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Chey's POV

After my plane landed, I was on my way to the arena. I had to get my room key, go to the hotel and then I had to train, I don't know how long I would be training but at least it would give me something to do to keep my mind off of Randy. What, I knew I was trying to get over him but somehow I just think it's gonna be really hard after seeing him again today. Oh, I just hope things are gonna go ok.

Randy's POV

I was speeding down the hall, I couldn't wait to get to them and let this listen to this. I just wanted them to know it wasn't my fault. As I turned the corner I ran right in to Cam

"Hey Cam" I said a little out of breath

"Hey what are you doing here?" Cam asked

"I just got back today. Where is your dad?" I asked not wanting to have to repeat this again when I saw Shawn.

"He went back to the hotel he had to pick up something." Cam said "Why what's up?" he asked

"I just have something I need for u guys to hear, that's all." I said a little disappointed

"What is it? Let me hear it now." Cam said

I figure what the hell maybe letting him hear it first and then going to Shawn would be better. I pulled my phone from my pocket and went to the recording, gave the phone to Cam and told him to press play. As I waited for his reaction many question went through my head. Would this be enough to get Chey back. Would they even believe what was said in the recording. Would they still blame me for what happen.

"Wow. You really need to let my dad hear this." Cam said bringing me out of my thoughts

"Yeah I know that's why I need to know where he is." I said

"Hold on I'm going to call him and tell him to get here as soon as he can." Cam said pulling out his phone and calling Shawn. After about the 2 minute convo Cam had with his dad we found out that Shawn was already almost at the arena. He said he would meet us in our locker room, so that's where me and Cam went next.

While Cam and I waited for Shawn to get there all I could do was think about Chey and if she would take me back after this. Shawn walked in 5 minutes later with Paul with him (I should have known they would be together)

"What's so important Cam that I needed to be here with him." Shawn asked looking right at me.

"Listen dad calm down Randy has something you need to hear." Cam said

I pulled my phone from my pocket again and handed it to Paul because he was closer and told them to press play.

Chey's POV

After about two straight hours of training I was tired, all I wanted to do was go back to my hotel room shower and sleep but I couldn't. I had to shower and head over to find Steph. On my way back to the hotel Steph called.

"Hello" I said into my Bluetooth

"Hey Chey what are you doing now" she asked

"I'm on my way back to the hotel to shower then I'm headed your way." I said

"Ok well I'll be here waiting you know my room number right?" she asked

"Yeah, I know I'll be there later." I said

"Ok," she said. Just then I pulled into the parking lot of the hotel. After a very quick shower I was on my way to Steph's room. I knocked on the door and I heard her yell.

"Come in"

"Hey Steph you wanted to talk to me." I said walking into the room

"Yea sweetie. How are you." she asked referring to the thing with Randy

"I'm ok every day it gets better you know." I said

"Yea I know. Are you ready to be back." she asked

"Yeah I'm as ready as I can be." I said with a small smile

After we talked for about another hour going over every detail of my story line I head back over to the arena.

Randy POV

"When did you get this." Shawn asked

"Not to long ago. When I had time off I started to think about that night and what happened. So as soon as I was here I found Ted and made him tell me what happened." I said

" Look Randy this is all good and all but you still have some fault in this." Shawn said

"Yea I know that but had I never been that drunk I would have never did what I did. Look Shawn I know you may not believe me but I am in love with your daughter and would never do anything to hurt her." I said

"Cam, Paul give us a minute." Shawn said

"Are you sure dad" Cam asked

"Yea I'm sure" Shawn said. He waited until they we're out the room before he spoke again.

"Look Randy I saw how you were when u and Chey were together and I do believe you when you say that your in love with her and wouldn't hurt her. But you did and I'm not sure if this ( he said holding up the phone ) will get you off the hook with her." He said

"I know. But I don't know what else I can do." I said

"Well maybe you should let me talk to her." Shawn said

"You would really do that?" I asked

"Yea I would I don't like see her hurt and I know she cares for you as much you do for her." he said

"Thanks Shawn you don't know how much this means to me." I said

"Don't thank me yet." He said walking out the room. After he was gone I sat there for a while just hopping he was able to get Chey to see I would never do anything to hurt her.

Chey's POV

I had just got to the arena when my phone started to ring. I looked at my called ID and saw that it was my dad.

"hey dad" I answered

"Hey Chey where are you?" he asked

"Its funny that you ask that I just got to the arena I'm on my way to the locker room." I said

"Really why didn't you tell me you were coming back." he asked

"Cause it was a surprise." I said

"Well when you get her I need to talk to you about something kid." He said

"Umm ok well get to talking." I said walking in to the locker room. I hung up the phone and went to hug my dad. I'd missed him while I was on my little vacation.

"So old man what did you want to talk about." I asked

"Well I'm just gonna come right out and say it. Do you love Randy?" he asked

"Umm yea I do… I mean I did… I don't know." I said not sure how I feel at the moment. "Why do ask."

"Cause Chey I saw how happy you were when you to were together. And it kills me to see you so sad and down now. I know Randy hurt you but there is more to what happen that night that myself , Randy, Cam and Paul just found out about."

"What are you saying dad?" I asked

"Today Randy came back and he said he had been thinking of that night a lot while he was gone. He was wondering why would Ted of all people keep buying him drinks. So when he got here he went straight to find him and asked why he would do that. Well to make a long story short Stacy had Ted buy Randy shot after shot until she knew he was to drunk to know you from her."

"Wait how do you know all this." I asked my mind going a million miles a minute

"Randy recorded everything Ted told him and he had me Cam and Paul listen to it." he said

"Umm I don't know what to say." I said a little stuck on everything I was hearing. So Randy wasn't really at fault here it was Stacy and Ted's doing. Randy had been telling the truth when he said he thought it was me he was kissing. I knew something didn't feel right about this whole thing.

"Maybe you should go talk to him Chey." dad said bring me from my thoughts.

"Yea I think your right." I said pulling my phone out and calling Randy.

"Hello." He said after the first ring.

"Hey where are you." I asked

"I'm in my locker room. Why what's up?" he asked, sounding eager. I smiled, I missed that.

"I'm on my way there don't go anywhere." I said and hung up the phone.