A/N- This is the first chapter. Hope you like it. Also I'm not doing every chapter in Bell's POV. Just a couple of the first ones. I think I'm going to also do Fang's POV. (Fax) This first lie was all I could think of. That last part reminds me of Dr. Seuss also.

CH.1- Bella's POV

Alice came up to me and said, "It's horrible. Max can't fail. What are we gonna do? I don't like this. No not one bit."

I look at her and say, "What are you talking about? What did you see?"

Her expression blank she spoke smoothly, "The end of life as we know it. Max is going to fail her so called important job and because of that someone in the flock is going to die."


"I don't know," She answered flatly. If vampires could cry she'd be doing it.

"Oh, Alice. It's okay. Why don't you tell me about the vision?"

"Okay, I was out hunting with Jasper when my vision went blank," she began, "then I saw it. That a big something was going over the land and destroying everything in its path. I don't know what it was, but it destroyed whole cities in one hovering second. Then I saw that the vampires survived and so did the flock, but I only saw five winged figures. Someone is going to die."

"It's okay. Wait what about me? I'm not either of the surviving type."

"Simple you're going to become one of us. Edward won't be happy, but he won't be mad."

"Good. Can you calculate when this is supposed to happen? "

"Yes, in about two weeks."

"So you can turn me, then we can deal with the flock thing, deal."

"Well, it depends on who Edward wants to do the 'turning' part," Alice spoke softly. She was really shaken up by this. We had only known the flock for a year. Already they felt like extended family. Edward was "mentally" attached to their smallest, Angel.

Edward is a mind reader and Angel is telepathic eight- year- old. (Creepy…….I know) They talked to each other all the time. She was really fond of him. She was intellectually equipped and he treated her like the daughter he could never have.

I didn't like her that much. She always seemed to be trying to control my mind, but couldn't just like Edward can't read it. Haha sucks for her.

I was happy that Alice said they had to turn me into a vampire. That's what I wanted most out of anything Edward could give me. I wanted to spend the rest of a very long life with him but not as an old woman.

"When are you gonna change me? Who's gonna change me? Are you sure you can talk to Edward about this? I mean---"

"Bella! Calm down!" Alice practically screamed at me. "Hold on I can find out. What do you mean 'are you sure?' Do I look like a person who wouldn't know an outcome?"

"Uhhhh… no I suppose not."

"Let me explain it to Edward first, but after that we can figure out the whom."

"Thank you. I'm sorry I am just excited. I can't let Edward see that. It would make him either angry or sad."

"It's ok. I don't think he's going to be mad at this."

"When are you going to tell the flock?"

"Soon… Enough."

"When's soon enough?"


To Be Continued…