you?" I heard someone call. I turned to see Aikawa. "Haha those are Taku's aren't they" He said while pointing to my pants which looked like they were going too fall.

"Shut up..." I said while gripping onto them tighter. "Okay okay, shouldn't you be at home resting?" He asked. "Um.. Not really" I said back trying to ignore the fact that I broke out of Taku's home. "I bet your staying at his place tonight Matsumi" He said while looking at my pants once more. "You.. broke out didn't you" He said while looking striaght into my eyes.

" I- no.. I was ah.. out for a walk" I muttered knowing he wouldn't believe such a stupid lie.

"Go back..." He said while a serious expression placed on his face. "Back?" I repeated the word he said a few seconds ago. "Ya. You should go back. Taku's probably looking for you now. He was worried sick when you passed out at the court. That guy... he doesn't really show his emotions much but... you can see them clearly when he's with you." Aikawa replied. It felt weird... no strange. Did Taku really care about me... not pity me?

"Then he doesn't pity me?" I asked in a whisper tone. "Pity? Haha, thats a good one." He said while laughing. "Hey! I'm serious" I replied. He stopped laughing and looked me in the eye again. "Didn't you say that you joined basketball because of him?" He asked with that serious expression once more.

"Ah no-" "I'm pretty sure he admires you, and likes you best Mu, so set things straight" He said while smiling.

"Well you should go back, it's late. I'll be seeing you tomorrow Mu" he said while walking past me and towards his apartment.

"Go back eh?" I said to myself smiling a little.

I must admit what Aika did, really lifted up my mood. Okay then. I'll go back. And I'll talk things out with Taku. I turned around and slowly made my way back to his home. I turned right and saw Taku at the other end of the road side. He was panting hard and looked sweaty from running around. He spotted me and run towards me. I froze to the spot, it looked like he was going to tackle me down.

I closed my eyes and waited for the impact but instead.. I felt warm arms embrace me.

"Don't scare me like that" I heard him say and his embrace tighten on me. So he was worried sick about me... I thought..

"Sorry" I said quietly.


The next day I got better and we went to school together. We still have another match the next day so we have to practice hard. I got with my team and we started to practice. They were worried about what happened but I told them it was fine. Me and Taku are on good terms now... I guess.

"Hey Matsumi, get over here" I heard him say on the otherside of the court. He was standing on the doorway. Looking as cool as ever.

"Coming" I said while running to the doorway. The next thing I knew was that he pinned me to the wall outside of the gym building, and I felt his lips crash onto mine.

'I love you Taku'

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