Chapter Eighteen – Epilogue

"Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Kenobi. How many?"

"Four...and one-half." Obi-Wan proudly reaches for his granddaughter, a chubby and rambunctious brunette who is the spitting image of Padme.

The Ivy waiter escorts Han and Leia to a table with Padme and Obi-Wan following closely behind. Obi-Wan coos and coddles the baby for a moment before passing her off to Padme.

Just to think. A little over a year ago, he was in this very establishment sitting across from a young girl – his newest conquest. He can't even remember her name.

And now, here he is. A husband, father, and grandfather. For some, it may be a little overwhelming.

But for Obi-Wan -- it's the happiest he's ever been.

He's certain of it.

~ end

A/N: Thanks to pronker, tinabella, BaWy, frndofobiwan, and my two anonymous guests for sticking this one out with me. It was a difficult write sometimes, as well as probably a difficult read, with all of the Anakiness, but he was an important part of the plot. It was either him or someone else, and it made more sense for it to be him. I appreciate the feedback more than you know.

I've outlined a new AU story which will take place on Coruscant, AOTC timeline. Turning the tables this time. In this next fic, there is no peace in the Galaxy, the Sith rule, and there are no Jedi. Not any more. This will be an Obi-Wan!Chosen-One ficwritten in film noir style. (Think Sin City gone Lucas.) Hope to start that one soon.