A/N This is my first Maximum Ride fanfic, and the first in a series of fics with titles that corespond with song titles by Jason Aldean. It's kind of stupid, and the sequels (yes, plural) are really weird. I can't remember when it's supposed to take place, but I think it's not too long after School's Out Forever.

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Chapter 1

Max's POV

"Yes, Total, I am very sure you cannot come to school with us!" I said for the hundredth time that day. Total hmphed and stalked back into the house. I rolled my eyes. That dog was dead set on becoming a student along with us.

Mom had enrolled us (us being the flock- me, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Angel, and Gazzy) in the school Ella went to here in Phoenix, It was called Rio something, I couldn't remember. We (this time being me, Fang and Iggy) were entering as freshmen to be with Ella, and Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel would be going to the elementary school down the street.

Fang trooped out of the house with Iggy, Ella, Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel in tow. No one but Angel looked all that happy at the prospect of going to school regularly again. Mom was already waiting in the car. As we all piled in, she went over all the rules with us again. I tuned her out and instead watched the neighborhood roll past us.

"Have a great day!" Mom called to us as we clambered out on to the sidewalk outside of the school. A mumbled chorus of thanks came from us, and she smiled softly. "I'll pick you up at 3:20!"

Angel, Nudge and Gazzy started walking down the sidewalk. I looked after them apprehensively, not wanting them to leave. I wanted to run after them and grab them and take them all home. Wow, talk about overbearing.

Ella led Fang, Iggy, and I in the opposite direction. I did a quick 360, but no one appeared to be dangerous, so I relaxed- a little. Ella waved to a group of kids standing near a large tree. There were 3 guys and 10 girls, all waiting patiently in a small cluster or Ella to join them.

"Hey, Guys! This is Max, Nick, and Jeff," Ella said cheerfully. They all seemed nice, so I smiled at them. "Ok, this is our, um… cult, I guess you could call it! This is Kristi, Kate, Meg, Jon, Jose, Rachel, Lizzie, Matt, Evelyn, Ellen, Shelly, Cleo, Lisa, and Annabelle- who is actually not here…"

We shook hands and we all chattered about nonsense for a few minutes before the bell rang. Ella led us inside one hallway, and we got our schedules. Mine and Ella's were the same, as were Fang and Iggy's. The two pairs of us diverted, and I couldn't help but worry. I knew I shouldn't as much as I did, but I couldn't help it, it was a natural impulse.

Then I heard something I'd hoped was gone forever.

Miss me, Max?

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