girl pov

I took another strike from my father causing me to fall to the ground even then he still beat me I cant remember what I've done wrong this time . my arms were bused , my legs sore . I pray it will end soon .my mid is fading in to the blackness . I can fell my self being carried and being thrown carelessly in the back of a pick up truck . I can fell my self drifting in to the arms of death .

Alice pov

yet another camping trip with the family i Was out on the hood of my yellow car in a bathing suet soaking up sun the heat felt warm aghast my cold dead skin .Emmit , Edward,jasper doing guy thins else were your typical vampire family . I directed my attention to the lake something wasn't wright i could smell it . i walked ran to the lake side there lied a young looking child black hair and deathly pale skin she looked as though she hadn't eaten in months .i bent down to see if she was still alive her plus was strong .

dream in girl pov

we were out deriving . it was raining hard we were happy then .we had just come back from the fair. the car begin to swore my father was trying his hardest no to crash . a tree that came out of no ware slammed in to a car causing it to spin and topple over . it went dark after that ..... i woke up in the hospital with minor injures my father was off injury free , but my mom wasn't so lucky .. she had injuries to the back and spinal cord and her once beautiful face was bruised and scrapped. we i went to see her i knew she wouldn't last long i started to cry.

" shh don't cry baby I'm not going anywhere " she knew she wouldn't last either .

" i love you mommy " i knelt down on her bed side and i kissed her check

" i love you more than the moon shined and the ocean ends " she returned the kiss on my forehead

the following week we had her funeral . soon he became a drunk and always drank some days i had no food he would forget to cook then he would bring stripes home he became abusive at me . he blamed the death of mom on me

" you stupid little bitch " he slapped me across my face i fell to the ground i fell and fell i landed in a dark foggy are i saw tomb stones sounding it. i wondered around the yard . i came to a stone with a angel one it , it reminded me of my mothers . i read the stone


here lay Stella Elvin lofftion

~ beloved mother , wife , daughter , friend to all

~ 1980 -2004 ~

tears were coming out of my eyes just as i knelt by the angel millions of bonny hands grabed me and pulled mr in the ground . i screamed for help but nothing came i was in a coven my mothers, her head spun around to face me

in a voice that sound like Angy hissing of nails on a chalkboard

" why did you let me die ? it's all your fault " she cackled like a witch on the kill her the rest of her body cam to face mr her bony fingers garbed my arms

" please stop mom your hurting me pleas !" i began to cry out in pain as she tightened her grip on me

" no your dead your gone it wasn't my fault let GO" she let go alright i fell even more feet i was surrounded bye evil laughing and angry deformed faces . i fell deeper in what seemed like to wrath of hell .

(dream end )

girl pov

i woke up in a room with tan wight walls a big window with satin curtains covering it were am i ? am i in heaven ? did i really die ? i have to figure this out ! i tried moving but my body was swore . i now noticed my cuts we dressing in clean bandaging . i had a iv attached to my wrists . this is strange .