"Aniki, are you alright?"I look up at the small, cute boy in front of me. "I'm fine." Sasuke frowns and sits beside me. "No you're not." In the end I couldn't tell him. I'm going to confess in the morning and I still haven't said a word. I'll be nothing but a killer in his eyes, and I don't want to see hatred in those eyes I love staring into.

I smile. "I'm fine, really." He smiles back and snuggles into me as I wrap my arms around him. Even if it's just one last time… I place my hand under his chin, lifting his face upward gently and looking him in the eye. "Sasuke…" I whisper, pressing our lips together. I'd almost forgotten how sweet he tastes, with recent events clouding my mind.

I kiss him, carefully memorizing every small detail of his mouth. After all, it might be a while before I can do this again. I pull away, finding myself on top of him. "Ne, aniki?" "Yes?" "I'm glad you're feeling better." I smile down at him, kissing his lips and sliding his shirt from his body.

Now I'm getting to point where I need contact. I pull off my own shirt, sliding our bare chests together. If I wasn't hard before, I am now. I kiss down his neck, attempting to make him as hard as I am. It sounds like it's working, what with all his little moans. He bucks up against my erection involuntarily, making me groan.

I strip him of his pants and boxers, an idea forming. "Come here, Sasuke." I take the pillow from my bed, placing it about halfway between the head and the foot of my bed. "What are you planning, aniki?" "You'll see; just trust me." I pick Sasuke up gently and lay him over the pillow so that his ass is right above it.

He blushes at me, but allows me to continue my plan. The ends should justify the means in this case. I flip him over onto his stomach, forcing his adorable ass to be elevated and spread to show me every detail. "Aniki, this is embarrassing…" I ignore his comment, charging on with my plan.

I kiss the small of his lower back before parting his ass cheeks and licking at his tight entrance. His breath hitches in mild shock and pleasure. "Aniki, that place is so…" I cut him off with my wriggling tongue. Whatever he was going to say is gone from his mind now.

My tongue enters him, serving the purpose of pleasuring him and preparing him at the same time. "Aniki…" he pants, mind clouded by the pleasure I'm giving him. However, I have needs too. I slip my tongue from him, sitting him up and smiling at him. His face reddens, realizing what we just did and how much he enjoyed it.

I toss the pillow off of the bed, resolving to just lay there until he makes a move. Sure enough, I feel his hands undoing my pants and pulling them off before taking my cock into his mouth. He sucks earnestly, trying to take more it than he can handle. Inevitably, he chokes and coughs. At least he didn't throw up…

"You okay, otouto?" I muse, remaining stationary. "Yeah," he sputters, massaging his sore throat. Then he tries again. Poor kid. I can take all of him in my mouth, but he can't get even close. "You don't have to do that, Sasuke. You're just gonna…" my warning is cut off when he chokes again.

I chuckle to myself and pull Sasuke up to my face, hugging him gently and rubbing his back. "You're so cute." He frowns at me, "No I'm not! I'm manly…" I laugh at his foolishness. Children are sweet like that. Then I see him glaring at me. I stop laughing. "It's okay. When you get bigger, you'll be able to do a lot more things."

He gives me a gentle smile and a kiss on the forehead before straddling my chest. "Um… Where do you want me, aniki?" I slide him a little ways down, so that he's straddling my waist instead. "There's good." I wonder how he'll act without my help. He gives me a helpless look, but my sadistic side takes over. He can figure it out himself.

I watch him position my cock beneath him before slowly sitting down. His eyes close in mild pain, but I know it'll feel good for us both in a minute. I never imagined how sexy it'd look, him taking all of me on his own accord. I tilt my head back and let out a hiss. God, he's tight… It feels amazing…

It's not long after I'm fully sheathed within him that he begins to ride me with vigor. I close my eyes and let him continue at his own pace. I swear, I almost feel… lazy, letting him do the work for once. But whatever, it feels really nice this way. I can relax instead of getting all tensed up.

He begins moving faster and his movements become more sporadic. He's close… But he won't come yet. As if right on cue, his earnest movements catch up with him and I slip out from inside him. I groan. It doesn't feel right without him on my cock. His hands work quickly to reposition me, but the damage is done; he won't come for a little while yet.

I can't help but wonder how it looks, him riding me. This is horrible angle to watch from… I may be able to look at his cute little face, but I wish I could see him slam down onto my hardened member. …Actually… "Sasuke, stop for a second." He gives me look like I'm torturing him (I probably am), obliges my request, sitting still on my erection. "Turn around."

"W-what do mean turn around?" "Face that wall," I say simply, pointing in front of me, but behind him. "And do what?" "The same thing you're doing now." Sudden realization dawns on his face. "But then you'll…" "That's the point. Come on, now, I've seen it all before. Just a little while ago, remember?"

His face reddens as he does what he's told, leaving my arousal momentarily to turn around. What this position called again…? Reverse cowgirl, wasn't it? Oh well, it doesn't matter. All that matters is that I can see everything from this angle. His hands start fiddling with my cock, putting it where he wants it.

He slowly envelopes me again, and I can't help but stare. He's so small, but he can take so much… I groan when he begins riding me again. I really am not gonna last long like this… I continue watching him, working his hardest to fulfill both of our desires. A thin sheen of sweat appears on his skin, and I decide to give him a break.

"Sasuke, stop." He looks back at me, face flushed and panting. "But, aniki," he whispers, grinding himself against me, "I'm so close." "Don't worry, you'll finish." He removes my arousal from him and turns to face me. "What?" he demands with an adorable pout. I smile, sitting up. "Get on your hands and knees."

He blushes, but he obliges me, exposing himself to me for the umpteenth time tonight. I sit up on my knees, positioning myself in front of his entrance. I rub my length against him, teasing him a little further. I wonder how it feels to be so close so many times… "Aniki, please put it in me."

Poor kid. "What was that?" "Aniki, please put it in me!" "Who?" He sits quiet for a moment. "I-itachi?" "Better. Now say the whole thing." "Please put it in me, Itachi!" I almost growl when my name leaves his lips. I love it when he says my name. I slide into him roughly, listening to him gasp and moan.

"It's so big, Itachi..." God, he's still saying my name? I begin moving in and out of him, being a lot rougher than I normally am. He seems to like it though… I pick the pace even further, and if moans are an indicator, he's just about finished. My suspicions are confirmed when he whines my name and clenches his muscles in the peak of his pleasure.

The sudden change in tightness brought about by his orgasm brings my own crashing down. I groan and thrust forward a last time, filling him up with my seed. I pull out of him, lying down and dragging his tired frame up against me. "Good night, aniki." Back to aniki, huh…

I lay back, staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep. Things aren't going to go well for either of us. Will Sasuke be okay without me here? Will he forgive me for what I did? Will he still love me when I get out? If I get out? Too many questions overload my mind and the sleep aid of sex takes over.

I awake, Sasuke no longer with me, to my father calling my name. "It's time." I nod, sitting up in the bed. Yes… Today's the day where I begin my separation from Sasuke… I'll be an inmate starting today. My father leaves me as I stand and dress. I can at least look presentable… After all, my arrest is going to be highly publicized, being an Uchiha and all.

I head downstairs to Sasuke's room. He's asleep, as I expecting. Saying my goodbyes would be so much harder if he was awake. I can't help but smile down at him. He's so cute. I pull the covers up higher up on him and give him a peck on the forehead. He moves slightly in his sleep, but his eyes remain closed. It's better that way.

I head downstairs and eat a silent breakfast with my parents. Before I leave for the station, I had them a letter. "Give this to Sasuke when he wakes up."

"Sasuke, if you are reading this letter, I am in prison. I'm sorry, but I was the one who killed Shisui. I couldn't bear to tell you, and I don't blame you if you hate me. I want you to live your life as normally as you can, so, please, forget about me."