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"Will you knock it off? I'm fine!"

Matt wouldn't stop handing me jackets – leather, of course – and pants to layer. "I hear that being cold will throw you off when you're skiing."

"Well, I hear that if you hand me one more jacket, my gun will throw you off. A lot." He stopped and we started to the lobby where I'd register.

"I just want you to win. It is the finals, after all."

"I don't see the big deal. We have Wammy's Winter Games every year!"

"Yeah, but this is the first time it's just you and Near in the skiing finals."

"So what? I've been practicing."

"Just don't want to see you lose to him again, Mels."

"I thought I told you never to call me that!!"

"You probably did. I just ignored you."

"Yeah. Thanks. Glad to know I can tell you anything."

"Hey, that would mean if you told me a secret, I wouldn't be able to spread it and it'd be off your chest. It's for security that I don't listen to you!"

"Just stop before I lose all conscience and shoot you."

"Okay. Got it."

We reached the lobby. "Wish me luck."


I went to registration and gave them my alias (M). They sent me to the starting gate.

I approached the man supervising the gate.

"Oh, I'm sorry. The girls' skiing finals are over that way."

My eye twitched. I started reaching toward my gun, but settled for reaching out and twisting his arm until I heard a satisfying "CRACK".

The man screeched in pain. "I'm a guy," I said and proceeded to stand next to Near.

"Why, hello, Mello. I see you're a bit short on temper today."

"Called me a girl," I muttered.

"I heard."

The 2-minute-warning whistle blew and we got our gear on. With exactly 6.7832 seconds until we started, we were ready.

The starting whistle blew. We started skiing down the slope, racing to the bottom. I heard a surprising amount of cheers from the large crowd waiting at the end.

Just gotta reach the bottom. I can do this. I can beat Near. I can do it, I can do it…

I dodged trees, rocks, and bumps. I couldn't see Near in front of me.

Yes! Yes! I'm beating Near! I can do it!!

I reached the bottom, cheering.


When I didn't hear the amazing round of cheers I had expected, I slowed down my mind and looked around.

Near was standing to my right, wearing a medal and carrying a trophy. "Why hello, Mello. What took you so long?"


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