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Chapter 7

Sarah was still in her car, she couldn't get a hold of her father, and the car was moving at an unsafe speed down this dark and twisted road. All she saw ahead was trees she grabbed the wheel and tried to turn it around but nothing happened, it wouldn't move for all the strength she had in her. She screamed in frustration, she hated feeling helpless. She sat back in the front seat looking out the window of the car that she was not driving; she was looking for landmarks anything that could tell her where she was. So that when she got her chance to get away she would be going in the right direction, she needed to find a way to get to Bobby and Dean, and bring them back here, wherever this was. The problem with this plan was that she figured it had been about an hour since she talked to her dad and she had been in these woods for quite a while, and the car had turned many times. There was no way that they would be able to find her unless she somehow made it back to the main road.

While these thoughts were running through her mind along with various plans for how she was going to get herself out of this craphole of a situation, the car lurked into a clearing in the woods. In this clearing there were several cars, the car came to a stop as it got closer to them. She hadn't seen the spirit in a while not since it had taken control over the car and had brought her here. She saw her gun across the seat it was within her grasp, "So you think it's fun to go out every night?" the spirit showed up right where her hand was about to reach. Then it disappeared.

Sarah decided to try the door handle and the door wouldn't budge. She tried again and still nothing. She looked around in the car for something to break the front window so she could climb out, then she decided to try for the gun again. It was in her hands, she shot a round off at the window while protecting herself from the shattering glass. She began to climb out the window but her leg was caught. She looked back and realized that it wasn't caught she was being pulled back into the car by the ghost. As she was now back in the car with the spirit she finally got a real good look at it, it was a girl who had to have been at least twenty-three when she died, she had dark hair, dark brown eyes, a white tank top and a short jean skirt. Finally Sarah asked "What do you want?"

"Nothing much, just for you to feel my pain." She said as she grabbed Sarah's face.


A beautiful girl walks out of The Green Horn with a guy on her arm. They headed towards a car , a green Mustang. "Tonight was fun, Caleb, I needed this after the past couple of months I've had."

"Good, I'm glad you had fun."he said as he leaned in for a kiss. As his lips touched hers', she pulled away and backed up towards the car.

"What are you doing? I don't think of you in that way, I think of you as a friend, my best friend to be exact and you know that I am not ready for any kind of relationship after what James did to me."

"I thought you were feeling the same things that I have been feeling, you have been sending me signals for the past week and a half. I thought that finally we could move past the friend stage that we have been stuck in for the past couple of years. How could you not realize that tonight was about that, Emily? Why else would you have agreed to come?"

"Because we're friends." She told him honestly.

" Friends, my God, Emily, I want more than that I always have. I am tired of just being your friend, the person that gets to hear about every single one of your problems with other guys. When I get absolutely nothing in return, for listening to you bitch and moan about these jack-offs when if you would just open your eyes and realize that I am in front of you the one guy in the world who would never do anything to hurt you."

"Hold on back up. What do you mean anything in return?What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"I think you know." He said as he leaned in and crushed his lips against hers. She tried to push him away and when he felt the resistance that she was putting up he pulled away and she saw something in his eyes. It looked like he wasn't himself, like he was someone else completely. He opened the door to the car and forced her inside, she hit her head pretty hard on the door frame she was bleeding. She could feel it running down her face. He got in the car after she was inside and started it up then peeled out of the parking lot.

"Caleb, why are you acting this way? What is wrong with you?" she said as she reached over to touch his arm.

As she touched his arm he swung his arm out of her grasp and hit her across the face, knocking her out in the process. When she came to they were in a small clearing in the middle of the woods, she started to scream. "No one will help you out here, we're in the middle of nowhere." He told her as he climbed on top of her. She tried to push him off but she couldn't. He pushed her skirt up and took off her underwear, then he unzipped his jeans.

"Caleb, stop please you don't have to do this."

"No, I do. I just need you to understand how I feel about you and then everything will be okay. We will finally be together and you will be happy."

"Caleb, if you do this I will never forgive you."

"Well, that's just a chance I will have to take."

He forcefully began to kiss her lips and neck as he entered her. He thrusted hard and she began to scream in pain with each thrust.

"I knew you'd change your mind." He said against her neck. She tried to push him off of herself again.

"Get off me"

He looked down at her, she was terrified by the look that he was giving her. She had never seen that look on his before. His hands went to her neck and he began to choke her. She struggled for a breath and against his grip to break free. But she unfortunately didn't succeed.


Sarah fought to remove the spirits' hands from her face as she also struggled to catch her breath. She realized she still had the gun in her hand. She pulled the trigger not really knowing if she was aiming at anything, but as the shot rang out she was finally able to breathe. She climbed out the front window of the car and began to run towards the road.

The car continued to go further down the road. Dean wondered if it was ever going to end they had been driving for about 30 minutes. As he was looking out the window trying to find any sign of her or the car, he noticed that there were many other trails going every which way between trees and everywhere else in the woods. "Stop!" he yelled.

"Why?" Bobby asked as he slowed the car down.

"Do you not see all of these other tracks going every which way? We should take a look and see which ones are the freshest."

Eventually the found the right path, as they drove further down this path, they began to see an opening. "Oh, my God" came out of Bobby's mouth as he saw a bunch of cars parked in this clearing. He tried to spot his daughter or her car, but couldn't really tell anything because it was so dark out. They heard a gunshot they looked to where they thought it was coming from. In the darkness all they saw was something coming out of the car but then suddenly being pulled back in through the front window. They heard nothing after that for the next five minutes; they had begun to head in the direction of that car. Then they heard a scream and began to run towards it guns out. They heard another gunshot and saw Sarah climb out of the window. "Sarah!" Bobby yelled at his daughter. She didn't look back so he yelled again, "Sarah!" She continued to run in the opposite direction of where they were, Dean decided to run after her.

"Sarah, stop!" he yelled as he caught up to her. He grabbed her arm and turned her around. She looked terrified but worse than that even in the darkness he could see bruises beginning to form on her arms, forehead, and neck.

"Dean," she said, "you found me."

"Yeah, me and your dad got worried when you didn't get back to the motel room right away."

"My dad? Where is he?"

"Over there" as he said that they heard several more gunshots that of course were not killing the ghost.

"Green Mustang" she blurted out.


"Her remains should be in a green Mustang."

He gave her a look that clearly said, "How'd you know that?"

"I'll explain later"

"Whatever you say, doll face."

They headed back toward the cars and began to look for the Mustang. They found it within minutes, looked inside and saw that Sarah was right. The remains were right there so he set his bag down and got out salt and a matchbook. Set them on fire and with that the gunshots ended. Sarah looked at Dean, walked over to him and gave him a hug. "Thanks for coming to save me." She whispered in his ear. That moment alone made him go a little weak in the knees, as she began to pull away he smiled down at her and she smiled back. He wanted to hold onto her for just a bit longer but he released her from the hug.

And with that she ran towards her father and gave him a hug. Dean looked on as Bobby comforted Sarah who was now crying from what he could tell but he was also a bit far to know for sure. He released the breath that he had been holding and listened to his heart as it began to get back to a normal rhythm. This girl was going to kill him if he wasn't careful. He told himself not to worry she would be out of his life soon enough and then he would be able to concentrate on the job.

She felt safe now that she was in her father's arms, safe enough to cry for just a little bit that is all she would allow herself to do. But she had also felt safe when she had seen Dean's face when he turned her around, she saw his face, worried expression aside, she could tell that he was relieved. Then she did something she didn't even realize that she was doing until it was over, she hugged him. She was so glad to see her dad right behind Dean that she escaped Dean's smile and his arms and ran to her dad. She was afraid of what she would do if she stayed in that position any longer. A good chance that nothing good would come of it. The way that he had smelled when he had held her in his arms was a mix between sweat, leather, dirt, and something else she couldn't quite put her finger on, whatever it was the combination of those things was doing something to her. God, he was a distraction, here she was hugging her dad and he was talking to her and she was not paying on ounce of attention to him. She needed to get out of this environment as soon as possible, like tomorrow. Crap, she thought, my car is in pretty bad shape.

"Let's get out of here, we'll call the police and leave a tip about this out here."

"Okay, let me get my stuff from my car. I don't suppose you have anything fixable in the junkyard."

"You know, I do, it may take a few weeks to fix one up though."

"That's okay, I don't mind spending time with you."

She grabbed her stuff out of the car and began to head to her dad's car at the edge of the woods. Dean followed closely behind both of them. they got into the car, Sarah in the backseat and soon fell asleep.

They pulled into the parking lot of the motel, Sarah was still asleep. Bobby and Dean got out of the car. Dean opened the back door, reached in and grabbed Sarah and was about to carry her in his arms. Bobby was going to protest but Dean said, "She needs to sleep you go get the door."

As he picked her up, careful not to wake her or hit her head off the door frame, she leaned her head on his shoulder. He carried her to the open door, past Bobby, who was giving him a look, and over to her bed. He laid her down gently and began to cover her up until Bobby came over and started to do it himself. Dean stepped back and let the older man take care of his daughter. Dean decided to take a shower, he gathered his stuff so that they wouldn't have a situation like last time. He went into the bathroom, turned the water on, closed his eyes and what he saw he didn't like. It was Sarah's face terrified, but he also saw the relief that had appeared there after he had found her, then the hug, it was only a few seconds, but it made him feel things. No, he thought, you can't feel things for her, not now, she was leaving tomorrow with her dad.


Bobby sat in the motel room watching Sarah sleep. He hadn't done this in a while, watched his little girl sleep. She looked so peaceful despite the bruises that were forming on her neck and forehead. He was extremely relieved that she was okay, she was his entire world. He looked at Dean as he came out of the bathroom.

"How's she doing?" Dean asked.

"She's fine. She was just tired."

"Good, good. So I am going to leave early tomorrow morning. Ellen called with a lead on something happening in Iowa. It's a supposed haunting in a small town; I figured I could at least look into it."

"Well, good luck. Me and Sarah are going to be heading back to my place tomorrow afternoon so that I can get her a car. And Dean thanks for helping me find her tonight."

"No Problem. Night Bobby."