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Chapter 8:


"Fuck you! I ain't telling you shit! Ya hear me? Ain't telling you squat you fuckers!" the possessed boy broke into a fit of maniacal laughter, which made Kura's eyebrow twitch as the boy's face twisted insanely, marring the boy's looks. Jiro chugged down another gourd too keep himself from showing outward disgust, maybe from even puking at the display of the third identity in the boy.

"Hey bitch! Let me go and then maybe I'll let you live after I have my way with you!" he leered lecherously at Kura since her black cloak was draped over her shoulders, exposing her generous bust and lithe acrobatic built body which was only slightly hidden by her black waistcoat over her long-sleeved fishnet shirt, but not by her tight black pants which hugged her well toned legs almost lovingly.

"Oi listen here you bastard! You can insult me all you want, but once you insult Kura-chan, you've crossed the line!" Jiro growled viciously, not even slurring once as he stepped in front of her possessively. Kura sighed at Jiro's inability to ignore anyone who insulted her in any way, shape, or form. It made him too loud and hotheaded. Not to mention it caused him to sober up too quickly. Personally, she preferred a drunk happy-go-lucky Jiro over a sober grouchy one.

"Jiro, let it go." she commanded leniently as she put her hand on his shoulder. "I'll deal with the little parasite."

"B-but Kura-chan!" he protested, but shrank back as she short him a stern 'no nonsense' glare. "Hai, Kura…" he said in a subordinate resignation.

Kura walked up to the redhead boy who gave her a sneer. "Not going to hide behind your little lackey anymore eh slut? Just fucking try it! I dare you to fucking touch me! I'll fuck you up so-"

"Shut up." Kura snapped coldly. "I don't think I'll ever care who you were before you brought us yokai a bad name. All I know and care about is getting rid of you. I don't sense any yoki from you, in fact, your soul is human, but you've possessed this boy and have imbalanced his mental stability and blamed it on a yokai, and that I cannot forgive."

"Yeah? And what are you going to do? Kill me? I'm sealed into this little fucker! Get rid of me and he dies too you bitch!" he laughed.

"I was going to eventually kill the boy to extract the yokai from him. I'm still considering if I should make the boy one of our own when I do," she said flippantly as if mentioning the weather, making the parasite hesitate as he realized he'd lost his advantage. "But I still can't do that." She visibly saw the parasite restrain from sighing in relief and mentally smirked before continuing. "You see, I've only just brought two humans back to life just a few days ago and the very little chakra I've replenished is what's keeping me awake right now. I can't even use my simplest sealing jutsu to keep you locked up in the boy's subconscious until I can finally get rid of your parasitic existence. Now if you were me, what would you do?"

He gulped, losing his nerve as she calmly explained how she planned to kill him. This bitch was serious! He never thought anyone would be able to kill him, even years ago when he'd been human priest and thought he'd been immortal. That was until that stupid yokai tried to seal him in a kettle! A stupid fucking teapot! He'd used, in a move of desperation, his own sealing jutsu to bind the yokai with him. If he was going down, he'd bring the fucker down with him! He was supposed to be fucking immortal dammit! That's what he'd signed up for when he'd joined that stupid cult dedicated to Jashin!

"Your lack of an answer speaks volumes." Kura cut into his thoughts. "I can see your fear, your helplessness, your anger… you can't hide anything from me. I can hear your heart rate increase, you're avoiding eye contact, you've unknowingly increased your rate of blinking by a fraction of a second, our conversation has had you on the defensive this whole time. You are a complete liar, you've been trying to act confident when your instincts tell you to run that's why you've been searching vainly for a way for you to escape. You know your trapped and your not sure how to get out. You don't want to answer me because you already know the inevitable at this point and fear it. I can see all of this so do not try to deny it." she finished, with her red eyes flashing with a eerie glow within the shadows of her hood.

The Jashinist priest narrowed his eyes, licking his lips before he retorted. "What the fuck do you care bitch? Quit playing your fucking mind games and just get it over with already! Kill the little fucker! It's the only way to get rid of me!" he roared, practically foaming rabidly.

Jiro watched in awe as Kura mentally picked the third soul apart. She was relying on one of the basic lessons a genin in Onigakure had to learn, only she was a master at it. She wasn't one of the Kyuubis for nothing, if her age wasn't an indication at her level of intelligence. He never paid as much attention to body language as Kura, and had preferred to just learn enough for him to be able to be an excellent actor if the situation called for it.

Kura let a small smirk curve her lips, not like it could be seen underneath her hood. "I already told you that I can't yet. Perhaps in two months or so when I've restored my chakra reserves to a fourth of what they used to be." she drawled with disinterest, bringing her hand up to examine her nails. She noticed the possessed boy open his mouth to yell something out, but she suddenly appeared behind him, using a speed not even humans could see she hit a pressure point to knock him out. He let out a groan as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and passed out onto the ground.

Jiro took a step forward and examined the boy. "I'll help wit' sealin' at least de parasite, just tell meh where he's sealed." he said, slowly reverting to his usual drunken self as he drank some more Ogre Killer.

"He wasn't sealed properly." Kura yawned drowsily. Jiro quickly rushed to her side and helped her sit down. "It was more like attempted fusion and then sealed. I found some files on the jinchuriki in the Kazekage's office last night. The man was an insane priest. The information was completely wrong when it explained how Ichirou got sealed away though. The priest is said to be an ikiryō and had turned into a demon, but both you and I know that's not completely true." Kura paused to yawn again as her eyelids started to droop sleepily. "They were put in the boy while still in his mother's womb so they've been sealed at the boy's navel where they could have entered through the mother. It wasn't surprising that the mother died, Ichirou's yoki poisoned her system and only kept her living long enough so that the boy would live. I also detect a berserker seal on the boy, one that I'm currently too weak to get rid of, but with you sealing the ikiryō away he'll only feel the natural murdering tendencies of the berserker seal but won't act on them since the ikiryō won't be constantly demanding blood. I'm not sure how Ichirou got sealed with the priest, but I have my suspicions. They only way to know for sure is to ask Ichirou himself… but for now… the boy… will… be… in… con…trol…." she finished before falling asleep. Jiro's eyes softened as he picked her up bridal style. She was still weak from reviving those two humans and instead of resting like she was supposed to, she'd snuck into the Kazekage's office, mentally crippled an insane ikiryō, and helped block it from its host. She was going to wear herself out this way! He smiled, but he'd be there to help her back on her feet even if she didn't feel the same way he did.

"Now where's mah sake…" he mumbled as he looked around for another gourd to drink. He was waaay to sober right now….

"So you got it? Zettai asked impatiently.

Naruto shot him a glare as he struggled the weird hand seals most that obviously weren't made for human hands. The yokai hand seals were twenty-nine in total unlike the twelve zodiac-based ningen hand seals-which were actually part of the yokai hand seals only with different names.

"Zettai-kun, you haven't even taught us anything beside the hand seals!" Naruko complained, pouting cutely as she struggled to do the Nankan hand seal, one of the more difficult hand seals meant for barrier jutsus.

"Yeah but the two of you can't even do anymore than the twelve seals ningen know without messing up." Zettai yawned and stretched. "Plus, the chakra I'm using the keep myself out of the cage is almost gone. I'm beat!"

Naruko pouted. "You made it look so easy though…" she mumbled sourly.

"That's due to years of training and being double jointed in my human form." Zettai lectured as he took out a pair of red reading glasses and fiddled with them to cause a sharp sheen.

"Whaaat? I'm not double-jointed!" Naruko whined while Naruto stopped trying to do the hand seals and shot Zettai a furious glare.

"You mean to tell us that if you weren't double-jointed, you wouldn't be able to do all of these hand seals?" Naruto asked murderously.

Zettai smiled cheerfully, not noticing Naruto's killing intent. "Exactly!" he chirped, only for his face to be introduced to Naruto's fist not a second later.

"You bastard!" Naruto growled as he decked Zettai in the face, sending him flying into the opposite wall before falling down into the murky water like a pile of unconscious bricks. "You could've fucking said that before!"

"Naruto-kun…" Naruko said softy as she walked up to him and pulled his arm to her as she saw him headed off to pummel Zettai some more. "Come on now, we can talk about this like civil beings right?" she asked hopefully.

Naruto looked like he wanted to protest, but gave in with a sigh. "Fine, if you really want to talk to the Kitsune-teme…" Naruto walked up to Zettai and kicked him the ribs painfully, but successfully flipping him over onto his back so he wouldn't drown in the ankle-high sewer water.

"What did I say about being civil Naruto-kun?" Naruko scowled cutely as she put her hands on her hips.

"What? I am being civil. Me not being civil is breaking more than a few ribs." Naruto grumbled as he stuffed his hands in his pockets and looking away stubbornly.

Naruko sighed and palmed her face. "Do you have to be so violent? Why can't we all just get along?" she asked rhetorically. She looked up at the ceiling and frowned when she saw Naru trying to flirt (and failing pathetically) with the pink banshee. "Hey why do you think Naru likes her anyway?"

"Who?" Naruto asked as he took out a stick out of seemingly nowhere and started poking Zettai's broken ribs with it.

"Hey! Stop that!" Naruko snapped as she snatched the stick away. "And I'm taking about that Sakura girl."

Naruto shrugged. "How the hell should I know? She's annoying as yell, not even cute, and as flat as a ten year old boy."

"Wow, if only she heard you…" Naruko said in dismay at his insensitivity.

"Don't deny that you don't like her." Naruto grumbled.

"Of course I don't like her! Why would I like her when Ino's way hotter and actually has a proportionate forehead?" Naruko asked as she flipped back some of her hair.

"Uh, yeah." Naruto agreed while discreetly wiping away a nosebleed as he got the mental image of the two blondes together.

"Ugh… What the hell?" Zettai mumbled as he got up, somehow managing to keep a lecherous grin while rubbing his bruised face. "Did I just hear you'd do Ino?"

Naruko shrugged. "I really don't have a preference, I'd go for a guy or a girl, but I know Naruto's still convinced he's hetero."

"I'm not gay." Naruto groused.

"Hah! Yeah right you're not!" Naru suddenly snapped sarcastically, bringing the mindscape occupants' attention to the blond boy sitting on one of the thrones.

"Aren't you supposed to be controlling the body?" Zettai deadpanned as he pointed at him.

"I am! I'm on the chair aren't I?" Naru said obnoxiously, squinting.

"You better not damn well ruin our image!" Naruko snapped with her hands on her hips. "Everyone's supposed to think we're an idiot!"

"They'll probably think he went brain-dead for a while, it's no problem." Naruto waved off uncaringly.

"Yeah, yeah! Wait-hey!" Naru protested when he realized Naruto's insult.

"Oh, by the way, I'm going to take over later, I have an idea for how to fix a problem of mine, so make sure you're alone before you come and wake me up because I'll be using Zettai's chakra." Naruto said as he made his way to the hallways of his mindscape toward his personalized room.

"I wonder what he has in mind." Zettai mumbled.

"Hey come back here you bastard!" Naru yelled after the pale blond.

"Just give it up Naru-kun, you won't win, plus your sensei's about to get there in three,…" Naruko drawled.

"Aw c'mon! Seriously?"


"Agh! Fine!" Naru looked up at the ceiling, his eyes becoming unfocused right as Naruko said one.

"Well the idiot's got a concussion again. I guess I should heal it…" Zettai said neutrally before he got a goofy grin on his face. "Hey, does this mean we can have some time together now?" he asked Naruko, wriggling his eyebrows suggestively.

"Maybe…" Naruko replied huskily as she winked at him.

The great demon lord flew back with a massive nosebleed. Naruko crossed her arms and turned back to looked up at the ceiling to watch how Naru made himself into an even more of an idiot. "Heh, serves the pervert right." she said smugly with a smirk curving her lips.

"Dobe…" Sasuke scoffed as he saw Naruto being hit once again by Sakura's punch.

Sakura huffed and went to stand next to him, much to the Uchiha's annoyance as she asked him for a date. Sasuke glanced at the dobe, expecting the blond to bounce right back like usual after being hit by the banshee, but stopped short when he saw the blond looking away with a brain-dead expression. Sasuke had to do a double take as he saw a small trail of blood start to drip down from his hair. He barely had a moment to wonder if Naruto was brain damaged when a puff of smoke alerted them their sensei's arrival.

"Hey! Sorry I'm late I got hit by a runaway cabbage cart and had to go to the hospital because I got a splinter, but then when I got there, the pretty nurse didn't have any tweezers so being the gentleman I am, I offered to help look all over the hospital just for a-"

"LIAR!" Naruto and Sakura cut off. Sasuke eye slightly twitched when he realized there was no blood on Naruto anymore. Was the dobe faking it?

Kakashi pouted. "I didn't even get to finish…"

Kimi narrowed her eyes suspiciously as Jiro walked into the hotel room with Gaara over his shoulder and Kura in his arms. "What happened?" she asked as she rushed over and took Gaara from his shoulder, easily lifting the thin boy as if he was as light as a feather.

"Ah sealed de third guy, so de kid's 'n control now." he said as he gently put Kura down on a bed.

"The kid must be an insomniac…" she mumbled as she stared at the dark rings around his eyes as she sat down on her own bed, laying the boy down with his head on her lap.

"Hmm?" Jiro turned to her questioningly as he drank out of a gourd which seemed to come out of nowhere, though Kimi knew he'd whipped it out from one of the storage seals on the inside of his cloak.

"They kind of make him look like a raccoon though." Kimi chuckled as she lightly ran her finger around the rings.

Jiro's eyes softened as he saw how she gently ran her fingers through his red hair, the same shade as his brother's. He's never admit it, but he felt sorry for her. To be away from her fiancé for so long… He didn't blame her for being a drunk idiot last night. After all, she was still considered really young in Onigakure and Ichirou was naturally stupid (or at least Jiro considered himself the smarter twin since he knew Ichirou was known to be the stronger twin). A yokai lives longer, and sometimes time seems to go faster, but they age slower than humans in some aspects, it all depended on the person. Sure, Kimi had matured faster than most yokai girls, but she was still considered really young in yokai society. His thoughts drifted to a certain silver haired kitsune he knew and blushed. He took another swig of his sake, pretending his flushed face was because of his intoxication. She was probably the smartest kitsune he knew, and usually the basis of his theories.

He really shouldn't thing too deeply on things though. He tended to get as philosophical as a pot smoker and as emotional as an angsty teenager. No one liked to deal with a sad drunk, and thinking of Kura and how she'd never return his feelings while he drank himself away didn't help. He tried to stifle a sniffle as he turning his back to Kimi, but it was useless to try to hide something from a fox.

"Are you- are you crying?" Kimi asked in disbelief as her fox ears twitched as if not believing she'd heard right.

"No." Jiro mentally cursed himself when his voice cracked. Damn! he'd drunk too much, too fast and it was catching up with him.

"Oh my Inari! You're crying!" Kimi burst out laughing disbelievingly.

"Shud'up ya Hime!" he growled, waving his gourd of sake around menacingly only to loose his balance and fell on his rear, spilling his sake on himself, eliciting more laughter from his teammate and a string of curses from himself.

"Shut the hell up! The both of you!" Kura groaned sternly as she turned to her side, her back facing them. "We're leaving before nightfall, we can't get the ningen too suspicious once they realize their jinchuuriki is missing."

"Yes ma'am." the two of them hushed in unison simply out of reflex, they knew that tone of voice all too well from their mothers when they're tired. If anything came between them and their sleep, there would be hell to pay.

So brat, what the hell do you need my chakra for? Kyuubi asked late in the afternoon when Naru gave Naruto complete control of his body again in a random training ground far away from the village.

Well, considering you forgot to mention a small detail about having to be double jointed, he snapped sarcastically. I figured out a way for you to fix that problem.

And how's that? Zettai asked disbelievingly.

Your chakra is potent enough cripple my hands and then regenerating them to increase the flexibility in my hands and the depth of the sockets, making me double jointed Naruto explained.

That's crazy Naruto-kun! Naruko cut in worriedly. If something goes wrong you could permanently cripple your hands and won't be able to be a ninja anymore!

She's right brat. Zettai said seriously. There's no real guarantee that this'll work, but if it does, I'll be able to teach you my jutsu properly. Are you willing to risk your life as a ninja for this?

Of course I am, I came up with the idea didn't I? I wouldn't even suggest something that I wasn't serious about Naruto said, equally as serious.

I hope you know what you're doing you two… Naruko said in resignation after a moment's pause.

Alright then kit, you can draw out my chakra now. Naruto nodded and concentrated on drawing out the second chakra source. He winced as he concentrated on keeping the demonic red chakra covering his hands like a molten blanket that continually fluctuated and tore away at his flesh.

Just a few more minutes and I'll be done Kyuubi reminded as the chakra burned away at Naruto's hands and began regenerating them just as quickly.

Do you really have to do this? Naruko asked, thinking the whole thing was stupid.

It's a little too late for that Naruto groused as he bit his lower lip to keep from screaming out in pain, drawing out blood.

Done! Zettai concluded after what seemed like hours when in actuality was only a few minutes. Now all we have to do is check if it work.

Naruto quickly cut his connection to Zettai's chakra and let out groan as his vision blurred. Aw crap, that was stupid… he mumbled as his vision began to darken.

But did it work?

Ikiryō means living ghost, in Japanese mythology it's a manifestation of the soul of a person separate from their body, most of the time with malicious intentions so is sometimes mistaken for a demon

Nankan means barrier

Yokai means demon

Yoki is demon spirit energy (chakra = spirit energy + physical energy)

Ningen means human

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