"This is the Life I Never Dreamed of"

Sarah watched as Nullah went off with King George off into the distance. Drover stayed back by the tree watching her body signals. When she started to shake her ran to to her. He pulled her back into his

arms when she said "I just got you both back". He whispered in her ear "We are with you always, we

never left you". " A love like this is so consuming it defines space and time". He picked her up and

carried her over to the Boab tree then slid down the tree with her in his arms. She wrapped her arms

around his shoulders and cried. All the while that she clung to him she said she was so sorry to Kat.

He understood he remembered Margarri and clung to her as well. . She was exhausted, she fell asleep in his arms. He allowed himself to nod off as well. With her wrapped up in his arms. His last thought as he fell asleep was how much he loved her and how happy he was both her and Nullah were safe. And she started to wake up she looked up and that face she loved and adored with all heart. She tried not to move too much because she wanted to let him sleep a little longer. That only lasted about 10 minutes because she needed to touch him. She needed to be loved by him. When he opened his eyes she was

gently touching his face like she still couldn't believe she was in his arms. Would they ever tire of holding each other?. He looked down at her and smiled. "It's alright Sarah he will be back, he

knows we are his family, and he loves us". "I know it's gonna be hard because we both adore that boy".

It had been getting dark while they slept. They stood up and moved around alittle. He was knelling down stoking the fire. He looked up her and said " Do you know when I think my feelings towards started to change?". "No when?". "That you told me you were as capable as any man and then you proved it to me with the work on that cattle drive". "And then when I really started to see the change in

you when you ran to Nullah to stop him from going over that cliff face holding him and telling him

that you have him and that he was safe with you". "It's when I saw the person you had become and

how all the things that had happened to you since you came here had softened you". I think I realized

that I loved you". He touched her face and she kissed his hand. "You

said you could do the work then you did it". "Whether it was prove me wrong". "

We need to focus on the now, I have something to ask you?". She looked up at him with such a look of tenderness that it melted his heart. "Ok let's setup camp then we will have something to eat and then

we can talk". Crikey he thought to himself, am really gonna do this?!". When she pulled away she

looked him and smiled, then went off to gather the wood she had thrown down when she saw Nulla

looking at his grandfather. And the feeling she felt moments ago were back again. She shook it off

and went towards the sticks she had collected before. When she looked up again she saw Drover looking and her. And that made her smile. The both finished their chores. Drover went to the car and

got the sack with some food in it that Ivan had given them before they left. She was sitting on their bed

rolls staring at the fire when Drover placed the sack next to her and said "Why don't you pick out

what we are gonna eat, Milady". And then sat down beside her. She looked at him laughed. They

ate in silence, then Drover leaned back into the fallen tree behind them. She turned to look at him. He

held his arm out for her to lay down in his arms. They just held each other then she looked up to him

with a question in her face". "Well has the gentlemen decided to reveal what he wants to talk about?".

He looked down at her and said " I want to know that I love you so much". "When I thought I lost

in that fire, I just wanted to die". "The pain was so bad that I said to myself . "Why me? AGAIN".

Then I heard your voice in my head". "But right now it's raining, "We've got Nullah", "Here you are",

"She deserves a drink like any man", "Too bloody right, Too bloody right", When I stepped into Ivans

for a drink Mogarri tried to follow me. Ivan called him that word again; which I refuse to say, I had tears my eyes when I turned to Ivan and said " You didn't just say that did you? ". He looked at me and

said "That's the way it is". I was so mad that I said "Just because that's the way it is, that doesn't mean

it should be". Then I told Morgarri to come in and I told Ivan "Serve him a freaking drink". And again

he kept testing me so he put I old mug up on the counter for him to drink out of , which made me even

madder so I told him "he needed another glass" , he looked into my face & realized if he didn't do just

that I was coming over the counter at him. Then he said he had seen in the morning of that day that you

happy you were going get Nullah and going south. Then the idea of finding him became the most important thing to me so then went down by the wharf to see if me could find a boat that was still usable. We jumped on it & took off for mission island. " I knew you would have wanted me to take care of Nullah". "Make him safe". "I felt closer to you then when I held him in my arms". "He hepled

with the loss I felt for you"."I was told no one could have lived through the

attack on the island but I had to try". " I know that Nullah is our child & I'm sorry I walked away from you that day you asked me to find him". When we got there the island looked deserted with fires blazing all over the place. We had our rifles drawn and ready to shoot when I looked down I saw a lot of boysshoes all in row like some people do when a child dies. Then I heard twigs snapping so lifted my rifleready to shoot when a little boy came out between the bushes, then more came out I asked " are there any others boys?".The boys said they didn't know". When I heard someone say "Drover". "Drover"he just kept saying my name like her couldn''t believe I was really there, I ran to him as fast I could. He flung himself at me. I graped him to me I was so very happy that he was back in my life again. He asked about you & I told him we couldn't say your name anymore and he was devastated. I tried to get him thinking about something else so I told him I needed his help with the other boys. He went right into action. When we got to the water the Japanese had search lights out looking for their enemies. Magarri told me I needed to get these boys to safety because I had family now" "he acted as a decoy running down the beach in the opposite way, so they would chase him". They shot him in the back as he was running in opposite from us. Drover started to get choked up. "He gave up his life for this family". Sarah wrapped her arms around him. "Drover you never me how you & Mogorri became so close?". She released him from her grasp . Then she looked at him waiting for an answer. "Well he was my wifes brother". "I don't know what I would done after she died if he wasn't around". " He was there when I thought you were gone too". "Ok let's think of other things we can concentrate on because I don't have to share you for awhile". He lifted her chin up to looked into her eyes. " Well we won't have that many interruptions when we want be alone for "wrong side business" He just let out a roar of laughter and she giggled. " I've missed you so much Sarah". "So what did you want to talk about?". He just took a deep breathe. "I' ve been thinking a lot about us now that we are back together I don't want to ever be away from you again ". " Will you marry me?". " Oh my god Drover, I love you so much!".

"Yes, I will marry you". As she sat up & flung her arms around him. He wrapped her in his arms &

he was overcame with emotion. Feeling the pain again at almost losing her. They fell asleep like that.