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A black-cloaked figure stopped in its tracks from its way through the trees, stopping at a high branch. It's head, hidden behind the shadows of its cloak, turned to the direction of a sudden power surge. The wind from the powerful chakra at an estimated 50 miles distant was enough to send the tattered black cloak to billow around the figure, showing from the body to be a female. Two more cloaked figures joined her sides as the wind's pressure died down slightly, her black cloak drifted back to gravity, making the silver full moon insignia on the back evident. On her right was a blood-red cloaked figure with a black flame insignia on the back, to her left was a sandy brown cloaked figure with purple kanji "Akumu" on the back, both hoods staring toward the chakra source. This was kitsune yokai chakra, but not just any fox, the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

"Feel that?" came a voice from the black-cloaked female.

"Yeah" answered the blood-red cloaked figure, a smirk evident by its tone. "Who would of thought we'd find him in the Land of Waves when all our sources pointed to Fire?"

"'Our sources' also say' something' about 'im bein' stuck 'n some human" the third interjected, its drunken accent making what it said almost unintelligible "Was' he' doin' still out an' about eh?"

"I say we find out" the second stated eagerly.

"Now yer speakin' ma' language" the third replied, but made no effort to move. Both waited for the female's opinion before anything, as she was their squad leader.

Her black hood barely made her nod noticeable "We go with caution, remember that. We don't want to end up like your brothers now do we?" The bloodred and sandy brown-cloaked figures looked dejected at the comment, but quickly regained their composure and nodded in understanding.

"Yer nah gettin' rid o' us that 'asily" the third by her left boasted, which was his way to say not to worry.

"Yeah just don't get yourself killed you drunken raccoon" the second to her right said cockily.

"Na' if ah gotta be savin' yer life first, ya Hime" the 'drunken raccoon' slurred just as arrogant.

"Now, now you two. We still have to find out if that was Kyuubi, after searching for almost 13 years-" "Ma' case is er…a good 'undred" the 'drunken raccoon' cut in "well about a hundred years for you. I personally want to go back home and relax, don't you?" she said, looking at the other two in question.

"I don't know actually" 'Hime' said with a grin visible from the shadows of its cloak as it put its arms behind its head in a relaxed pose. The blood-red cloak moved enough from the extended arms to show that it was a she. "I kinda like it here in the human countries. All this space to move around without the risk of being eaten alive is great!" The leader and the 'drunken raccoon' both rolled their eyes at this.

"Ya aren' exactly at de bottom o' de food chain ya Hime, so there ain't room fer yer sassy complaints about bein' eaten ya ninny" the 'drunken raccoon' muttered "ah wanna get this over wit so ah can go 'ome an' have meh a good ol' tub o' sake!"

"Who are you calling a ninny?!" 'Hime' growled.

"Have ya gun deaf--" "Enough." their leader cut off, immediately silencing both. "Our mission is to bring both of your brothers back home, not have both of you fight each other. Now I suggest you both get going on seeing if that chakra we felt was Kyuubi or not seeing as it faded as you two were arguing." she said pointedly, daring them to disobey her orders.

"Hn." 'Hime' replied as she jumped into the trees toward the strong chakra, which seemed to fade away as quickly as it was there.

"Ya don' need ta be tellin' meh twice" mumbled the third as it jump into the same direction as 'Hime'.

The female leader smirked and shook her head, What's with raccoons always wanting the last word? she thought before she too leapt toward her teammates.


Onigakura means demon village

Hime means princess

Kitsune means fox

Akumu means nightmare

Kyuubi means nine tails {Neko: hehehe… pokemon…hehehe Fox: (hits Neko over the head) shut it duh-duh!}