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There was really only one way he could keep both their asses safe, he just didn't think she'd kiss him back.
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His first thought upon entering the cell was 'hot damn'. His first thought upon leaving the cell was 'what a total bitch'. What he was thinking in between those two things wasn't relevant. She'd kicked him in the chest and they were both royally fucked. When Renfro found out that they hadn't copulated he was getting thrown into re-indecoration for not forcing himself on her and she was going straight into isolation for just being a bitch.

No wonder she'd been placed into Unit 7. Bunch of freaks with sticks up their asses so far Heat couldn't even loosen them up. They must hate her guts.

Whatever, not his problem. His problem was what the fuck he was going to tell Renfro. On one hand, he could tell the truth and the previously mentioned would happen so fast even their transgenic eyes wouldn't be able to watch it happen. On the other hand, he could lie. They'd get off scot-free and everything would work out fine…until they became suspicious after 452 - Max, he corrected with a smirk - hadn't gotten pregnant and were forced to give her a check up and Renfro found out they'd lied and get punished in cruel and unusual ways. Most of which would be unpleasant.

It was all her fault anyways. And they just had to be genetically compatible. Genetically compatible meant great sex, perfect babies and a headache for him. Because if she was that bitchy without a hormone imbalance then what kind of hell would he have to deal with if she was pregnant?

For now, the only question that was what he was going to tell Renfro at rounds in the morning.

Rounds weren't fun. They hadn't exactly been a blast in the past, but the tension in the yard was so thick he could practically see it. Roll call was first, he was at the head of his unit, like usual, but then they had been told to find their breeding partner and rounds would be done. When Renfro walked out into the yard, her cat-ate-the-canary smirk plastered on her face, 494 wanted to run. She started rounds slowly, taking her time, enjoying herself. Only one X5 hadn't completed the mission (besides him and Max) and he was dragged away by a pair of guards.

"494, report." now or never.

"Successful copulation between myself and 452, ma'am." and for good measure… "Twice."

At least she had the decency to look surprised.

"Very good, 452. What would your boyfriend say?" the way Max had bristled had him thinking that the 'boyfriend' Renfro was talking about wasn't really like that with her. He turned them out after that, waiting to go to mess and have breakfast. What was today? Tuesday? Tuesday was ham and eggs day. Ham was a little too dry and the eggs were a little too gross, but it was okay with salt and pepper. He vaguely register Renfro saying something about Max's medical history before she continued on with her rounds.

He didn't see Max the rest of the day. Not at lunch, training drills, dinner or in the rec. room. He had a feeling that she was going to be pissed after rounds that morning, and no help from Renfro, sadistic bitch. Did she want Max to send him to Med Bay? After he told Renfro about their 'successful copulation' he had been expecting her to pop him across the back of the head and blow his ego boosting lie wide open. But when she didn't, he figured she was stewing in her anger, waiting until they had the privacy of her cell to kick his ass.

He wouldn't have the heart to use his 10 years of upper hand and all around betterness to fight back. So when twelve hit and the guard deposited him in front of Max's cell his hands came up immediately to defend himself. Only she wasn't there to punch him in the face like he'd been preparing (not fantasizing, no way, her fist connecting with his face was not on his list of sexual fantasies with Max. No sir, not him.) her to do all damn day. No, she was sitting on her cot, forearms on her knees, staring at the floor with a haunted look on her face. Alec kept his guard up, his head tilting to the side and taking a few steps into her cell, the door shutting behind him. She didn't seem to notice.

"Ah, Max?" the only acknowledgement he got that she'd heard him was a raise of an eyebrow. She continued staring at the floor numbly. "You ok?"

"I'm defective." it was a voice so quiet his transgenic hearing could barely pick it up. She didn't sound broken, he'd give her that. It had sounded more like an epiphany. The sass that he found came quite naturally with talking to her bubbled up in his throat and he had to swallow to keep from saying 'Yeah, well I knew that. Jeez, get with the program sister'.

"Defective?" 494 let his arms fall to his sides, staring at her. After a long moment she looked up, her brown eyes softer than they were the night before, less condescending and 'I'm so much better than you, get with the program'. Everything made sense. After morning rounds Renfro had taken Max to see one of the X6's with her DNA makeup. The bitch must have said something to her. Renfro was the only person he knew who could make you feel like crap without trying.

"Why'd you tell Renfro that we'd had sex?"

"By us time," he said with a shrug. Her soft eyes hardened slightly and an eyebrow shot up.

Not if we were the only hope for mankind.

He clarified. "I bought us time until they force us."

The badass disappeared with a blink and an emotion akin to horror started radiating off her. His heart clenched and he took a half step towards her before he caught himself.

"They'd do that, bastards."

He had to agree with her. "I'm not going to force you to do anything, but if they want results, they'll take 'em. Nothing we can do about it."

494 watched as she swallowed her horror. The emotion draining from her face and carefully replaced with the controlled Manticore mask he knew so well. She looked neutral, and looking at her like that, with nothing in her, scared him more than anything else.

"We can leave." he blinked at her and snorted.

"Right, good luck with that."

"Alec, I'm serious." oh, that's right. She named him. Alec.

"And I'm wishing you good luck. I'm not big on getting thrown back into PsyOps. Thanks for the offer though."

"What would be so bad about leaving Manticore?" ooh, touchy much?

"For one, this is my home-"


"And for another, we'll get caught," he ignored her little interruption. She rolled her eyes at him.

"I was able to avoid Lydecker for ten years. Who says I can't do it again."

"Ah, good ol' Deck. So many wonderful memories spent being reprimanded and thrown in the Tank-"

"Alec, be serious."

"You want serious?" his Manticore mask slammed onto his face, showing her exactly what it should look like (and his was way better than hers) and he stalked forward until he was crowding her space, leaning forward so on of his hands braced the wall behind her, his nose nearly touching hers. She had to lean back abruptly so his face would smash into hers. "If you want to escape, they will find us, they will throw us into PsyOps and the Box and whatever else to keep their little gene-splicing hearts swelling with content. Seriously, Max, they will make us wish we were dead, and I just got out of PsyOps, so I'm not really itching to go back anytime soon."

"Then what do you suggest?" condescending tone. Damn, no wonder Renfro liked her so much. He smirked at her, the humor in the action not reaching his eyes.

He had his lips on hers before she could react, his tongue sliding into her mouth when she gasped at the contact. His eyes were closed, not because he was enjoying the moment but because he really didn't want to see the inevitable coming of the punch to his head. Only she didn't hit him, knee him in the groin or pull away. He was so surprised that he pulled away from her, his eyes snapping open to watch her reaction. Her eyes were hooded, half closed, and her already full lips were swollen from their kiss. The animal in him wanted to growl and kiss her again, mark her, make her his, and the man in him just felt pleased.

Her eyes snapped open with realization that yes, he had just kissed her and yes, he was suggesting that as an alternative. She opened her mouth to snap something insulting at him when something in his eyes flipped and darkened and he growled at her. The deep rumbling noise sent a sensation pulsing in the pit of her stomach and she shivered at the anticipation of being with an Alpha. She couldn't deny the way her body was reacting and kitty Max really wanted to see what he could do with those pretty pink lips.

She didn't anticipate a growl of her own to rise up in her throat, one of her hands coming up to grip the front of his t-shirt and crushing his mouth against hers.

Kissing him was like the warning signs of Heat. The tingle between her legs that made her squirm for friction, the feeling that her skin was too tight for her body. His tongue felt like velvet against hers and she moaned when he ran it along the roof of her mouth-

And felt herself gaping when his mouth wasn't against hers anymore. In fact, he was staring at her in bewilderment and confusion.

"What are you doing?" stupid question.

"You kissed me," said Max. "I should be asking you that. Throw in a little swearing and a slap upside the head while I'm at it."

"You kissed me back," said Alec, almost like he was trying to convince himself of that little fact. Max blinked at him, waiting for him to continue. Shook his head quickly. "Why?"

"Would you rather I kick your ass?" 'cause honestly there was no way she was going to tell him she kissed him because she wanted him like she wanted to breathe. On her, against her, in her, everywhere.

Instead of answering her with words, he kissed her, the hand on the wall moving to cradle the back of her head, maneuvering her around on the cot and pushing her back until his weight was pressed on top of her. She could feel the heat radiating off him through their fatigues, his mouth moving over her and she responded, her hands coming up to clutch his face. She could feel his erection against her stomach and was sure he could smell how badly she wanted him.

He stripped them both, his mouth never leaving hers for long, his tongue working with hers like they'd done it a million times, the sensation so mind numbing it made Max feel weak and light headed. His hands skimming the hem of her standard issue black sports bra. She arched into his hand when it slide under the cotton, his thumb brushing against her tenderly, testing the waters. He smirked against her mouth and pulled away from her, both of them breathing hard. The Tank taught them how to hold their breath, and not for the first time, Max found herself thanking Manticore for the only thing they managed to get right: less need for oxygen equals more make out time.

In the moment it took for them both to catch up on their breathing, Max had seen Alec's eyes darken with want, her own eyes flickering down to his mouth (licking her lips in anticipation of having his lips against hers and what she wanted him to do with them), jaw line, the curve of his neck, down his lean, sculpted chest. One of her hands fell from his face, sliding under his arm and down his side. Her eyes flickered back onto his, and he tilted his head, looking like a cat as he assessed the situation under him.

"Max, you don't have to," seemed like her name was the only thing he wanted to say and that the rest of his sentence had been tacked on hastily.

"I know," was all she said before she slid the hand still on his face around to the back of his neck, fingers racking against his barcode and pulling him down to her, kissing him. She felt his hand slid down her leg, gripping her thigh and hooking it around his waist, pressing harder against her, and slid his hand back down along her leg, hooking his thumb around her underwear, tugging it down her legs. She used the heel of her foot to push down his own underwear and was suddenly hyper aware that it was just him and her and yeah they were about to have sex and she couldn't remember the last time she'd had sex (and wasn't that sad?) or if she remembered how to make a guy scream her name. He slid into her and all coherent thought was wiped from her mind, because oh god was this what she had so vehemently objected to? Was she crazy? She moaned into his mouth because she couldn't help it, digging her nails into the flesh she found in his side, gripping him as he rocked against her.

He growled into her mouth when she hitched her leg higher around his hips, and she felt her chest tighten with the thrill of hearing something so primal, because she liked him dominating her. Not that she would let him get an inch of it when they got out of there.

His mouth moved from her lips to her neck and Max heard herself gasp in protest. The sudden air filling her lungs was enough to clear her head slightly, realizing her nails had been raking down his back hard and he was enjoying it. Masochist, she'd have to remember he liked pain.

She could feel Alec's teeth on the skin at the back of her neck, smoothing the spot over with his tongue for a moment before digging his teeth into her, breaking the skin and - ohmygod. Her eyes rolled back into her head as an orgasm ripped through her, but he didn't stop moving and she felt herself building again, his teeth still sunk into her neck. A very small part of her registered that he was claiming her and the part of her that was currently goop would totally kick his ass for it later, but the part that was enjoying it moaned his name and arched into him.

He moved his teeth out of her neck, running his tongue soothingly across the claim before he moved on, peppering kisses up her neck and under her jaw, nipping at the soft skin he found there. She moaned his name again and felt him moan something back against her neck, something in her chest shifting.

She could have sworn he'd said mine.