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***WARNING!*** This fic contains TORTURE and RAPE and lots of other nasty stuff. If you are offended please, dear God, DO NOT READ! okey dokey?


okey dokey. so this is a companion piece to my fic: A Failure to Communicate. This is bits and pieces of what happened to Remus while he was being held prisoner by Lucius Malfoy and the other Death Eaters, (meaning the five months he can't remember) It can stand by itself if you're into mindless torture, but if you want to find out how it began or how it ends, you can just toodle on over and take a look at A Failure to Communicate, if not, no worries. I'd love to hear what you think. This chunk here is just chapter 4 of that fic. It is how it (meaning the trauma and torture and stuff) all started, so i figured I'd better include it, just to help me out and to remind me to work on it, if for nothing else. & it will be a chapter fic, but updates are going to be pretty sporadic. And i'm done talking now, so... enjoy! ... hopefully. :D

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Remus sighed to himself as he heard the door open. No doubt it was another nameless Death Eater here to torture and question him. He was a bit surprised (yet relieved) by the fact that Voldemort's best method of torture was the Cruciatus curse. Beating the living shit out of him was a close second. Remus was proud that the torture affected him so minutely. Yes, he screamed and writhed on the floor when they cursed him, and he flinched and winced when they beat him, (the morning after his transformation had been hell), but afterwards he was always able to ignore the bruises and the soreness. And he hadn't spilled one iota of information.

Yes, on the whole, Remus was rather proud of himself.

The only time the Death Eaters had truly hurt him- well, two times actually- was when Lucius had... visited him. But that was ages ago. In his pitch black cell Remus had no way to tell time, but he could feel the pull of the moon and by judging the intensity of it he knew he'd been a captive for a little over a month. He hadn't seen Lucius since his first couple days here.

But as he heard the boots clicking on the stone floor, Remus felt a little prickle of apprehension. That prickle turned into a tidal wave of fear as he felt fingers ghost over his cheek and then trail down his back.

Speak of the Devil and he shall come.

"Hello, pet," Lucius whispered in his ear. There was a short snap and with a shock Remus realized that Lucius had cut the ropes tying his hands behind his back. He winced as his arms fell forward- he hadn't been untied since the full moon when the wolf had broken the ropes. Lucius grabbed a handful of hair and drug him upward. He tried to support himself with his arms, but they were shaking too badly to be of any use. Lucius set him so he was sitting up, his back pressed against the wall, and crouched down to look the werewolf in the eyes.

"My friends tell me you've been giving them the silent treatment," Lucius smirked. "You weren't so quiet last time I saw you." His grip in Remus' hair tightened. "Any particular reason as to the sudden change of heart?"

"I suppose I just don't have anything to say," Remus' voice was hoarse from lack of use, but he got the message across, and the attitude was not lost on Lucius. He backhanded him for his insolence, and Remus' mouth was instantly filled with the bitter, metallic taste of blood.

"How dare you speak to me?" Lucius spat. "I shouldn't be surprised though, with Dumbledore and all of your demented little friends filling your head with all this rubbish about you being one of them, an equal. But we both know what you are, don't we, Lupin?" He wrapped his long fingers around Remus' neck. Remus squeezed his eyes shut from the pain, which was what Lucius had intended. The man's defiant gaze unsettled him. "You are an animal," Lucius continued. "And you know as well as I do that animals are either wild, savage beasts, or pets. Which are you?"

Lupins eyes opened and he gave Lucius a look of such fury and hate that Lucius almost faltered. He was not used to his toys showing such animosity.

"I think you're a pet. The resident werewolf," he snorted with laughter. "But more than anything you're Sirius' pet aren't you? His little fuck-toy-"

"You shut your goddamn mouth, Malfoy," Remus spat, twisting around in Lucius' grip, who pulled him away from the wall by the throat and them slammed him back against it, knocking the breath out of him.

"See, Lupin? That's your problem. These people have made you believe that what you say matters." Lucius ran his thumb over his prisoner's lips. "But that mouth of yours is really only good for one thing." He stood, dragging Remus up by the hair until he was kneeling in front of him. Lucius' other hand was busy with the button and zipper on his trousers. Remus, realizing what was going to happen, renewed his struggle to break away. Lucius tightened the grip he had on Remus' hair, pulled his already hard cock out, and pressed the tip to the struggling man's lips.


"Mmmph," came the reply from behind clenched teeth.

Lucius yanked his head back so far Remus was sure his neck would snap. He let out a little gasp which the other man took advantage of; he shoved himself so far into Remus' mouth that Remus gagged and choked. Lucius pulled out and thrust in again.

Remus fought hard to keep the panic from consuming him. He couldn't breathe. He was going to choke to death on this bastard's cock, and from the way Lucius was thrusting in and out of his mouth, as hard as he possibly could, Remus could tell that's what he wanted...

He had only ever given one blow-job before, and that was to Sirius. Afterward, Remus had decided that he really hadn't enjoyed it that much and Sirius had said something along the lines of: "That's all right, love. If you didn't like it, I won't ask you to do it again," and he hadn't.

Lucius wasn't asking. Up above Remus somewhere he was moaning, but not asking.

Remus' panic turned to anger, and he decided he was not going to kneel there and take it like a good little pet. So the next time Lucius thrust as far into his mouth as he could manage, Remus bit down as hard as he could.

For the second time that night, Remus' mouth was filled with the taste of blood, but he decided that the taste of blood was better than the taste of Lucius' cock.

Besides, the squeal was worth it.

When Remus relaxed his jaw, Lucius stumbled backward and fell on his ass. He rolled onto his back where he writhed in agony, sobbing and cursing, and Remus barely suppressed a laugh. After several long moments Lucius managed to pull himself up by using the wall and half stumbled, half fell out the door of Remus' tiny cell.

Remus sat down and leaned against the wall, suddenly feeling sick to his stomach. Perhaps that hadn't been the best thought out plan. Lucius was sure to return and be downright pissed when he did. Remus knew he would suffer for what he just did, and the type of suffering Lucius could cause was the one kind Remus wasn't so sure he could take.