Hi Guys,

This is just a bit I wanted to add to my Obviously Something More story, but since it was supposed to be about Randy and Adam I cut it out and decided I would just add it as a bonus chapter later. I could write about Phil and Glen non stop those two are just too cute and are too easy to write about.

So this is just a little sub-story about the draw and how it affected them. There will be more than one chapter.

Phil was sitting at home with the sulks having just gotten the news from Vince that he'd be drafted to Smackdown. Glen was trying to comfort him but he gave up realising Phil was enjoying his sulk too much at the moment. "We'll still get to see each other. And at least Mark and Matt are there to keep you company" Glen pointed out.

"You heard Vince at the meeting they are really going to separate the shows this time! No more matches together unless they're on the Superstars show by chance" Phil sniffled.

"Philly it's just one night out of the week we won't be together. And it's not even the full bloody night we can still stay in the same hotel room"

"Sure but we'll have different schedules. What about cutting promo's? You know I could have to do them at any time"

"How is that any different to now? We still have different schedules!" Glen said with growing frustration.

"I'm just… I'm just going to miss you in the locker room after my matches" Phil said, finally getting to the root of the problem. He burst into tears and burrowed himself against Glen's chest until he was curled up into a ball in Glen's lap.

"Phil you're over-exaggerating as usual it's going to be fine. And if my schedule allows I can still be backstage" Glen said, rubbing Phil's back as he cried.

Finally he rubbed his eyes and sat up. "I guess" Phil agreed finally.

"There. See. It's not so bad" Glen repeated, pecking Phil on the lips.

"Well I think we should make the time we have left count. Who knows how different our schedules will be after next week" Phil said before he kissed Glen passionately and went to take off his shirt. There was almost a sense of desperation to Phil's kisses as if he thought it would be the last time they would be together. Glen just groaned against Phil's lips saying "Sounds… like a plan" Before he was shoved down onto the couch and Phil's hands went to his belt.

Sounds like a plan indeed.

After a week full of hot sex every moment they had alone Glen was strutting around feeling pretty good – if a little tired. Standing backstage with his brother as the draft show started Mark saw the way Phil kept wiping away tears and was holding onto Glen's hand in a death grip before Kofi called him over to ask him something and he excused himself.

"Will you just tell your damn husband you got drafted for god's sakes and put him out of his misery" Mark whispered to Glen.

Glen grinned. "I've been enjoying Phil fawning over me too much to ruin my fun. It's just like we're newlyweds again" Glen chuckled. "Plus I can't wait to see his face when he finds out I'm drafted too"

Mark rolled his eyes. "Thinking with your libido is going to get you in trouble"

"Meh. Phil can't stay mad at me for more than 5 minutes unless I let him.... and he's so cute when he's angry" Glen bragged.

"Alright. It's your funeral" Mark shrugged. He looked over to where Matt was standing with his brother. They were hugging as they said their goodbyes. Matt was being drafted to Raw and he and Jeff wouldn't get to see each other much any more. Matt had taken the move hard knowing it meant less time with Mark too. Mark had done his best to make Matt see the bright side – that he was being moved to the top show to get the push he deserved – and although Matt was happy about that his unhappiness at leaving his family outweighed it.

Matt wandered back over to Mark's side and Mark wrapped his arm around him and gave him a kiss on the forehead. Matt sighed and snuggled into his husband's embrace feeling sad but excited about what the future would bring.

When Glen's name was called in the draft is when the shit hit the fan. Phil watched as Glen walked out onto the stage totally pissed and at the same time full of relief.

When Glen walked back through the curtains Phil jumped on him, wrapping his legs around Glen and grabbing his face to give him a long passionate kiss before he leaned back and slapped Glen hard across the face and jumped down, pushing Glen against a wall. "You asshole you knew all along you were getting drafted didn't you?"

Glen looked at Matt and Mark for help but they shook their heads. Matt looked pretty pissed himself not having known about Glen being drafted, but knowing how upset Phil was about being drafted without Glen.

"Okay so maybe I did. I wanted it to be a surprise!" Glen sputtered.

"Oh it was a surprise alright. Well I hope you enjoyed all the sex you got this week because as of right now there'll be no more sex for a month!" Phil shouted. "A month!" Glen gasped

"No – alright 2 weeks since that would be the equivalent of a month for you" Phil amended.

Mark roared with laughter at the devastated look on Glen's face as Phil stormed off knowing his brother's high sex drive. He'd be going nuts after 2 days let alone 2 weeks.

Glen couldn't believe it. He went running after Phil. "You can't... You can't mean it!"

"Oh I meant every word Glen. You knew how upset I was about this and you took full advantage of it! Well I hope you're happy" Phil shouted, pointing at Glen and shoving his finger into Glen's naked chest before he kept walking.

"Philly… "

"Don't Philly me! I'm not talking to you any more tonight!"

He burst into the locker room and started undressing as fast as he could. Glen came up behind him and wrapped his arms around him. "Phil sweetie I'm sorry I only did it to surprise you honest! I never meant to hurt you. Don't punish us both just because you're angry with me" Glen whispered against Phil's ear before kissing his way down Phil's neck to his shoulder.

Phil whimpered fighting the feelings Glen's kisses provoked and pushed him away "It's not punishment for me right now. It's a blessing. I'd welcome some time away from you and your insatiable needs" Phil said, sticking his nose up in the air at the end of his statement before continuing to dress.

Glen chuckled sensing the ice was thawing. "Come on Phil you know you love my stamina. Who else can get it up at least 3 times every night hmm? And you can't talk my little nympho you're just as insatiable - I wasn't forcing you to do me 24/7 this last week!"

Phil glared at Glen and then went back to dressing again.

"Come on sweetie" Glen purred, his hands dipping underneath Phil's shirt to tease his nipples.

Phil gasped and swatted his hands away. "Nope the ban stays AND if you try to seduce me in that two weeks and succeed then the 2 weeks will start over again" Phil decided.

Glen backed away then countered with "Well what if you seduce me?"

Phil thought about it for a moment, chewing on his lip ring. "Well… then I guess the ban is off. But I'M not going to break so it's 2 weeks and that's final"

"We'll see about that" Glen smirked, his eyes twinkling at the challenge ahead. Ah, life with his little drama queen was never dull. God he loved him, even as he was walking out of the locker room with his nose in the air. Glen just smiled as he watched Phil leave wondering how long it would take him to realise they'd come to the arena in Glen's car.