Roxas sat on the Sandlot bleachers, looking up at the sky with blank eyes. It's already been 7 years since that day... A butterfly fluttered by, its colorful wings reflecting the sun's rays.


He sat up straight, looking onward to where the cry came from. On the ground was a little boy about 6 years of age, sitting on the pavement crying and holding his knee.

"Waahaahhh!" the young one cried again. "It hurts!"

Roxas stood from the bleachers and ran over to the child, calling out, "Aoi!" He knelt by the boy, tending to the injury. "What happened?"

Aoi sniffed, "I saw this bahtohfwy and ran aftuh it... But it was so fast. I fell down and cut myself..."

"Ah." Roxas retrieved from his pocket a small towel. He then got out a small bottle of alcohol and poured a bit on the towel. After that, he placed the damp towel on Aoi's scraped knee.

"No!!" Aoi screamed. "It hurts! Hurts! Stop it!"

Roxas grimaced at the lad. "Enough, Aoi," he chastised. "Daddy knows what he's doing. Besides..." He winked. "Big boys don't cry, now do they."

Aoi shook his head stubbornly. "Nu-uh!"

"Be a big boy now."


Roxas dabbed the towel onto the scrape, this time earning a pained grunt. This kid is pretty strong. He looked over Aoi, studying his features a bit. The boy had brilliant blue eyes, sharp jaw line, and pale skin- like that of his mother's. His hair was a mix of light and normal blond and slightly spiked with bangs just above the eyelids. Do you see him, Namine? Have you watched him grow?

Aoi fought back tears. " really hurts..." he whined.

He's growing to become a strong person like you. Roxas chuckled and put way the towel. "Alright, that should do for now," he said. "Let's go home to get you a band aid. And maybe some articulation lessons..."

"Uhn!" Aoi nodded energetically and took his father's hand.

"Up we go!" Roxas grunted as he picked up Aoi and placed him on top of his shoulders. "Special ride today!"

Aoi laughed with glee as his father walked up towards Station Heights. "I'm so tall!" he cheered. As they passed by the other citizens, he noticed other families, too. Curiosity sparkled in his sapphire eyes. "Daddy, does...Mommy think about me from where she is? From heevan?"

Roxas stopped walking, unable to answer at the moment. "..." Namine...


"It's 'heaven'," Roxas corrected, managing a small smile. "And yes, she does. She thinks about you all the time. Daddy, too." He took in a deep breath. "She said she loves us both very much and wish us happiness."

A bright smile appeared on Aoi's face. "I'm glad!" he said happily, burying his face into Roxas' hair. "I want to meet her someday!"

Roxas felt his chest begin to ache. "It's getting late, let's hurry home." He walked up the high road, finally reaching the condominium. They entered their room and went straight to the bathroom. after treating his son's scrape, Roxas and Aoi had dinner and watched a bit of TV. Life is so normal. Roxas looked at the clock. It was now 9 pm. "Aoi."




Roxas looked to his side and found the boy sound asleep on a large pillow. Smiling in amusement, he picked up Aoi and brought him up to his room, tucking him in bed. "Sleep tight," he whispered, kissing his son's forehead.

Aoi opened his eyes a bit and mumbled, "M'night...Dad..."


Aoi let out a small yawn and drifted back to sleep, holding his teddy bear close.

Roxas turned off the lights and left the room. He then went back down to the living room and turned off the TV, sitting on the couch afterwards.

"Does...Mommy think about me from where she is?"


"Both of us..."

A tear trickled down Roxas' cheek. You promised you'd always be with us. But now you're- He covered his face with one hand. You died a day after giving birth to Aoi...I couldn't do anything.


"'I'm so happy'," Roxas muttered to himself. "Those were your last words." He took in a shaky breath. "I'm glad you were happy,, I'm... I'm only living half the happiness I should have. I wanted to share it with you, Namine. Aoi. Even he misses you." More tears fell. "Why did you have to leave us? We could've been a happy family together..!"

Nothing but silence.

Of course all I'd hear was emptiness.

Suddenly, a small tug came from his sleeve. Roxas uncovered his eyes and found himself staring into the oceanic blue eyes of his only son, who was now at the verge of crying as well. "Aoi..."

"Dad," Aoi sniveled. "Why are you crying..? I thought you said...big people don't..."

Roxas' heart fell at the sight of Aoi crying before him, sharing a tied burden. "Aoi, don't cry," he chided, seating the boy on his lap and holding him close. "Daddy was just...just...missing Mommy a bit. Don't cry for my sake."

Aoi shook his head. "I miss Mommy, too!" he sobbed. "I always wished she was here with Daddy! You and Mommy taking care of me... I've always wished that." He cried harder into his father's chest. "Always..."

Roxas cried harder too, but refused to raise his voice. "Me, too, Aoi," he uttered painfully. "Me, too."

But we have to be happy for Mommy.