Jacob leaned down to kiss me just like every night.

"Bye, I'll see you tomorrow, first thing." he whispered to me

"Be careful" i warned. "I don't want you-"

"Bella, really" he cut me off. "I've never gotten hurt before. and I have my cell phone with me. Ya know, in case you need me. But remember, only emergencies."

Jake and his brothers ran around on patrol almost every night to watch out for vampires. I always insisted that he get some sleep but he said i was more important than sleep.

"I know." I agreed with a small smile. He kissed me again. Longer this time.

"Bye, Jake." i said. I got in my truck and drove away from his house. When i got home Charlie was watching some sort of game on the TV.

"Hey, kid." he greeted me cheerfully. Charlie had been ecstatic about me and Jacob being together. He didn't even mind when he walked in on us kissing once. Grrrrr. I'll never forgive him for that.

It had been almost a year since Edward left. Jake helped me through it though and it kind of just picked up from there.

"Hey, Dad." I replied with a grin.

"Have a nice time with Jake tonight?"

"Yeah, we took a walk on the beech." i replied lightly

"Oh, that's nice. Well 'night Bella"

"Night Dad."

I went upstairs and checked my email. There was a new one from Renee. It read,

Hi, honey
It was really hot today, 90!
How are you. How's Jacob?

typical email from Renee. But what she wrote next really suprised me.

Bella. You and Jacob have been together for a long time now.
and remember, you need to be safe when your around boys.
You know, hormones.

usually I was the one giving her lectures about this kind of thing

I know you're very responsible but I'm just telling you to be careful

Wow. I never imagined Renee saying something like that. oh well I wrote back a quick reply.

Dont worry, Mom. Jacob and I are fine. It's not like we're getting married tomorrow.

Although Jake had imprinted on me so I was pretty sure that would happen one day.(oh yea! jacob imprinted on Bella!!!)

Besides, Jacob isn't that kind of person. We're fine.

I closed the email quickly. Tired now.

Well I'm tired so I'm gonna go to bed. I love you.

I went to go brush my teeth then put on my pajamas. I climbed into bed and shut off my lamp. But just as i was getting close to being pulled under I heard a mysterious noice by my window.

I sighed, climbed out of bed, and went to go investigate. I opened the window, not afraid because it was probably just a tree branch or something, and looked out.

All of a suddenly there was a movement in the night followed by a small unnatural breeze. in the next second there was a figure standing next to me. I was afraid to look beside me. I took a deep breath. Standing next to me was a man by the name of Edward Cullen.

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