What if Alice found a distraction for Jasper on Bella's first visit to the Cullen house? Happens in middle of Twilight,
while Edward gives bella the house tour. Alice/ Jasper (M /Lemon)

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So without further ado our alice and jasper one-shot.......

"Oh, Jazzy she's going to be my best friend, I just know it." Alice exclaimed cheerfully, while bouncing in Jasper's lap.

"Love, you know it because you've seen it already! Ali are you quite sure I'm going to be ok with her in the house, or should we leave? "Jasper asked with just a subtle hint of his rarely used southern accent.

"Shh let me be...and I'm not going to tell you or Edward again, you'll be fine with her...you won't harm her....but it may be helpful if you were to have a distraction whilst Edward gives her a tour...?" Alice flirted menacingly, as she already knew his reaction to such a statement, especially when she looked up at him through her long eyelashes.

Before she had chance to catch his response she found herself unwillingly being flown, up the spiral staircase leading to his study. Though the dark oak door, Alice caught a glimpse of the floor to ceiling bookcases containing years of Jasper's favourite literature. The room stood empty apart from a worn olive green comforter lain with a scarlet red throw, central to the room. Opposite the door was the east window, from which you could see the picturesque view of the forest surrounding the Cullen household.

He carried her to the comforter and gently placed her upon it. He gazed into her golden eyes, so deeply that there was no need for words. Silence blanketed over the room and Alice let her emotions run free. If vampires could cry, a small tear would have left Jasper's eye, whilst he reveled in Alice's love flowing through him. Breaking her lover's trance, Alice let out a squeal of delight, accompanied by a knowing smirk, at the pending affair. Jasper overlooked the smirk from his lovers face, and crossed the room from his former position leant against a bookcase, and gently pressed his lips against Alice's awaiting smile, this loving peck soon transformed into a frenzy of loving kisses.

Their embrace was abruptly ended by Alice as she requested Jasper read to her from one of his civil war books, which she often enjoyed while perched on her loves lap within his study, as he let go and didn't channel others feeling but expressed his own through his past, as he argued with the incorrect written facts. The couple quickly settled in to a loving cuddle as Jasper recited the book aloud, after only a few minutes both became to entranced with each other to continue and what would have been an awkward moment for any other, the peaceful silence was welcomed by the happy couple but the loving and calm moment was soon broken by Alice's ever hyper personality.

Edward and Bella continue their tour of the house, unknowing to the events unfolding within Jasper's study, making their way onto the 2nd floor. Edward had been too engaged in showing off and getting Bella's reactions that he failed to hear the accruing events, behind the closed old oak door.

"Jasper?" Alice questioned innocently. "Yes, Ali?" "I wanna play." She exclaimed flirtatiously. After hearing that, Jasper perked up, realising he could finally get his long awaited fantasy what he had wanted from the beginning. His beautiful pixie-like wife submitting, subduing herself to him. What could be better than that? Jasper quickly disregarded of his book, throwing it in the general direction of the door and centring his attentions back to his smirking wife.

"Oh I think I can handle that." He muttered as he leant forward placing yet another soft kiss to her plump lips, and ever so gently he slipped his tongue inside her mouth, and felt her unneeded breathe jolt slightly. Knowing that she loved this, he gently touched his against hers. Her breath quickened and her ice cold body quivered beneath her lover. She wriggled out from underneath his god-like marble body, and guided her hands along his pale chest, tracing the scars that covered it.

Alice secretly loved them, the scars from battles long since passed that held unwanted memories for both, but also reminded Alice of her husband's strength and courage. He mimicked Alice bringing his hands slowly down her sides, rubbing and caressing the places that had her sighing in pleasure. This was one of Jasper's favourite past times, as the only thing Jasper loved more than Alice, was making her feel good, and of course her returning the gesture. And that was exactly what she started to do. She slowly moved her hands down and rubbed circles just above his waistline, he shuddered in response. After she had captured Jasper under her alluring spell, Alice prized open the buttons on his levi jeans.

The best jeans she had ever bought for him. They bunched at his ankles and were so low-rise that you could see his wonderful package peeking out, showing clearly how excited he was, covered only by the thin layer of his blue silk boxers that left nothing to the imagination. Alice pulled down the zipper bit by bit enjoying the annoyed grunts in response to her teasing.

'She goes painfully slow when she wants to' Jasper thought, as Alice rubbed against the bulge that was threatening to escape.

Having had enough of her teasing and wanting release, Jasper flipped them over so she was able to kneel before him, fulfilling another part of his fantasy. With his back to the door, looking out upon the scenery through the east window, she released the monster from his underwear, and smiled cheekily as she observed her prize. She took him ever so gently in her hand and started caressing his already stiff bundle. For the second time today he shuddered and groaned quietly, seeing this as her cue to speed up. Alice tightened her grip slightly and pumped faster.

As she sensed his ever nearing climax she took him into her warm awaiting mouth, and whimpered at the feeling. The vibrations through her moan caused Jasper to feel yet even more pleasure as he tried very hard to refrain from finishing just yet, enjoying the sensations currently flowing through him too much. At every stroke he could feel his stomach clenching, tightening. Alice giggled around his throbbing member, she knew he was close, and knew that her expected visitors would arrive just in time...

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