Remus was lying on the floor, curled loosely into a ball, dozing. That's all he ever did anymore, doze. He never really slept unless it was after a particularly rough "interrogation" session with Lucius, but even then it was more passing out from pain and exhaustion than actual sleep. It was hard to sleep down here in the almost constant dark, the cold, dripping dampness, lying naked on the rough stone floor. How long had he been in here? About a month, if the pull of the moon was anything to go by. It would be full soon- tonight? Tomorrow night? He couldn't tell.

The sounds of footsteps coming down the hall towards his cell made adrenaline zing through his veins and he scrambled to sit up. No one ever walked down that hall unless they were coming to pay him a visit. And sure enough, after a few moments of mounting tension that felt like his stomach was trying to tie itself in a knot, the footsteps stopped and the door swung open.

Remus blinked at the sudden light and in confusion. It wasn't Lucius silhouetted in the door way, but someone else... and it was more than one someone. It wasn't until one of them spoke that he realized who they were.

"Hello, Lupin."

He would recognize that gravelly voice anywhere. Fenrir Greyback. Remus scrambled to his feet as Fenrir and three other men entered his little cell and shut the door behind them. His heart was pounding wildly. Why wasn't Lucius here? It was always Lucius, and while Lucius was one sick son of a bitch, Remus knew how to deal with him, knew what to expect. But this? He had no idea what Greyback and the others would do to him, and it utterly terrified him.

"Lucius says you're not cooperating," Fenrir said quietly, and then, with an eerie speed that he had possessed for as long as Remus had known him, grabbed Remus by the throat and slammed him into the wall. "He thinks maybe we'll be able to get you to talk. I'm not interested in that so much as I am getting a piece of your pretty little ass." The other men laughed."

Remus glanced past Fenrir to look at them, and vaguely recognized them as members of Fenrir's pack. Four of them... shit. Was that panic constricting his throat or Fenrir's hand?

"So this is what's going to happen, Lupin. We're going to fuck you. Then, if we feel like it, we'll ask you a few questions, and then we'll leave. But don't worry." Fenrir grinned. "We'll come back."

He pulled Remus off the wall and shoved him at the other men. Remus stumbled, but they caught him. He fought to get away from them, but one of them managed to get his arms pinned behind his back and the next instant everything went dark as someone blindfolded him. He was painfully aware that he was naked and trembling, could feel the body of the man who had his arms pinned, and could feel the hands that ran up and down his chest.

"Lucius said we would need this," Fenrir said. "Open your mouth."

Remus clenched his mouth shut and shook his head, struggling to free his hands. Someone punched him in the stomach, knocking the air out of him and he gasped as the spurred gag was forced into his mouth, spreading his jaws wide. The sudden, sparking pain made his eyes water. He was pushed roughly forward and barely caught himself before his face could hit the floor. He couldn't see any of the men because of his blindfold, but he heard them all laugh.

"There we go, Lupin. God, you look good like that, on all fours," Fenrir ran his hands down Remus' back, digging his fingernails in as hard as he could. Remus tried to move away from those hands, but one of them fisted in the hair at the back of his head and yanked his head back to a painful angle. He couldn't move. Suddenly, two dry fingers were shoved into his hole and Remus whimpered in pain. "You're so fucking tight. I think I'll take you just like this: doggie style." Fenrir chuckled and removed his fingers. Remus felt something much larger probe his entrance and before he had time to beg Fenrir to please, just spit on his cock first, don't put in it in dry, please- Greyback was in him, all the way to the hilt and it took all of Remus' self control to reduce his scream to a whimper. Fenrir moaned and started thrusting into Remus so hard that Remus was afraid he'd leave permanent damage. After a few minutes of agonized silence, Remus could no longer hold back his cries of pain. He let out a high pitched, keening whimper every time Fenrir moved.

Fenrir yanked Remus' head back farther. "Shut up, bitch," he snarled. But Remus couldn't help it; it hurt so bad his arms were shaking and he didn't think he would be able to hold himself up for much longer.

"Here," said one of the other men. "This'll keep him quiet."

And suddenly a long, hard cock was being shoved down Remus throat. He let out a muffled, startled yell before the cock hit the back of his throat, making him gag. He wanted to bite down, like he'd bitten Lucius, but the spurred gag was still tearing into his mouth, holding his jaws apart. The only thing he could do was focus on breathing and pray he wouldn't suffocate before the man was done.

It seemed to go on for ages, Fenrir thrusting into him from behind would force him further onto the other man's cock, making him gag and choke. Finally, he felt the man before him spasm, and Remus worked to swallow his come before he inhaled and choked on it. Then Fenrir's thrusts became erratic and a few thrusts later he was being filled with Fenrir's hot, sticky essence. Fenrir pulled out, and Remus felt his arms give out; he let himself sink to the floor, grateful that it was over.

But he'd forgotten the other two men in the room.

When one of them grabbed his shoulders and rolled him over onto his back, Remus lashed out and was amazed when his hand connected with flesh. He was backhanded harshly and rolled over so they could tie his hands behind his back. The man entered him so suddenly and harshly that Remus really did scream.

"I thought we told you to shut up?" the fourth voice snarled, and Remus felt the tip of another cock pass his lips.

"Wait a second, David," said the man currently inside of Remus. "I have a better idea."

He maneuvered them until Remus was on top, sitting on his cock. The man was lying flat on the ground his his hands clamped down over Remus' hips. Remus was slightly confused; he didn't know what he had in mind. And then he felt the other man behind him, forcing a finger into his torn, bloody hole that was already filled. Remus, realizing what was going to happen let out a terrified sob, and the man beneath him grabbed his neck and pulled him down so Remus was lying on his chest. He felt the other man move behind him again, and suddenly it was like he was being split in two. He hadn't thought it would fit. The tearing, burning sensation of before was nothing compared to this. His vision started to go black, and he was thankful. He would pass out and not have to feel the rest of this-

But then they pulled out and thrust in together, and his pain was doubled. He hadn't thought that was possible, it had already hurt so much. He couldn't hold it back any longer. He screamed as loudly as possible. He screamed until he thought his throat would bleed. And to his surprise, Fenrir didn't try to shut him up. He just laughed.

'Stop, stop, please, stop' was the only thought running through Remus' mind, and he truly didn't think that anything could hurt more than this did.

The man beneath him chuckled, grasped his chin, and roughly turned his head to the side. "Look," he said breathlessly, still thrusting. "He's crying." They laughed.

After a while a strange kind of numbness stole over Remus, and his screams turned into breathless little sobs. He didn't feel either of his rapists come, but he felt them pull out and shove him. His hands were still tied, but even if they hadn't been he wouldn't have had the strength to catch himself. He lied there, sprawled on the stone floor, and heard someone say something, though he didn't understand them. A hand fisted in his hair and shook him, the voice repeating itself, but he still couldn't understand. He was thrown back down and a moment later he heard the door close. Was he alone? He couldn't tell. Bound, gagged, and blindfolded he couldn't do anything but pass out, and that's exactly what he did.