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Shelly: So, why not start this with a great chat, no?

Amuto: Yay?

Shelly: Nice encouragement you two. -.- Anyway as I've promised, here is da final page up after Be My Nurse! Now, before you all scroll down and start looking for ur character's comment or that preview,

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What you might not know is, Be My Nurse happens to be the story I have up with the greatest amount of reviews thus far. It was a great story I enjoyed writing, emotional and lively while still cute and light at times.

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KiNoMoTo18 asked:

nice... but can you explain this statement? what did ikuto mean by this? "Aren't you the one who said kisses were my healing tool or something" okay! thanks!

Well, if you look back to chapter eight, at the very end Amu was saying how Ikuto's pain was cured by kisses! XD In this statement, Ikuto is just referring to what Amu had said, and the whole "kisses being his healing tool" is just Ikuto putting into his own words what Amu had assumed.

Rainchill asked:
2010-11-21 . chapter 26

"Do you think you'll ever write an encore? Talk about amu and ikuto when theyre like 103 (-.-") from "Be my Nurse""

Ha Ha, I was actually thinking of writing something after for Be My Nurse, but from the way it ended, I don't think I will. It's a closed book, and although we might all want to know how their lives may head in the future, it's pretty clear they're going to live a happy life. :)

ToTaLy-WeIrD-aNd-PROUD asked:
2010-11-21 . chapter 26

"Where did you come up with the idea!"

I think I was literally just sitting in bed around midnight when the idea came haha. I'm not sure if any one thing influenced me, I just remember having a writers moment and writing the layout for the story.

"Do you like waffles?"

Yup! I really like the cinnamon eggos. In fact, I'm eating them as I answer you question lol xD

"Did you research the medical stuff, or did you just make it up?"

Well, I knew for the beginning I wouldn't have to look up that much medical research. My grandmother is a nurse, my mom's a vet, my aunt's in medical school and my other aunt used to work at a nursing home. Trust me I get medical terms, except for some reason I was putting down shrugs instead of scrubs. O.o But that WAS two years ago…

I did, however, have to look up exactly what the name of Ikuto's disease was. I knew I wanted him to lose his memory, but I had the condition that fit just right. I did, of course, look up Yoru's condition since I had no idea about it.

"Do you like pancakes?"

YUP! I make some with my aunt on the weekends every now and then! I don't dare do it alone though, as I've explained on Hot or Not, I can't cook! Lol

"Did you ever feel like you wanted to quit this story...?"

YES! Geez, this story drove me CRAZY! There are still parts in this that make me want to bang my head against the concrete! I'm starting to see that any real story has to be based on being realistic at some point in their novel, and you can't just say something like "Oh, Amu is getting a part time job in this because that's how she meets Ikuto". No, I've learned to create a legit story. You have to have a reason for practically everything the character does. That's why in my real novel of "Be My Nurse" my main character (Kayla) is attending her school's summer program at the hospital, because she wants to show her parents she is responsible for taking care of herself and a patient, so they will change their mind and let her go on winter break to Europe with her boyfriend. Now THAT'S a realistic reason for a story if you ask me, and what makes it even more fun is that Kayla hates her new "job" and thinks about quitting a number of times. It so much fun to drive her mad in that story! X3

"Do you like French Toast?"

Yup, my grandmother makes it really good!


For their sake, let's say they did.

TwilightUchiha24 asked:
2010-11-21 . chapter 26

"How did you think up what disease you wanted Ikuto to have and why the long term memory loss?"

Usually, at the start of any story I write, I have the main plot already figured out before the characters personalities are really determined. So when I first wrote down a lay out for "Be My Nurse" (surprisingly, this was two years ago! xD) I had decided then Ikuto would lose his memory because of his illness, and Amu would be heartbroken. I'm not quite sure why I picked that lol, but I think a lot of inspiration had to come from music and books I read (The Forest of Hands and Teeth was AMAZING!) although I can't say the idea came from a certain thing I did or looked at. Usually how I come up with ideas is, it starts with me thinking about a love story and I'll hatch onto an idea and then suddenly I think of "Okay, what if this and that happens" and the story just sorta grows at that point. I've also learned the best way to get to know all the characters, rather than just the main one, is to write out each of the characters backgrounds and their life stories. That has helped me mold each one of their personalities, and really shows why someone acts the way they do and helps me write for their personality better. It makes them seem real, rather than just random people you don't know xD

I particularly had to look up which kind of condition I wanted Ikuto to have, since I wasn't sure which one fit. I knew Alzheimer's was pretty much for the elderly, so I wasn't going to give him that, and amnesia wouldn't work, since typically you forget everything that happened during your amnesia once you come back to your senses :p so it didn't fit. After I had decided on long term memory loss, however, I remembered the movie "50 First Dates" which actually does fit with this story a lot, except none of the patients remember. :/ I still love 5 second Tom though lol.

gkanimefan asked:
2010-11-21 . chapter 26

"How did you come up with this story, anything inspired you?"

I think I answered this above to ToTaLy-WeIrD-aNd-PROUD ;3

"Did you have fun writing this story?"

Yes and no. Let me tell you, when you really love a story, I can guarantee you there will come a part where you will literally rip all your hair out about!

Angel of Randomosity asked:
2010-11-21 . chapter 26

"What in the world possessed you to write this?"

That's a good question lol.

Boredom? My love for Amuto and love stories? Perhaps some Secondhand Serenade? xD

Hmm, I'm not sure, but I can say I'm happy I continued. I was in such a writers block at one point, I think it took like months for me to post up again! ^^'

ChinenxMelochan asked:
2010-11-21 . chapter 26

"So wait umm.. With Rima and Tadase.. where was that... LOL"

Well, in the "She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weenie furry coconut bikini" chapter, I believe Amu explained Tadase was her crush once, until she saw Rima kissing in like seventh grade. So, that was their little fling going on.

Bookworm asked:
2010-11-21 . chapter 26

"Can you make a sequel about Yoru?"

Actually, that sounds like it would be a very interesting thing to write about, but I don't really think I would make a sequel to Be My Nurse. I might just add little time skips if I'm really bugged about their future, but nothing more than that :/

nab2000 asked:
2010-11-22 . chapter 26

"What exactly was Ikuto's disease? How would you fully describe it?"

Well, in my perspective, I made his long term memory loss a little of the real condition it is, and a bit of my own fantasy thing. How it goes is, if Ikuto were to say, meet someone once, and not see them for about two years, he can (if he paid attention to their long ago encounter) remember it. That is because I wanted to prove that Ikuto can in fact remember people he doesn't often see or spend a lot of time with. That's mainly the reason how he recalled Yoru being his cousin. That's also why Yoru didn't have more time in the novel with Ikuto.

I'm sure real long term memory loss doesn't work like this, but for Be My Nurse I had to make his condition this way. I really tried to express the reason why he doesn't get close to anyone. He does have to interact with people though, (I didn't give him short term memory, because he'd practically forget everything he does, and I couldn't have him always forgetting why he was in the hospital in the first place) so if he keeps his distance from someone, he remembers them. If he attaches an emotional bond to them, he forgets. That's why Ikuto was so sad on the rollercoaster with Amu. He knew he was falling for her, but if he did he would forget her, so he knew he had to kiss her once at least. This is also why he left his family, as you know.

"If the story did continue, or there was a time skip, what do you think would be happening in say... the next 2 years?"

This is exactly what I was thinking about. Before the ending came, I had already decided how I wanted things to turn out with Amu and Ikuto. Since Ikuto's condition is already cured, I would have him out of the hospital later on. Of course, I would make him stick around a bit there, mainly because he can tell Amu to do whatever he'd like since she IS his nurse xD

Then, once he is checked out, Amu would still be working there since her experience was, though dramatic, something she did enjoy to help people. I can see a jealous Ikuto now~

"Amu, don't go to work. You need to nurse me!" *Kitty pout.

"Ikuto, we've discussed this already. I still WORK at the hospital. Just because I'm not your nurse anymore, doesn't mean I've quit my job.

"What do you mean you're not my nurse? You said you'd always be my nurse. And I'm still ill." *Glomps Amu.

"AHH! You know what, you are ill! And your disease is perverted syndrome!

Of course, Utau would probably be joining up with Ikuto and Amu, with a less-than-helpful Kukai tagging after her. Ikuto would most likely be taking Amu and running from his psycho sister, as Kukai distracts her. There'd also be the matter of Utau spilling the beans to her parents, who would check up on both Yoru and Ikuto. I'd also like to say Ikuto's mother declaring all her kids could go home and they can live as a family, where a whole episode occurs where Utau and Ikuto both want to stay, and I'd like to state that Ikuto DOES have the right to stay, since in two years he's well past 18. (He'd be 19 I believe)

"What happened to Tadase? He just disappeared. xD"

LOL so I've noticed x)

Well, luckily, Tadase is very understanding of Amu's feelings and even he wanted an Amuto ending (Yay Tadase!) so there's definitely no rivalry between the two. I like Tadase's character, it makes all the more Amuto intense since there's a love triangle involved, and it's sad that some people don't see the potential Tadase can have in a fanfic :'(

xLollipop asked:
2010-11-22 . chapter 26

Is Ikuto's disease perfectly fine now?

I'd like to say yes, but then again anything's possible LOL I guess the only way I could ever be sure nothing would happen to Ikuto again is if I wrote some sort of sequel.

If this were to actually happen, - let's say, to me - would the same 'treatment' that was given to Ikuto work on me?
Um…I have no idea. Ha ha I actually hadn't looked into Long Term Memory Loss that well, simply because the story went better if the events happened the way they had. I suppose you could look up if you'd like to know ^-^

Is there still a chance that Ikuto will be infected with any kind of disease again - most likely anything related to amnesia?

Hmm, I don't think he can be infected anymore than you or I can. Technically, Long Term memory loss isn't quite a DISEASE, more of a condition or an accident to brain damage.

Gna asked:
2010-11-23 . chapter 26

When/why did you begin to write fanfics?

When I was younger, I remember wanting to write a story on fanfiction, but I couldn't because I didn't have an e-mail address yet. I must have been younger than ten, so I guess that's really when I started wanting to write fanfics.

I'm not sure why I began, but I guess watching cartoons and reading comics and manga when I was little stirred stories in my head. Plus, I had an active imagination so it wasn't hard thinking up ideas :)

Where did you come up with the idea to "Be my nurse"?

Yes, this question was answered above to ToTaLy-WeIrD-aNd-PROUD ^-^

Amu will be hired as a nurse permanently?

Even if Ikuto is checked out from the hospital being cured, Amu still keeps her job. She was signed up for work there (I think I mentioned in chapter one or two) before she even knew of Ikuto. She took the job regardless of everything that just happened.

Will Ikuto leaves the hospital?

Yes, he does leave about two months after he's cured (Only reason he stayed so long after words was to keep Amu as his nurse xD)

Amu parents will know him?

Sure, how about right now?

Mama: Amu! Who's this cute boy?

Amu: M-Mama! W-What are you doing here?

Mama: Aww, you're so cute. Are you dating my daughter?

Papa: D-DATING? NO! Not my little sparrow!

Amu: Mama…Papa…*Sigh.

Ikuto: It's nice to finally meet the parents of Amu *bow*

Mama: Ah! I better get the camera! This is certainly something to document!

Papa: F-Finally meeting? *Faint.

And there you have it! The meeting of Ikuto and Amu's parents lol xD

Ikuto parents will know about him now?

Yup, Utau would have called them and spread the news about Ikuto's sudden recovery.

KekoNeko asked:
2010-11-23 . chapter 26

Whats the difference between simple motor tics and the complex condition?

Ha ha I actually had to look up the difference as well :)

po tah toes asked:
2010-11-23 . chapter 26

how did you come up with the story idea?

Answered above to ToTaLy-WeIrD-aNd-PROUD :)

why did u choose the amuto pairing?

To this story? Actually, it's usually the Amuto pairing I begin with. I don't usually write stories all the way through (I have a problem with that –-') so I just start out writing Amuto fanfics. This way, I know the characters personality, don't have to think hard on names and places, AND I finish the novel! Plus, I love Amuto! X3


This was also answered above to nab2000.

Sigy Artyn
2010-11-21 . chapter 26

I enjoyed it! Nice story! And I don't have any questions anymore...perhaps, maybe... what about Yoru's parents? Just wondering :)

Well, I was thinking they were either dead (sounds terrible, I know) or somewhere far away. They are probably poor, could only afford sending Yoru to the Charity Hospital, where Ikuto(a family relative) is also there. They don't have the money to see their son often sadly :'(

And Here is the Preview I have of a Certain Story which wavers between Fanfic && Real Novel.

Chapter One:



1. One that keeps, especially:

a. An attendant, a guard, or a warden.

b. One that has the charge or care of something.

c. a person in charge of other people, such as a warder in a jail.

I slipped my jeans back on before securing the belt buckle. It was already late tonight, though I had any reason whether or not to care. B.J. was probably already passed out on the couch, if not, drinking his troubles away with a bit of leftover cocaine. It was nights like these that I especially felt pity for the guy. Sure, he was alone, broke, and drove me into great rages I'd whacked him every now and then, but he was all I had at this point, and right now, all I could handle at the moment.

Looking for my shirt, I could only make out what moonlight radiated off the small bedroom windows. The bed was quite large, official king sized and left with a college student sleeping in exhaustion as she murmured incoherently through the night. Her blonde hair was tangled and frizzy, nothing like the women I'd remembered seeing last night, and left on makeup smeared under her eyes and along her golden skin.

I fished for my button down, still having no success in finding the clothing. I tried to remember where I'd placed it last night, but through all the mood and frenzy, my memory wasn't quite up to date. Checking behind the clean white pillows I pulled out the girl's padded bra from last night.

I sighed, recalling that she wasn't as busty as I would have preferred. Needing herself to push them up seemed desperate enough to me, and not quite as natural. I remembered her from last night, eager and peppy for attention from anyone who wasn't ugly or total scum and I guess I was just it. I pushed the lacey garment back under the pillows and checked the pillows under her head. She shifted slightly, and I was able to grab the blue shirt I had been wearing.

There was a small spot of pink lipstick stuck on the collar and wrinkles here and there, but otherwise fit to wear. I rubbed my finger against the makeup, finding that it didn't come off, and simply shrugged it off. I put on the shirt and buttoned it half way, before picking my shoes off the carpeted floor and slipping them on as well. I checked the clock on the blonde's bedside table, finding three in the morning was already approaching, and quietly left the bedroom. I walked into the kitchen, dug out the box of Chinese from last night and a couple beers, before finding my way out.

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Yukikittycatofwisdom: First reviews are always very special to me. Congrats on being the very first one! ;3 You go number one XD Usually my very first review is what makes me feel especially inspired to continue (I know, how lame am I to be thrilled about 1 review) and relieves me of knowing someone out there at least likes my story.

Grace Raven: Haha yes, you are one of the few to notice my error on 'scrubs' by stating 'shrugs', which is pretty sad considering my grandmother is a nurse, my mom's a vet, and both my aunts had worked at hospitals. Guess what they're all wearing? SCRUBS XD But you know what I noticed? People on fanfic are either one thing or the other. You're either a grammar nazi or a victim of a grammar nazi LOL

TastesLikeChicken: Yup on ur first review here u were right with the whole scrubs thing. I was the wrong one haha. And just asking, were u also on Hot or Not? I have a feeling u reviewed there as well unless someone else took the same name O.o

Deaththe . MAKA: OMG! Ur first impression of chapter four was sex? I was hoping for a sexy…lol JK! Nope don't get past the whole TEEN rating so nothing to worry about there. *Whew.

Ikuto: Maybe you should have had some sort of reference to sex.

Shelly, Amu: WHAT?

Amu: I'm way too young in this story! Are you CRAZY?

Ikuto: Crazy about you.

Shelly: What the hell? Where did you hear a line like that?

Patch: From me.

Aio: And here is a guest appearance of Patch from the novel Hush, Hush.

LaharlCrazy1120: Whoa! Sometimes you'd review sooo fast it was amazing! I'm very pleased with u ^-^ Wait….did that come out wrong? O.o

Ikuto: Shelly has a dirty mind. *Smirk.

Shelly: Do NOT! xp

!Yuu-chan_LUVS_HER_NEKO!: Referring to ur review in chap 7, I'm so glad I helped you out at 2 am O.O *Twitch, so…early… and sorry about what happened :/ But I'm glad I cheered you up! ^-^

PiNOy . GIrL95: Hey, I'm half Filipino! :3 Just noticed cuz I saw ur screen name and was thinking 'I wonder…' found ur page and AHA! XD I was right..

Ikuto: Wow, that's not stalker-ish at all.

Shelly: xp And just gotta end it saying, Freshy! XD


"great story! so sad! idk whats in the bag. some papers with info about ikuto? love letters? engagement ring? idk!"

Shelly, Amu: GASP! Engagement ring?

Ikuto: …..

Amu: Well, she's k-kidding. Right Ikuto?

Ikuto: *Gets down on one knee.

Shelly: AHH! Could this be the actual official Amuto Marriage?

Ikuto: Amu…will you…sleep with me? *Smirk.

Amu: Yes! I-….. *Frozen.

Ikuto: *Holding in laughter.

Amu: XxSingingAgonyxX you liar! *runs after you.

To A lot of You Reviewers:

What is up with everyone thinking Ikuto was going to ask Amu for condoms? Geez! You must think Ikuto is screwing someone, even if he barely even looked Amu (a GIRL) in the eye! I'm disappointed in you all! (Haha just kidding xD)

Ikuto: Don't worry, when I marry Amu, we won't need a condom ;3

Amu: What? Stupid, no protection?

Shelly: Haha. I love how you address the whole "no protection" rather than the sex and marriage.

Amu: W-Well!

Ikuto: Just wait Amu...just you wait...

:~Inspirational Songs for Be My Nurse~:

Stay Close, Don't Go



Like a Knife

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It's All Coming Back to Me

Sung by Celine Dion

What Hurts the Most

One More Night

Sung by Cascada

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