Lately I've been feeling like writing Slave stories don't know why. So I decide to get a little revenge on my favorite character from Harry Potter after what he had done. So Snape is going to go through HELL! This is what he gets for killing Dumbledore! I don't care if he was told to! He deserves this! ...If anyone is going to ask Snape is my favorite and most likely five out of ten Harry Potter fans are Snape lovers SO SHUT UP! He's still my favorite by the way. ON WITH THE STORY!


Harry: 15

Snape: 14 (It'll be clearer why he's 14 after the first chapter)

Hermonie: 15

Ron: 16

Draco: 15

Lucius Malfoy: 35

Ginny: 14

Alexander Crystal: 50

Yumi Crystal: 14

Cleopatra Crystal: 14 (these three are my Characters they won't be paired up with anyone)

Nasori Suecydel: 14 (my friends character)

and this is most of the characters that'll be in the story probably.


Alexander shooed her daughters away seeing they were surrounding the thirty five year old man who was on his knees. Glancing back at the man, he noticed that there were food crumbs on his face as well as a smear of chocolate under his lip.


"Dad his name is Severus!" Yumi said angrily. "And technically he's our slave too so we can do whatever we want with him! Besides...he listens to us better. Severus! I wish for you to stand up and help us get ready for tomorrow."

"Yes mistress," Severus said softly then got up and walked towards the girls.

Alexander glared at Severus then let out a soft sigh. My daughters can control him better then I can He thought as he watched Severus follow the girls silently. I wonder if he'll listen to his new master like he does to them.

Upstairs in the girls room, Severus watched the girls change in front of him asking him what looked better. He just nodded whenever they asked since he couldn't tell what they want. Both girls had different styles like one was gothic while the other was preppy. Though the girls didn't get upset easily, he was better safe then sorry.

"They're both lovely," He said quietly.

"Severus you never give us what you actually think of them," Cleopatra said pouting.

"Come on Severus tell us what you really think," Yumi said smiling then laughed slightly. "That's an order."

"...I believe that Mistress Yumi looks great and Mistress Cleopatra looks just as great...but..."

"What is it?"

"Yeah Sev?"

"You girls are so comfortable changing in front of me....even though I'm a grown man and you two are young growing girls....and you....sometimes just stand there for ten minutes only in your underwear....shouldn't you be worried? I scream at your male friends when they come in while your changing."

Yumi and Cleopatra looked at each other and started giggling like mad. Severus just looked at them curious as they continued giggling.

"Severus the truth is we always thought you were kind of gay," Yumi laughed. "No offense of course."

"We don't think you'll rape us or anything," Cleopatra giggled. "We trust you with all of our hearts."

The two girls kissed Severus's cheek then walked out of the room smiling. Severus blinked then followed the girls silently. They kissed me again Severus thought and frowned slightly. Those two girls care so much about me....I wonder how they'll feel about tomorrow....when I'm sold.

A while later, Severus was preparing their dinner when Alexander walked towards him. Glancing at him curious, he then looked back at the dinner hoping it wouldn't burn. I am no good at cooking, Severus thought. Yumi usually insists on cooking dinner and her father doesn't mind...but he ordered me to make dinner this time and made sure Yumi had something to do in order to be too busy to cook. Severus finished cooking and slowly brought all the food to the table. Yumi and Cleopatra just stared at the food seeing that half of it was burnt while the other half was something.

"...Dad...I'm sorry for being so nice to Severus but why torture me?" Yumi asked in a pleading tone.

"I'm sorry too!" Cleopatra cried.

The two girls then looked at each other and hugged.

"I'll miss you Cleo!" She cried.

"I'll miss you Yumi!" Cleo cried.

Severus tried his best not to laugh as the two girls continued their little act. Alexander laughed slightly then frowned.

"Girls I thought you would like Severus's cooking before I sold him," He said.

The girls fell silent and they quickly looked at Severus then back at their father. Real tears rolled down their cheeks as they looked at him.

"You're selling him?!" Yumi cried. "You can't!"

"He might get abused!" Cleopatra yelled. "They might hurt him or worse! Besides you know no one would pay for him! Our company says that he's an ugly git! No one would pay for him!"

"Dad we love Severus! You can't just give him away! Please don't!"

"I'm sorry dears....and actually....Severus is going to be worth a lot," Alexander said then lifted up a potion. "This is a de-aging also will make him more attractive...Severus I order you to drink this after dinner."

Severus looked at Alexander shocked. Not once in all of his life has Alexander ever called him by his first name. What shocked him even more was....Alexander had tears in his eyes. Looking at his plate, he listened to the girls cry as they ate. Before they knew it the food was gone and Severus stood in front of his master getting ready to drink. Cleopatra and Yumi hugged each other tightly as they watched Severus drink the potion. Both burst into tears once they watched the transformation take place. They then ran upstairs to their bedroom as soon as Severus started screaming in agony. It was one thing they never wanted to hear ever.

A while later, the two girls came downstairs holding a suitcase. Looking around, they then walked towards the living room seeing their father and a young boy sitting next to him. Choking back tears, Yumi showed the boy the suitcase.

"W-We packed you some clothes," She said. "Some of my clothes....and some of Cleo's clothes..."

"W-We even pack you our favorite toys," Cleopatra said rubbing her eyes. "Yumi gave you Batsy and I gave you Fluffy. That way you can always remember us."

The two girls looked at each other then at Severus looking angry as tears rolled down their cheeks.

"SEVERUS WE ORDER YOU TO REMEMBER US!" They said in unison. "No matter what happens! Never forget us! Write to us too!"

"Yes Mistresses," Severus said silently.

Cleopatra and Yumi quickly hugged Severus tightly.

"We love you Severus," Cleopatra said.

"At....At least we'll still see you at Hogwarts...right? You can still be a teacher right?" Yumi asked.

"Depends on my Masters will...," Severus said softly.

"...Father can Severus sleep with us tonight?"

"Of course dears...," Alexander said softly. "Now go brush your's time for bed."

The three nodded and walked upstairs and went into the bathroom. Two minutes later they came out and got into one bed. Both girls snuggled against Severus and hugged him tight before they drifted off to sleep. Severus closed his eyes as he put his arms around the girls the best he could. He wanted to leave just as much as they wanted him to.

"Goodnight...Yumi and Cleopatra," He whispered.