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It was my 21st birthday and I finally got a contract with the WWE.

Many people think that I just got my contract because of who my dad is and you'll never guess who he is, HBK. Yeah, that's right, imagine growing up with him in a motherless home. My mom died giving birth to me. It was just me, Cam, and good old dad.
Not to mention Paul or as I like to call him, Uncle Paulie yeah, he hates it, I'm the only one that can call him that but I know he secretly loves that name, deep, deep, DEEP down inside.

Anyway, back on topic, I'm leaving for the DX reunion tour in two days. But tonight, we party! And there's nothing like a party with good old dad.

You know I'm, joking right?

Well, let me tell you some things about myself. My name is Cheyenne Rebecca Michaels. I was born in Texas and we traveled a lot due to my dad's schedule. I have my mom's hair and figure and my dad's EVERYTHING else. And I mean that, his quirkiness, his
personality, his athleticism and also his cocky attitude at some times.

Just then, sir cockiness himself walked in, quite tired I might add.

"Hey birthday girl, can you fix me some coffee while your up?" he asked me, looking at me sitting down on the couch with that oversized grin on his face.

"I don't think so old man, It's my birthday today, you wait on me, not the other way around." I said. " and by the way what did you get me for my birthday"

"Well if your not gonna make me any coffee I'm just not gonna tell you what I got you, you'll have to wait and find out later" he said with that grin still on his face.

"Ooh come on dad you know you want to tell me just let it out" I said looking up at him with big puppy dog eyes.

"Come on Cheyenne, you know I can't take those eyes! You don't play fair. I'll make my own dag on coffee." He said while pouting and walking down the steps towards the kitchen.

I just followed after him and he tried to give me the silent treatment. Like I said, he tried, he didn't succeed

"Ok, you win, I got you, something." he said trying to still keep it a secret. I just kept looking at him, knowing he was gonna spill the beans at any moment.

But surprisingly, he didn't. So I just gave up and headed upstairs to get dressed. Just as I was leaving out, the phone started to ring. That was nobody except for Uncle Paulie. He's the only one to call the house at 7:00 in the morning. Just being the
nosey person that I am, I picked up the phone to see what was so important that he had to call the house thisearly. I didn't know what they were talking about when I picked up, but I caught on quickly.

"I'm at the place now, the guy just let me have the keys, when are you bringing her over Shawn?"

"I'm bringing her over after breakfast." My dad said

"Why don't we just have breakfast here?" Paul asked.

"No Paul, that would ruin that surprise. I want to wait until later to show her the house. Did the movers move everything in?"

"Yep It's all here. I think I'm more excited than you are, do you think she's gonna likeā€¦.' I hung up the phone on Paul's rant, I heard all I need to hear.

I can't believe my dad bought me a HOUSE! This is the same guy that didn't want to buy me a car or have a boyfriend but he bought me a freakin house! Now I'm really pumped for this party.

Cam's gonna be so pissed.

Cue the evil laugh.