Contains yaoi, shotacon, lemon, and incest.... Naruto (c) Kishimoto


It's wrong. It really is. Family members shouldn't fuck; it causes genetic defects. Then again, if there's no chance for the creation of a child, why not? Aside from the whole genetic issues thing, I really can't find a reason not to. Now, having sex with kids, that's wrong… why? I mean, rape isn't alright, but if the kid knew about what was happening and was okay with it, why's it wrong? They should have an AA meeting for that; "Hi, I'm Itachi and I'm an incestuous pedophile."

I'm one messed up fucker. For about a year, I've lusted after my younger brother. Maybe it's hormones; I did recently y turn thirteen. I can't help but feel bad for him. He looks at me as his aniki, and I look at him as the most fuck-able seven-year-old on the planet. Every time I think about him, I get turned on.

God, if he knew how much and how often I jerked off to him, he'd never look me in the eye again. Really, it's become part of my nightly ritual. I finish whatever stupid mission I had, get home, get in the shower, and touch myself, all the while wishing that my rough hands were those of my brother.

But sometimes, I'm in a situation where I can't do anything to relieve my discomfort. It's pure torture when I give him piggyback rides, and his small frame is against my back, and I can even feel his little breaths as he takes them. I'm always rock hard by the time I get home, and I still have to get through dinner.

If my father isn't there hanging on my every word, I can actually take care of myself at the table. Neither my mom nor Sasuke pay enough attention to notice, and I've become quite good at masking my sounds. Then again, my ability to be quiet doesn't mean I like to be. As soon as I'm in the shower and the water makes me inaudible, my moans flow as freely as the water and I can utter the name of the boy I'm thinking of.

My fantasies are actually fairly tame. People misunderstand, I don't want to fuck my brother, really; I want to make love to him. I want to kiss him, hold him, love him, and make him feel unimaginable pleasure. I really love him so much, in every way you can love someone. I want to protect him forever.

It's getting late, so I get up from the bench I had been sitting on and head home. It doesn't take long to get home, but each step seems to take a lifetime. I'm really not sure about anything at this point. It took six months for me to admit my feelings to myself; how am I supposed to tell Sasuke? Should I even tell him?

As soon as I get home, tiny arms wrap around my waist and a happy call of "Aniki" rings through the air. Barely keeping my composure, I pat him on the back, affectionately telling him to let go. He lets go, and I go to my room. I lock the door behind me, suddenly finding myself aroused by the waist hug a moment earlier. It would appear that my nightly ritual is going to start early.

I sit on the edge of my bed and undo my pants, pulling out my semi-hard member. I give it a few slow strokes, watching as the size grows. "Sasuke…" I moan lightly. I wince, the dry friction becoming painful on my sensitive erection. I reach onto my nightstand, grabbing my much-loved lotion. I squirt some lotion onto my hand, coating my cock in the slick substance. I run my hand up the length, imagining hands much smaller instead of my own.

I close my eyes, imagining his little, pink tongue licking the tip of my member experimentally, curiously. I tease my own head, intensifying the fantasy. I picture his small hands wrapping around my length, tugging on it gently. I groan, mimicking the action with my hands. The need for my release rises quickly, forcing my hands to move faster, making me groan with every stroke.

Thoughts flashed through my mind, little pieces of my fantasies. My otouto sucking on me, stroking me, moaning as I enter him over and over… I groan my brother's name loudly as I come, juices dripping down my hand. I wipe myself off before I realize that I'm crying. I haven't cried in years… I bury my face in my hands. "Sasuke," I whisper. I lay down, my face in my pillow to muffle my cries. I can't help but scream his name into my pillow. "I love you so, so much…" I say to no one. Needless to say, I skipped dinner.

I skip dinner every now and again, just to sulk or to read, so no one bothered me. Just then, hear a knock on the door. Perfect. I had unlocked the door some time earlier, plus, I was already in bed, and adamant about staying there. It is around midnight, after all. I sigh. "Come in," I say simply, shifting myself to a sitting position. The door opens to reveal my otouto, crying.

He rushes to my side, wrapping his arms around my bare, toned stomach and sobbing. "Aniki, aniki, I had a nightmare," he says between sniffles, "Can I sleep with you tonight?" He looks up at my, tears streaming down his face. I know that I should say no, but I just can't refuse him like this.

I nod and lay down, facing away from him, but he decides to lie down in front of me anyway. I try to turn over and face away from him, again, but… "I want you to hold me, aniki." I sigh and muster up as much self-control as I can. I wrap my arms around his small frame and can't help but notice how warm and soft his sin is.

He flips over, putting him face to face with me, and cuddles into my shoulder. His breathing is hot on my neck, and it's getting so hard. My self-control is weakening; even the most stoic of us have emotions. He wraps his arms around my chest tightly, just big enough to get them all of the way around. He presses himself up against me, getting as close as he can to me. After a moment, he looks up at me curiously. "Aniki, what's this?" he asks, gently grabbing my erection through the fabric of my boxers. Shit.

I groan lightly, causing Sasuke to let go. "Sorry, did I hurt you?" I shake my head no. He touches me again, very lightly under the covers. He blushes and pulls back the blankets to look at my arousal. I can't help but groan as he frees my erection. He takes me in his small hands, stroking my length. I let out a strangled whimper and an involuntary moan of "Don't stop." He looks at me oddly, but continues rubbing the length of my cock.

"Aniki?" "Yes, otouto?" I pant in response. "I feel weird." "Weird?" I mutter, sitting up and looking over my brother. I find his ailment as a small bulge in his pajama pants. I sit him on my lap and reach beneath his pajama trousers to grasp his developing member. I really shouldn't be taking advantage of him, especially seeing as he has no idea what's going on or what he's doing to me.

"It's hurting, aniki, make it stop!" Oh, god… I pull his pajama bottoms down to his knees, making him blush pink. He's so cute… I grab his stiff length, rubbing it gently. He groans loudly, becoming quite vocal. I stroke him fully, feeling him writhe in my lap. "A-aniki!" I move my hands faster, listening to his little moans and whines of pleasure. He pants, mouth open wide and saliva dripping from his mouth. I hold him close to me as he comes for the very first time, his premature, clear cum coating my hand.

His pants slow to mostly normal breathing as I relax my grip on him. Slack, he falls onto the bed, breathing still somewhat erratic. "Aniki?" he asks into the pillow before looking up, "Was that what I was doing to you?" I nod slowly, my long-held erection reminding me of its presence through pain. Sasuke sits up, crawling overt o me, his downcast face reddening.

He moves in front of me and grabs my throbbing length once again, giving a few determined strokes. At this point, all I can do is let out a whimper of pleasure. His hands are so soft and smooth… He leans down, licking the tip of my cock. It feels so good, my vision blurs for a moment. A string of pre-cum connects our two organs. He makes a face at me, leading me to believe he's not fond of the taste. I stifle a laugh; he's too damn cute, even when doing something like this.

Despite his dislike of the taste, he continues licking me. I groan loudly; damn, I thought his hand felt amazing… He tries takes my arousal into his mouth, succeeding only in getting the head in. Pleased with this, he sucks on it gently, using his tongue to run up and down the slit. I wince and moan at the intense pleasure coursing through me. "You… don't… have to… do that," I pant, remembering his reaction to the taste. He ignores me and continues sucking on my length. Oh god, this is the most pleasure I've felt in my life… It's taking all the control I have to not just fuck his hot little mouth. I feel every little curious flick of his tongue and I can barely think straight.

Though I know I should tell him that I'm about to come, I can't get over the idea of him swallowing my fluids. After another minute I reach my peak and come in his mouth… mostly. He tries to pull away at the last second, turning his head, only succeeding in getting cum not only in his mouth, but on his face as well. Looking at him makes me want to go again. He looks like a slut right now, my cum dripping off of his face.

He must've noticed my hungry stare, because his blush deepens. "Um… aniki?" I snap back to reality and grab a few tissues out of the box on my nightstand, wiping his face clean. I lay back on my bed and try not to focus on my re-hardened member. "Aniki, I feel weird again." I sit up and look him over. His pajama bottoms are still around his knees; well, more his ankles now. His member is erect, swollen with blood for the second time tonight.

I find myself wanting to take him. "Otouto, if your aniki could make you feel really, really good, would you want him to?" He nods. "Even if it hurts?" He bites his lip and nods again. "Get undressed," I say simply, removing my boxers entirely. He does as commanded and sheds his clothes, revealing inch after inch of creamy, white skin. I really hope he's ready for something like this.

When he's fully naked, I lay him on the bed gently, settling myself beside him as I stroke his chest. "Aniki!" he whines as I tease near his nipples and groin. Before long, he's panting and about as hard as a seven-year-old can get. "Please stop teasing me, aniki… It's so hard…" I lean over him and kiss him, our first kiss. Passion rages through me as I slip my tongue into his mouth. His inexperienced tongue makes the kiss so much more real to me.

We pull away for air and somehow I'm on top of him now. We look into each other's eyes until he blushes and looks away. He shyly looks back at me and kisses me on the cheek. "I like you, aniki." I hold him close to me, smiling, and whisper into his ear, "I like you too, otouto." I kiss him gently. "Are you ready?" I ask, double-checking. He nods, and all of my doubts are gone.

I reach onto my nightstand, grabbing my lotion. I coat my fingers in the slick substance before inserting a finger into his virgin entrance. He squirms and gives a light whimper in pain at the uncomfortable feeling. I stretch him carefully, putting in another finger when he gets used to the first. At one point, I brush against a spot inside him that nearly made him scream with pleasure. I have to remember that for later… I add another finger, scissoring him gently. He gives me a lustful look, and I know he's ready.

I kiss him deeply, removing my fingers. I massage the lotion onto my arousal and position myself above his small frame. I kiss his neck, trailing up to his lips and mustering the most mind-numbing kiss I can. While he's distracted, I enter him fully and quickly, all the way up the base of my cock. He begins to scream in pain, but I cover his mouth before too much noise escapes him.

"Sorry otouto, but if mom or dad hear you, we're busted," I whisper into his ear, letting go of his mouth. "It hurts, aniki," he whispers, eyes brimming with tears. It hurts to see him in pain… "Shh, I know. I promise it'll feel good in a little while." I remain still for several moments, waiting for him to adjust. It's pure torture on my part; he's so tight it almost hurts me. Still, I'm very happy. Finally, I can feel his little body beneath me, and I can make love to him the way I've always wanted.

After a moment of me holding him, kissing him, and doing my best to relax him, I hear a whisper of, "You can move now." I kiss him one more time before I pull out of him most of the way and push back into him, trying my best to be as gentle as possible. I do this a few times, and I don't think it's hurting him because he's not wincing or anything. I begin to go a bit faster and deeper, aiming for that one I'd hit earlier when I fingered him. I hit it, and he almost screams, managing to stifle himself at the last second. "Aniki," he moans, "that felt so good… Do it again, please."

I thrust into him harder, not trying to be gentle anymore, and being sure to hit that spot with every move. Every time I hit it, his breath hitches and he makes the cutest little noise. It sounds like a half whimper, half yelp. It feels so good inside him, and every move makes me feel like I'm gonna come. Sasuke's groans and yelps every time I thrust into him are driving me crazy. It has to be the most erotic sound I've ever heard. "Aniki, fuck me harder." Scratch what I just said, that is the most erotic thing I've ever heard.

"Children shouldn't be using such foul language," I whisper into his ear, nibbling on his earlobe. "Children shouldn't be having sex either," he pants. Ah, so he does know what we're doing. "Now where, pray tell, did you learn such things?" I ask in my most seductive voice. "Aniki, they have sex ed in school." I smile at his smart-alecky comment, bit obey his earlier request to fuck him harder. I pound into his tight little ass, listening to him pant and practically scream at every thrust.

Judging by his breathing, I'd say he doesn't have long left. I move faster, ramming my full length into him. "Ah, I-i-itachi!" he screams my name as he comes. The shock of him actually saying name, rather than 'aniki', makes me loose all of my self-control. As his body clenches around me in orgasm, I come inside of him. I hold myself above him, looking into his eyes as we both pant. His cum had spilled onto my stomach, creating a sticky mess between us. I smile and kiss him before pulling out and lying beside him. He wraps his arms around me and rests his head on my chest.

"I love you, aniki," he whispers, kissing me softly on the lips. "I love you too, otouto," I whisper back, returning the same chaste kiss. He sits up a little. "Does this mean you won't jerk off at the dinner table anymore? 'Cause mom said that's seriously disgusting." … Perhaps you cannot hide everything.


I like to end things on a light note.