The Calling

Welcome to Fire Valley Academy-, the world's most prestigious of boarding schools! Set in the quiet countryside of the Welsh Beacon, your son or daughter will gain the skills and experience necessary to exit the confines of school and enter the pastures of reality as a 'fully-trained' gentleman or lady!

There are many lessons which your sons and daughters may take, but herald- there are also many compulsory subjects which develop a core part of the curriculum here at Fire Valley!

Sons; Chivalry, ballroom dance, martial arts, archery and etiquette.

Daughters; Etiquette, ballroom dance, ballet, music and mannerism.

Your child will enjoy such events as sport tournaments, dance and music recitals, idiomic debates in Latin, Greek, French and countless other languages!

There is no applying to Fire Valley... Fire Valley will scout schools around the world and will take only those with potential! The best will have to make do with their current surroundings.

Thank you for regarding the Fire Valley Academy prospectus- we look forward to meeting your son or daughter within a week of your notification.

Ianto Jones looked nervously around the wide green pastures of the courtyard. This school was obviously too good for a kid like him, what with its fountains in the middle of the yard and the hedges which outlined the school like a prison cell. Yep, he said to himself, too good for a kid like me. He was sixteen, tall and scrawny with sallow white skin and blue eyes that were so dark they were often mistaken for the brown that coloured the stubborn hair on his head which never wanted to leave that weird, ruffled curve that people dared to call a 'hairstyle'. His mother had taken the honour of picking his clothes out that morning- a white shirt with silver pinstripes highlighted with a silver silk tie, a tight black suit and a cardboard-stiff waistcoat. Of course, Ianto had protested that he wanted to wear his jeans and a one of the many worn-out, thick cotton jumpers hanging in his wardrobe that got the job done better than anything else. But his mum had insisted that he wore that... strangely comfortable outfit. Hmm, Ianto thought, looking in one of the mirrors which decorated the hedges and taking a rare moment of vanity to admire how good he looked in his ensemble. Maybe I should wear suits more often...

Gwen Cooper didn't want to get out of the big black car and into the cold greyness of the courtyard which stood hauntingly outside of the majestic Welsh castle standing smugly in front of her. She was beaten- that was all she knew. Her father had wanted her to go to a boarding school and she hadn't. Her father had won when that stupid prospectus had come tumbling through the post-box. She performed better in sports and science, and had wanted to continue them at this school while her father raged that she should take history, music and dance. Again, her dad won when she saw the "parents may choose which subjects their child studies whilst in attendance" clause on the 'curriculum' page of the prospectus. She could go on and on describing how beaten she was and how miserable she knew she would be while at Fire Valley, but it would have been futile, so she slumped out of the car in the navy satin dress and white pumps her dad forced her to wear and solemnly made her way across the green landscape.

Jack Harkness was excited about attending a 21st-Century United Kingdom boarding school, and how different it would be from his old school in 51st-Century America. What he wasn't excited about was the fact that he would be forced to study Greek. Not that he had a problem with it- he just didn't care much for languages. Now aviation- that was his calling! He loved planes, and kept dreaming about what he would be called when he got back and joined the Time Agency- Captain Jack. Oh, how he loved the sound of it! The 21st-Century looked a lot better than what Jack had seen in his history classes- he had seen pictures of starving people, wars and nuclear destruction. But this... this place was what he would have called paradise! Yeah, the sky was a little grey, and maybe the air smelled a little funky, but the grass was so green and the school itself simply screamed perfection! This place surely had to be better than that crumbling community building he was attending at home...

Lisa and Owen looked across the yard at the three new students- the solemn dark-haired girl in satin, the scrawny, obviously-bashful, pitiable boy in the handsome suit and the dark-haired, out-of-time boy in the casual slacks and dress shirt- from their hiding place behind the oak tree shadowing over the small alleyway between the hedges and the school. "So naive," Owen whispered to Lisa, "I bet they never grew up where we did."

"London?" Lisa gave a half-laugh. "Not even London prepared us for this place, so these kids are in for Hell."

"That may be, Lis," Owen mused, raising his head slightly, "but maybe we could give these kids a hand with this place."

"What do you mean?" Lisa looked at him, uncertain.

"We befriend them," Owen said, keeping his eyes on the kids and their families, "so that way they won't be alone 'ere. You know, so they'll 'ave some mates. We owe to them, after what 'appened to us."

"I 'spose you're right, Owen." Lisa sighed, "But remember- don't mention what happened to Suzie- they'll find out in due course.


The Principal could see his three new pupils approaching. He couldn't help but smile in triumph. He and his brothers, along with the Others, could now take their long-awaited revenge on mankind...