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Chapter 13

Groaning internally Mitchie swam in darkness. Trying to open her eyes, but she found they wouldn't open. Hearing voices in the distance she tried to speak out for someone to help, but found that her lips wouldn't move. Starting to freak she began to try and move anything at all, but found she was unsuccessful, and the only response she got was the sound of rapid beeping in the background.

Hearing the voices getting closer she strained to hear what they were saying.

"What's going on!?" A familiar voice sounded. "Why's it beeping like that?"

"I don't know. Somebody get a doctor!" Another familiar voice shouted.

Struggling to open her eyes she managed to get them to flutter but screamed in her head out of frustration. Trying again she was finally rewarded with the sight of a bright white light, but that light was quickly blocked as a blurry face came into view.

Blinking her eyes a few times in an attempt to focus better she looked back at the face above her and smiled.

"Jonathan!" She exclaimed spotting her brother. Throwing her arms up in an attempt to hug him she was quick to lower them again with a hiss of pain. Looking at her shoulder confused for a second she then remembered what had happened.

Looking back up at him she was quick to see her parents watching tears in their eyes, and the Grey family run back in through the door with a doctor.

Upon seeing her Shane immediately ran over to her other side.

"Oh thank god!" He exclaimed grabbing her hand and crouching down to her eye level. Eyeing with tears in his eyes for a moment he gently threw his arms around her. "Thank god you're all right." He whispered into her hair as began to cry silently.

"You came." She whispered. "You came for me. You were ready to risk your life for me." She sobbed.

Pulling back slightly he looked at her with serious yet loving eyes. "Of course I would. I'd do anything for you baby girl."

Smiling she wrapped her good arm around him and pulled him to again for a quick hug before pulling back and looking around the room. A smile coming to her face at finally seeing all of her family together in the same room.

It was now two months later as Mitchie stood on stage looking out at the crowd before her. It was a crowd full of peers dressed in the same robes as her.

Turning back to her principle she took her diploma happily as she thought back to everything she'd been through to get here. Though it had been a long road, everything was finally back to normal…okay, well as normal as it could be for any girl who was dating 1/3 of Connect Three. Plus, well now that she was no longer undercover and Carl Macintire was safely behind bars, the boys had finally convinved her to let them help her produce an album. To say that she was going to be a very busy girl after this was an understatement, but as she looked into the stands of people watching to her family and her eyes met with a certain chocolate pair, she also knew that no matter what people would always be there to catch her before she fell. Looking down at the ring on her finger she knew of one person who's promise was true to stay. No, they weren't engaged, they both agreed that there was a lot that needed to change and they needed to establish themselves in each other's lives as the real thing, but for now, she knew Shane was hers to keep.

Smiling she walked down the steps and into the beginning of a new chapter. One that she was sure would be full of ups and downs, but she had now learned that now all downs meant the end of the world, it just meant something special was coming your way, and she had learned through her own tough times.

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