Under the Midnight Moon

A Buffy/Twilight Crossover

Buffy looked around the town silently. It was grey and gloomy, barely any sunlight shone down on the town due to the clouds in the sky. She decided that she would wait until nighttime to go slay, since she didn't know the feeding habits of anyone in town. Buffy was on a mission, and one mission only. Someone had told her that the town of Forks, Washington was infested with vampires and apparently, werewolves, but Buffy couldn't really do anything about werewolves, since they were people and not monsters. Oh well. Buffy walked around the town for a few hours, checking out all of the sights, until finally the sunset in the distance. Buffy saw a large, dark forest in the distance. It looked like a place a vampire would hang out at, so she quickly ran towards it.

When she reached the forest, she turned on her Slayer-Senses, and found what she was looking for. A vampire, leaning over a girl, his arm rested above her head on a tree.

"Hey!" Buffy said, she charged at the vampire, and punched him in the face, knocking him away from the girl. "Run!" She turned and said to the girl as the vampire stood up.

"Hey! Why did you hit Edward!?" The girl cried.

Buffy was confused. "What? Because...he's a vampire?"

Edward spoke up. "How did you know?"

"I know these things..." Buffy said. "But the more important question is...what are you doing to this girl?"

"Bella." Edward said. "Bella is my one true love!"

"Oh." Buffy said. "So, you're a vampire with a soul?"

"Soul?" Edward said, confused.

Buffy rolled her eyes, and punched Edward in the jaw, then kicked him to the ground. He leaped back up, and tried to punch Buffy back, but she dodged it, whipped out her stake, and stabbed him straight in the heart.

"Ow." Edward said. "But that won't w-" He was cut off by exploding into dust.

"Oh my god! Edward!" Bella cried running up to Edward's dust. "What have you done!?" Bella cried, looking up at Buffy.

"Killed a vamp?" Buffy said, as she walked off, out of the forest, leaving Bella crying over the dusty ground.