One day Shadow was walking to the … [where would Shadow want to go? you decide.] and a tree blew up. Sonic ran up to Shadow and asked "Hey Shads, do you wanna go to a party with me?"




They went on and on until, just to make Sonic shut up, Shadow agreed.

At the party, there was a guy with a metal/weapons detector. "Weapons please." the guy said to Shadow. "Okay… but can I keep my nuke launcher?" Shadow said semi-sweetly. "NO!" the weapons guy yelled in Shadow's face. "Fine… I'll give you all of 'em" Shadow said, startled by the loudness. He began to unload all the weapons that he had… a bazooka… a pistol…a machine gun… it went on and on and on and on, until.... "Okay that was the last one" Shadow said, just as Sonic waked out. "Hey Shadow, the party is over, you can go home now." The blue hedgehog said. "You have no idea how mad I am right now." Shadow replied, scooping all of his guns and stuff up again.

What do you think? I think that it's pretty cool that Shadow was… I'm bored. Bye! [walks off]