Hi to all! I recently read the Book Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey and I could not help but fall in love it. So here is chapter 1 in Lucius' POV.

All standard disclaimers apply.

A cold, desolate wind blew steady and strong, causing the corn stalks in the field beside me to bend this way, and that. I tugged my long, dark coat a little more tightly around me, waiting impatiently for the girl. I had waited my whole life for this moment, this moment that I would see the princess and make the legacy of my parents proud. I sighed, trying not to allow the heaviness of the load I carry weigh me down and keep me from my mission. I would make my uncle's proud. I would protect the honor of my parent's name and I would end the threat of war on my family.

I was brought from the thoughts of my responsibilities as soon as I saw her, my Antanasia. Even from this distance, I could tell she was beautiful, with her long, curl chestnut colored locks that framed her heart-shaped face just so. She seemed lacking in the fashion end of the spectrum, but that could be fixed quite easily with a shopping spree or two.

As if feeling my intense gaze upon her, her eyes locked on mine and I almost forgot how to breathe. I leaned more of my weight against the old, gnarled tree beside me as our gazes held. Her eyes were deep chocolate brown and looked as if they were windows into her very soul, the soul of my princess. For a moment, we simply stared at one another, and then, suddenly, her eyes took on a anxious look, as if she was frightened by me. I could see why she would be. She should be. I am a vampire prince, after all, and I'd come to take her away.

The fog was low to the ground, dancing around her ankles in a slow caress, making her appear mysterious. My curiosity rose as I stared at her. What did she enjoy doing? Did she know who I was? Would she leave this place without a fight? I felt a sudden urge to be near her, to protect her, to know her, and for her to know me.

My musings were interrupted by an obnoxious noise that I came to hate almost immediately, for not only was it an annoying sound, but it had diverted Antanasia's eyes from mine. And I couldn't have that.

The big, yellow automobile came to a stop right in front of Antanasia, opening its doors for her as its breaks streamed with the effort. I watched as she walked the short distance from were she'd been standing to the stairs leading up into the obnoxious thing that had caused our interruption, my eyes never leaving her form. I continued watching as she made her way to the back of the bus and sat down. The bus once more continued on its merry way down the road. Antanasia looked back at me through the window and the billowing waves of fog. "Antanasia..." Before I could stop myself, her name came from my lips in between that of a sigh of contentment at finally seeing her and a sigh of yearning to be with her.

I watched as the old, richety bus chugged on down the road at a snails pace, leaving me with a deep sense of sadness that penetrated my soul. I wanted so much to be with her, not for the peace of vampires, but simply because I wished to know her. I wanted her as my own, forever. And one thing I'd learned from my unyielding uncles is that whatever a Vladescu wants, they get. I wanted Antanasia Dragomirs to be mine.

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