It had been three years since the war, and things had really changed. The Mushroom Kingdom did actually expand, thanks to the help of the other kingdoms. They are now up to par technology wise with Waffle Kingdom, population wise with Sarassa Kingdom, their overall land mass is as big as Hyrule Kingdom, and their army is as powerful as Bowser's Kingdom now.

Bowser, for some reason, suddenly declared a peace treaty with the Mushroom Kingdom. He and Peach are now good friends. He still "kidnaps" from time to time, but just so they can spend time together. Mario and Bowser are like old buddies now, and constantly compete with one another. As for the "kidnappings" the three of them see it as good fun now.

Luigi moved to Sarassa Kingdom with Daisy. He's now the war strategist for the Sarassa Kingdom's army. As for his relationship with Daisy, things haven't changed much there. She still owns him, and he still can't win an argument against her.

Apparently, Link decided to go on a journey to try to come to terms with the true meaning of courage. No one has heard from him since the war, and not even Zelda knows where he is. She's confident in knowing that he'll be okay.

Zelda and Peach are best friends now. They visit each other a lot. Personally, Zelda is the only person Peach likes to talk to about the war.

As for Mario and Peach, they couldn't be happier. They're now happily married and even have a child now, a two year old daughter they named Cream.

Peach had just put Cream to bed. She was now wearing a white and pink gown, and a small pair of glasses. She was looking at her daughter sleep peacefully.

When she left, Mario walked in holding a letter. He was now wearing a red and blue robe like a king, but instead of a crown, he kept his trademark cap. "Hey Peach, I just got a letter from Luigi. Apparently he and Daisy are finally getting married," he said.

"Oh, so he finally proposed?" she asked with a small hint of hope.

"No, she proposed to him," he said.

"Ah... that makes sense."


For a second they just stood there, apparently both thinking about how pathetic Luigi was. Eventually they went out on the balcony to look at the kingdom. Peach leaned into Mario, "It feels so nice to not have to worry anymore," she said.

"Yeah, it sure does," Mario said to Peach. She then turned around to face him and stared into his eyes in a loving manner.

"I love you Mario..." she said softly.

"I love you too, Peach..." he said softly. They then got closer, and just when they were about to make contact, the phone rang, "Ignore it?" Mario asked.

"Oh yeah," Peach replied, and they kissed.

Peach couldn't be happier. In Mario's warm embrace, she knew that she had finally gotten what she desired. She had Mario, she had her kingdom, but most of all...

She was truly safe...

*sobs* It's finally over!!! I'm happy and sad at the same time!!! This story is definitely going into my personal favorites list. If you guys are wondering what's next, these are my next projects:

End of the World, a Sonic fanfic, and a bit of a crossover.

MMX Cross: Darkstalkers, a crossover with MegaMan X and Darkstalkers.

Sailor Moon: Series 2, a sequel to the Sailor Moon series.

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