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Tosh thought back to what McGee had told her as she stared mindlessly out of the aeroplane window at the dark surroundings and the hypnotic flashing lights on the wing tip.

"You should tell Owen how you feel." Easy said than done, in her opinion.

Tosh sighed and turned around, her eyes pausing briefly on all of her sleeping co-workers individually. On the seats behind her, Jack was, for once, sleeping peacefully, his head resting on the shoulder of Ianto who, too, was contently asleep. Gwen was spread out on two seats on the seat behind them and was lightly snoring. Tosh couldn't help smiling fondly at them all, trying to think about how long this peacefulness would last. She turned around to the seat beside her. She had her mind set on simply gazing at Owen, while he slept and certainly wasn't expecting him to be awake and watching her.

"Oh!" Tosh gasped in surprise.

"Sorry." Owen muttered. "Didn't mean to scare you."

"Oh it's nothing." Tosh said, glancing down in an effort to hide her blush. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Owen nod as she desperately raked her mind, thinking of something to say.

"Some day, huh."

"Yeah." Tosh agreed, risking a look up at the medic. "Did Dr. Mallard find out about..." she trailed off.

"My death?" Owen finished. "Yeah. The old guy caught me stitching this up." He continued somewhat fondly, gesturing to his bandaged hand.


"Yeah." Owen said. There was a pause where both of them tried to think of something to say. It was very unlike Owen to be this quiet and reserved. "So, that date, aye." He asked, taking them both back to their conversation a few weeks earlier in the Hub.

"What about it?" Tosh said, staring at him with wide eyes, afraid he was going to reject her, despite what he'd originally said previously.

Owen gave a small snigger at her reaction. "I was just wondering when. I wasn't going to stand you up." He promised.

"Great." Tosh said, before taking a deep breath. "Because... uh... I've been..." She sighed, deciding to stop before she said something she'd regret.

"Because you've been wanting this, for a while?" Owen asked, not sounding cocky or up himself at all. Tosh nodded, thinking how silly it sounded when he said it out loud like that.

"I know, Tosh." Owen said, smiling at her.

"You do?"

"Yeah, of course." Owen told her. "It's been a bit obvious, you know."

Tosh nodded again. "I didn't think you noticed...Sorry"

"I did, and I think it's kinda sweet." Owen admitted.

"You think?" Tosh blushed.

"Yeah." Owen nodded, now grinning.

"So you're not going to stand me up then?" Tosh asked, immediately kicking herself afterwards; how many times had she asked that?

"No, Tosh. I'm not." Owen said firmly. "You've got to get that out of your little head of yours." He leaned over and tapped gently on her head.

Tosh gave a small smile. "Sorry."

"I'm looking forward to it, actually." He leaned over again and gave her a peck on the cheek and Tosh blushed. "It'll be fun."

"Really?" Tosh said, slightly nervously.

"Sure, it'll be interesting to see what'll happen." He smiled, somewhat cryptically and Tosh frowned slightly.

"It will." Tosh said, convincing herself, rather than agreeing.

Owen gave another uncharacteristic smile. "We should get some sleep before we get back." He stated.

Tosh found herself stifling a yawn at the mention of sleep. She gave a small laugh. "Good idea."

"See you in the morning, Tosh." Owen said, before he lowered his seat back into a more comfortable position.

"Night, Owen." Tosh said, smiling at him as he closed his eyes. Maybe there was still hope yet.

As Tosh lowered her own seat back, she thought back to McGee and wondered if the NCIS field agent had talked to Abby. That thought was only brief, however, as she drifted off into content sleep, her mind turning once again to Owen.

* * * * *

McGee swallowed nervously as he stood in the elevator, waiting for it to reach the Abby's level.

Gibbs had got off at MTAC, no doubt to speak to Jenny. Tony and Ziva left too, announcing they were going for a drink together after their best efforts to persuade Gibbs to join them. Watching them leave in the car park, McGee had watched as Tony's hand found the Mossad's, and as Ziva turned to look at the senior field agent. He imagined them smiling at each other; it had been comforting to watch.

This left only Ducky, Palmer and the junior field agent in the lift.

After a ping, the doors slid smoothly open. McGee braced himself, half expecting Abby to launch herself upon him. The gothic forensic, however, was not there. After muttering a brief goodbye to the medics, McGee stepped out and into the hallway, waiting for the lift doors to close again before he made the way towards Abby's lab.

"Timmy!" McGee had barely taken a step inside her lab when Abby let out a cry and enveloped him in a hug.

"Ow, Abs!" McGee complained, despite grinning. "My stitches, remember!'

"Oh, God!" Abby let go of him; worry clear on her face. "You're still hurt?"

McGee gave a small smile. "Not hurt, just a little tender." he reassured her.

"Oh." Abby replied with a nod. "Can I still hug you?" She looked up at him, her eyes wide, innocent and begging. How could he say no to that?

"Of course, just gentle."

Abby grinned and leaned up to hug the junior field agent again. "Oooh, I missed you, Tim." She snugged into his shoulder, breathing in his scent and closing her eyes contently.

"Me too, Abs." McGee gave her a firm squeeze.

"Please don't ever scare me again like that, ok." Abby asked of him, pulling out of the hug to look into his eyes.

"You know I can't promise that." McGee told her, not meeting her gaze.

"I know." Abby told him, her voice soft.

"But I'll try, Abs." McGee countered. "I can promise you that."

Abby simply grinned again and pulled McGee into another hug. "You know I love you McGee."

"Yeah." McGee smiled sadly, knowing she didn't quite mean it like he did. "I love you too, Abby." He'd said it. He'd never said it back to her, not since they'd been dating at least. There was a brief moment, where he wondered if she'd notice what he'd said, before Abby spoke again.

"I've missed you saying that." She admitted, her head resting on his shoulder; their arms wrapped around each other as they stood alone in her lab.

"I've missed saying it." McGee replied with a small laugh, equally truthful. Abby smiled into McGee's neck, before pulling away once again.

"Come on." She took him by the hands.


"You're coming home with me." Abby told him matter-of-factly and McGee could hardly protest.

"Any reason for this?" He asked, smiling.

"Not really." Abby told him. "I've just missed you, that's all. I thought we could spend some time together, because we haven't really spent that much time together lately." Abby rambled, only to be silenced by McGee, who suddenly leaned down and pressed his lips to hers; their joined hands fell away.

After, what felt like minutes later, Abby pulled away and stared at the junior field agent, somewhat, accusingly. "What was that for?"

"I...It was..." McGee stuttered, his previous confidence lost. "It was...a... a way to stop you talking." He ended rather lamely, knowing Abby would be able to see through his lie. Abby raised an eyebrow at him, and McGee dropped his eyes to the floor, afraid of meeting hers. Then, surprisingly warm fingers brushed up against his chin and lifted McGee's face up so he was looking directly at the forensic scientist.

"Sorry." McGee said softly. "I just..."

"Don't be, McGee." Abby replied, cutting him off. "Sorry, that is. Don't be sorry." She gave a small embarrassed smile, which slowly turned into a flirty one. "I didn't mind."

"Really?" McGee asked, not quite keeping the hope out of his voice.

Abby nodded, the smile remaining on her face. "Now, come on." She quickly changed the topic, and took his hand once again. "Back to mine, remember. We'll get some DVD's or something. Gibbs gave you tomorrow off, right?" McGee nodded slowly; their boss had given them all the day off.

"Abby..." McGee's voice trailed off and she turned back to look at him, some hidden emotion showing in her eyes.


McGee thought. He thought of all that could be between them and all that probably never would be. He knew that once they'd get back to Abby's place, they'd watch some movies and maybe fool around a bit, but it would never be a formal relationship. He knew that it never would be, when Abby was involved; that's just the way she was, never wanting to commit fully. He knew that, didn't he? Of course and he loved the gothic forensic for it.

"Timmy?" Abby asked again.

McGee shook his head. "Don't worry, Abs. I was just thinking, that's all." Abby nodded. If she knew what he was referring to she did not show it.

"Ok." She smiled. "Come on." She pulled on his hand again and together the two of them left the building.

In Abby's car, before they set off, McGee impulsively leaned across and gave her a swift kiss on her cheek. Abby simply turned to look at him and smiled again. McGee smiled back. Their relationship might have been unpredictable and indecisive (on Abby's part, at least), which once upon a time made him feel insecure. But it was heartfelt and it now suited them both in every way. Maybe one day, it would become more formal; but until then, McGee didn't really mind. As long as Abby was there, with him, he'd be happy and he knew she felt exactly the same way.

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