Alice's Distraction works miracles...for all...

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The old oak door creaked open upon the pleasured couple, revealing the visitors slowly. Alice, removing her almost spent lover from her mouth with a pop, peered around his limb, expressing a greeting to her brother and her new best friend.

"Bella! Edward! Wow, it's so good to see you guys!" Alice greeted licking her lips, not at all bothered by her current position or actions. She used Jasper's legs to push herself up into a standing position, lightly caressing them as she went. Giving him a quick but loving kiss as she came level with his face she turned back to look at her guests, as if only just noticing there presence.

"Alice. What are you doing?" Edward visibly cringed and turned away, swiftly covering Bella's eyes in the process, noticing jasper's unclothed state, although unknown to him Bella had already got an eyeful of Jasper's package. Jasper had already acknowledged her shocked feelings at what he had to offer, and he'd winked at her in thanks. She looked away before Edward had covered her eyes, embarrassed at being caught, which was evident from the bright blush across her face.

"I should think even for you, Edward, that would be obvious? But if you don't then I'm sure Bella or I can help you out there!" She winked at her older brother to imply her intentions for the four later.

"Alice!?" He exclaimed almost disgusted with the vision he'd seen within his sister's head yet rather inquisitive as to how that would work.

Stepping around Jasper who had now turned slightly on the comforter to make eye-contact with his brother, Alice skipped over to the young couple in the door way, shutting it tightly. Four would be enough for tonight.

This action allowed Jasper to hold a conversation with Edward of his own, through his thoughts, relaying all Alice's actions before there entrance, Edward wincing ever so slightly at the sight and feelings of his sister acting out ministrations on his brother. Edward didn't notice Bella's light touch to his hand that was still covering his girlfriends beautiful eyes. He'd thought she wouldn't enjoy seeing what was happening, and was now kicking himself for not checking the whereabouts of his family members throughout the house before entering the study. Alice silently asked her brother to release his girlfriend's sight, which he did willingly. She promised no harm coming from the events almost certain to occur within this study between the four.

Bella blinked rather rapidly to regain her sight properly, regretting it almost immediately as she was met with the inquisitive stare of Alice right in front of her. It was then that Bella really had a chance to feel Alice's true beauty. Although she wasn't as breathtaking as Rose, she was sweet, lovable and pretty as ever.

Sensing Bella's reaction to his wife and deciding not to embarrass her more than he had already; he chose to disclose her emotions to his brother who seemingly had no problem with embarrassing his love.

"Like what you see, do you Bella? Although I must agree my pixie of a sister is so very sweet and pretty, don't you agree Jasper?"

"Why of course she is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen" Jasper exclaimed lovingly staring at the back of his wife's head longing to kiss her with all his undying love.

Bella feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable at such comments being made about her, had her blush returning as she found herself unable to remove her view from the pixie-like vampire before her. Knowing of Bella's predicament and repercussions if she didn't act, she took her best friends face in her delicate hands and leaned in close muttering against her bow-shaped lips; "Oh but thank you kind gentlemen but you forget the other fair maiden bestowed in our company tonight, who is by far my equal in brains, sweetness and beauty, but most importantly in blushing!" Using almost medieval speech before closing the tiny gap between the two 'maidens' and embracing Bella in anything but a loving peck she'd recently shared with Jasper. Shocked by Alice's actions at first it took Bella a while to reciprocate but soon was kissing Alice back with the same force.

Watching their other half's kiss got the boys excited more than ever, which was further aided by Jasper's already high emotions running throughout the room. So entranced with the kiss their lovers were sharing, they both moaned out loud as the two girls broke apart. Both girls gasped for breath, although only one really required oxygen.

Alice being surprised at Bella's willingness to respond, failed to see the next event. After breaking apart from Alice, Bella took a step backwards, tripping over Jasper's previously discarded civil war book. Before she was able to hit the floor she found herself being cradled against her angel's chest as she stared up into his bright golden eyes, smiling and muttering a quick thank you before being startled by his involuntarily moan, making Bella looked up to him in awe.

Alice stifled a giggle and winked cheekily at Jasper. Knowing full well her show with Bella added with Jasper's lust still heavy in the room was highly influencing everyone's current emotions, including that of her dear brother. Edward was having trouble with the current close proximity of his girlfriend. He longed to kiss her passionately as Alice had just done but feared for Bella's safety. As if on cue, Bella shuddered, causing Edward to growl deeply deciding enough was enough and leant down connecting his lips with hers roughly yet controlled. This time Bella didn't hesitate and kissed back with just as much enthusiasm as before.

While Alice and Jasper watched as the young love blossomed into something close to their own, they held a knowing glare, but Alice still felt the need to persist, knowing full well that Edward and Bella were too busy to listen in.

"Jazzy..." Alice said playfully, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Jasper nodded "I think our young friends here could benefit from some kind of instruction."

Falling in love all over again with how much her man knew her Alice ran back to him from her position near the door at vampire speed to embrace him in a harmonious kiss.

Soon the young couples both broke apart and shared loving gazes with their partner as they all regained their breaths.

Once everyone but Bella was calm, as being human her lungs needed more time to recover, the fun began...

Having collectively decided that a bedroom would be better suited for the 'teaching', Alice and Jasper's Bedroom was chosen as Edwards's room didn't hold a bed. Before long both couple were standing warily in the centre of the 'Whitlock chamber' unsure as to what to expect. Although Alice had a fair idea of which way to go, she decided for Edwards entertainment to shield the information from him, by relaying her recent ministrations she'd inflicted upon her husband, which kept him out of her head.

Deciding it was best if Alice and Jasper started the fun with a little show for the 'virgins', Jasper brought Alice over to their bed, placing her in the centre and crawling hastily above her, and began to running his skilled hands down her petite and slender body.

Bella watched in shock, catching flies with her open mouth, watching in anticipation, wondering whether Edward would touch her like that. Once again wondering if he really could read her mind, she discovered firsthand what these feelings would be as Edward appeared behind her running his hands up and down her more rounded yet beautiful body, causing shudder's and gasps of pleasure to escape her, as well as Alice from the bed.

Jasper continued to kiss her passionately, massaging just above her stomach. Edward took Bella by the hand, pulling her towards the space next to Jasper and Alice on the huge bed. Edward pulled her on top of him, kissing her hungrily, pushing his tongue into her warm mouth, while continuing to run his fingertips up and down her sides. Following Jasper's lead he rested his hand just above her skirt waistband. Edwards's breathing quicken suddenly scared of what he planned to do...

All Bella could hear was Alice's screams getting louder, and then a gasp, as Jasper finally entered her. Pushing himself deep inside, enjoying Alice writhing beneath him, screaming his name, tightening around him.

Finding her own confidence through Alice's screams, and guessing Jasper's emotions Bella reached down, removing Edwards hands from her stomach deciding she wasn't quite ready for that, and began unbuttoning Edwards pants, sliding them and his boxers down his legs still holding eye-contact with him, too scared to peek just yet. He helped by kicking them off with his feet. Finding that new found confidence from ealier, she took his little Eddie, who was rather large, to be called little! Into her hand and began rubbing, desperately trying to get him to reach the end, she knew she had to get him to. He groaned and grunted with every stroke, unsure of these new and unknown feelings. He had only ever experienced from other's thoughts. Just as he felt himself nearing the end, he grasped Bella's working wrists. Alice's silent screams in her head as her and Jasper climbed down from their highs, claiming he should wait. Holding her hands above her head with one of his while using the other to lift up her skirt, he reached under her wet panties rubbing her small bundle of nerves which had her screaming his name so loud he had to smoother her mouth with kisses.

As he moved his fingers further down he could feel her wetness even more, she felt totally ready for him. He slipped a one finger inside, testing her boundaries; she seemed to like it judging by the animalistic noises that escaped her lips. He continued thrusting one finger in and out again enjoying the sensations it sent through her body around his finger.

Turning to face Alice and Jasper, Edward could see him once again pounding her deeper, her feeling such pleasure that she was incapable of doing anything but muttering his name repeatedly. As Alice came she growled, a sound Bella thought she would never hear from Alice, accompanied by a howl as she bit into Jasper's shoulder, tipping him over the edge also.

After Alice was completely revived from the several highs Jasper had inflicted on her, she heard Bella whimpering at Edwards touches. Edward needed to trust and prepare himself before he rushed into things with Bella, so for now, he settled at kissing her slowly but sexily letting her moans be swallowed into his mouth, whilst Alice helped take care of Bella.

She slowly moved her head down towards Bella's heat and breathed against it, testing her. Bella started to whimper again still so sensitive after Edwards touches. Slowly as not to frighten Bella, she licked cautiously up her entire heat focusing on the bundle that made Bella's toes curl and reduced her to whimpering uncontrollably on the bed. Starting again what Edward had been doing, Alice slipped two fingers into her wetness and pumped in and out rapidly, along with the sucking the bundle just above her fingers, inflicting unquestionable amounts of pleasure to soar through Bella's body, with Alice's help down there and Edward's passionate kisses, it wasn't long before she began contracting around Alice's fingers and screaming into Edwards mouth...

"Edward, she's coming" Alice exclaimed a little out of breath from the constant licking, sucking and pumping. Edward quickly swapped places with Alice giving her a break, plunging his fingers into his love's heat once again revelling in the familiarity, but at a faster rhythm than before, whilst Alice embraced Bella once again in sweet and tender kisses. Not long after, Bella came undone, pleasure ricocheted throughout her body, a powerful feeing she'd never experienced before.

Leaving Bella to come down from her never-ending high, Alice, Edward and Jasper decided to have some fun while the Human recouped...

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