Author's Note: This was a drabble challenge on CW message board. The word was "halo"

Disclaimer: Not even the idea of brotherly banter is mine.

A halo slightly askew

There was silence in the car. Sam was doing the driving and Dean sat quietly in the passenger seat. There were a hundred teasing remarks Sam wanted to get off his chest, but not until Dean snapped out of his embarrassment. Otherwise it would feel like kicking a puppy instead of getting the satisfaction of getting one up on his big brother. He decided to offer some sympathy to speed the recovery. "It's called the halo effect, you know" he said casually. "What you experienced? It's basic human nature. You see a desired trait in someone, something you really like, and then you automatically think the rest of the personality is as nice. Don't beat yourself up about it." The silence continued for another few miles but Sam could tell Dean was processing his words. "So what you are saying is that anyone would have walked away with a bait to get mugged, if she knew enough about Impalas?" Oh yes, time for the teasing to start. "No, not just ANYONE… but hey, at least you have a smart brother to take care of you…"