I am in no way affiliated with anyone from the production team or any cast member of KyleXY nor from ABC Family.

Known characters are not mine; however, I am introducing some of my own.

Story takes place after season 3. This was planned by me sometime in the middle of season 3 but not before I learned of cancellation.


IM: A lot of things have happened. Latnok has put me and my family through great pain. Though some bonds cracked; it was never broken. In the end, our bonds grew stronger. Together we manage to foil their plans. It had been months and I haven't heard anything from them for months. I feel like I can relax and move on with my life.

Kyle put on his sweat shirt and looked at his bedroom clock. It read 4:30 AM. His superhuman hearing sensed footsteps approaching his room. The door to his room slowly creaked open. A dark haired girl entered his room.

Kyle focused his vision taking in Jessi's outfit. She was wearing a black sweatshirt and tied her hair into a ponytail. "Jessi," Kyle said, "Are you ready?"

"Yup," Jessi said with a smile, "Lets go."

IM: After Sarah left Jessi. She had nowhere to go. My family adopted Jessi as they did for me. It has been a difficult road and there have been some set backs but for the most part it has been good. Ever since she lived here, we would sneak out of the house most mornings to train and develop our powers together.


The sun started to rise. Kyle and Jessi were finishing their 10th lap around a 2 mile course plotted around town.

Kyle stopped, "that's enough Jessi." Kyle said catching his breath.

Jessi slowed down. "Oh come on, Kyle," Jessi said with a twinkle in her eye, "one more lap."

"I'm sorry Jessi I need to get breakfast and meet Amanda at The Rack" Kyle said as he looked at her face. Jessi looked annoyed.

"I'll catch up with you later then," Jessi said. Kyle gave her a look of concern. Jessi knew exactly what he was thinking, "Don't worry I'll just take a few more laps," I could always tell what he is thinking, Why can't he realize…that we are meant to be.

Jessi secretly loved her early morning rendezvous with Kyle. The two of them could bond without anyone interfering. Not the Tragers and especially not Amanda Bloom. Amanda Bloom is Kyle's close friend nothing more, as Jessi thinks of her. A phase Kyle is going through before he realizes his true feelings.

Jessi thought as she ran away from him. She turned her head to see Kyle ran the opposite direction back home.

In a distant, a silver BMW was parked. Kristen Miller took off her binoculars then tie her long golden hair into a ponytail. She took one last look at Kyle then to Jessi as they sped away in different directions. She started her BMW and drove away.


At the Rack, Amanda Bloom began unpacking supplies when Josh approached her followed by a girl with short blonde hair and light complexion. She seems to be around the same age as her.

"Hey, Amanda," Josh called out. Amanda turned to him, "this is Angela Blake she is starting today. I want you to show her the ropes," Josh said with a sigh. He gave another sigh and walked away to the backroom.

"Hi," she said with a big grin

"I am Amanda Bloom," Amanda introduced herself with smile, "

"So whats up with Mr. Gloom?"

"Don't take it personally he's having trouble with long distance relationships." Amanda explained, "So are you new in town?"

"Yeah I just got in two days ago; I'm supposed to start at U DUB tomorrow,"

"Your kidding, my boyfriend and I are starting there too," Amanda declared,

"That's great," Angela beamed, "Maybe you can show me around town?"

The door opened and two people entered the store, "time to go to work, we'll talk again later, okay?" Amanda explained.


Kyle walked to The Rack quickly. It had taken him a little longer to get ready since Nicole asked him to do some chores. Kyle didn't mind chores were normal. In his extraordinary life a little bit of normalcy was welcome. Kyle rounded the corner into the rack. Kyle looked around the room searching for Amanda.

Kyle saw Amanda and his heart leapt. Amanda always took his breath away. "Hey Amanda," Kyle said trying to suppress a grin.

"Hey, Kyle" Amanda said

"So are we on for later?" Kyle asked.

"Sure, I'm taking the afternoon. So we can head to the mall and get some stuff for school"

"So this must be the boyfriend you told me about?" Angela Blake said with a mischievous grin.

"Oh, sorry Angela this is my boyfriend Kyle Trager," Amanda introduced him, "Kyle this is Angela she is new here?"

Kyle and Angela shook hands, "No sweat… "Trager" Josh's brother,"

"Yeah, adopted" Kyle quickly turned his attention back to Amanda, "So Kyle why don't you hang around here for awhile."

"Sure, I'll hang out here for a little while," Kyle turned and walked away.

"Your boyfriend is one cute guy," Angela said with a flirtatious smile, "I don't know how you can concentrate on anything else."

Amanda's cheeks burned; Amanda showed a stern look on her face, "just remember, Kyle is with me!"

"Don't worry, I'm already seeing someone," Angela said trying to reassure her new friend.

"Good," Amanda said with a scary look on her face; before she "broke into a giggle."

Angela joined Amanda in a short giggle before they went back to work.

Kyle couldn't help but feel flattered as he overheard what the girls were talking about.

IM: Even though we had gone through a lot. I feel we have gotten stronger as a family and we can now move on.

A silver BMW was parked outside The Rack, Kristen Miller was eyeing Kyle intently from the windows as he took a seat inside. On the passenger seat were folders labeled "Kyle", "Jessi", "Amanda", "Tragers" in the front is the Latnok symbol in each of them.


"They are ready for you Mr. Baylin," The woman in the front desk called.

Adam purposely marched to an elevator door with two men security uniform on either side with shotguns. He bent low and squinted his eyes into the pad under it was a small touch screen monitor beside the elevator door. The machine scanned his eyes. "Baylin, Adam X 781227 Y" Adam said.

"Retina and voice identification match. Welcome Baylin Adam." The machine said in a computerized voice. The screen cleared up and showed the Latnok insignia before the elevator doors opened. Adam stepped in. The lights dimmed and the elevator started ascends to straight to the top. The screen indicated the elevator stopped at the twenty-fifth floor. Adam stepped out. Two security men on either side of the door armed with P-90s on either side of him. Two more similarly armed in front of him guarding a bank volt door. The Latnok insignia is painted on the floor.

The bank vault door opened. The door was almost 4 inches thick. It opened into a dark room. Adam purposely walked straight inside. Adam stood in the room as the volt door closed behind him. Adam stood in the room and let his eyes adjust to the decrease in lighting.

It is the room of the Latnok council. A number of monitors were on the walls displaying the Latnok insignia.

ONE: "Why have you come here?"

THREE "You know you have violated the strictest protocols that keep this Council safe. You have lost…"

Adam cut him off: "We had an agreement! You promised that you would leave Kyle and his family alone but you've been pushing him for an entire year!"

NINE "781227 XY is simply an experiment. He has exceeded expectations. You should be please."

"Kyle is a human being." Adam said adamantly.

FIVE: "You have lost your objectivity. You know the goal of this council is the betterment of humanity!"

"Humanity without morality or family is nothing" Adam shot back,

TWELVE: "Regardless of his designation, He has shown improvements far beyond what we could ever hope for."

"Kyle is a good person! He would have chosen to come to us had you not forced the issue!" Adam almost shouting at them.

EIGHT: "I am sorry, Adam but we could not wait."

"Why?" Adam said shaking his head.

ONE: "Because of this…" he said placing a file folder on the table.

Adam cautiously approached the table opening the folder. He browsed through it, "This can't be right?" he said incredulously.

ONE: "It is. He is beyond Kyle."


ONE: "What is it?"

INTERCOME: "SIR! WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!....A gargled sound came through the intercom.

The lights started to flicker then nothing. All the lights went out. The room went pitch black. The monitors went to static. A few seconds passed, then emergency lights kicked in.

Everyone in the room was startled.

Whats going on?

Power outage, someone said

Eight grabbed the receiver of the telephone, "lines dead!"

BOOM!! An explosion erupted outside the vault door. There was silence; then there was shouting; then gunfire. A lot of gunfire.

Adam quickly put the file into his briefcase. His heart raced.

"We're under attacked!" TWO exclaimed.

"Nothing to worry about. No one can get through our security," NINE said, Adam sensed the fear in his voice.

The gunfire stopped. There were small successive hits coming from the vault door. It was pounding. The door held. The noise stopped. The computerized lock started to turn like an invisible hands slowly turning the mechanism of the lock.

"What are you doing?" NINE said eyeing Adam.

"That isn't me?" Adam said.

ONE: "Its him."

"WHAT DO WE DO?" SEVEN shouted looking to ONE.

ONE: "Over here! There is a secret exit but the computers are on lock down."

"We have no where to go that is the only exit," THREE said looking to the door.

The vault door started to open.

"The Great Latnok Council, my father asked me to say GOOD BYE…" a voice said, a few seconds later a small object was thrown into the room

Adam picked the object up. It was a small device with a timer counting down from 19 seconds.

Adam raced to the secret exit. He focused trying to push the secret hatch with his mental powers. The hatch slowly started to open. His nose started to bleed.


MM gazed at the sight and smiled. A blaze raged before him. Ear-deafening explosions flooded air. The ground shook. Debris and ash rained down from the sky.

"It is done father."

"Go after these two…," a man said passing him two folders with the labels XY and XX respectively.

"They'll be easy," MM said cockily.

"Do not kill them yet," the man said.

"Why?" MM asked totally annoyed.

"It is an order, that is all you need to know" the man said in a cold voice; the man took a sigh, "I'm worried about you son. You've been pushing yourself too much and these two are closer to your level. So I think caution is in order."

"Thank you, father" as MM feigned a smile.

"Here, these will help" the man said as he took out two vials of pink goo," The man said.