Heather stood on the dock and saw another boy come near; hey he said I'll see you at the campfire pit. She said the only thing she could think of, drop dead you sleaze.

She hoped that the punk would stop the flirting. She needed to work on her ballet. She couldn't really say it out loud but she wanted him yet she would never admit it

She saw her friends who she had already made stick up their noses then again she didn't really think the way he dressed was very classy either

It was true, he was a skater boy, and she had to say see you later to him.

21 year old Heather was sitting down feeding the baby, she couldn't believe that her husband left them right after the baby was born. She decided to turn on some MTV and saw Duncan rocking out. She had to tell her other friends from the Island, it turned out they had tickets to his show, she decided to come, when they got there she looked at this man, the one she turned down.

She had said see you later to this skater boy.

Now he was a superstar and he was playing the guitar like a master

She walked back home and turned it on again, wait a minute, was that Courtney and Duncan kissing!? She then remembered she had missed out, they've become more than just good friends, and this is how their story ends, she just wished she had seen the man that boy could be. Courtney sees the soul that is inside, Heather knew that Duncan was just a boy and Courtney was a girl and they rocked each others world.

She knew that Courtney was at a studio singing about her, the girl who turned down the skater boy.