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Severus walked into Harry's room and looked around. It was very tiny and he wondered how he was going to sleep in there. Putting his suitcase down Severus looked at Harry then bit his lower lip.

"What do you want me to do first?" He muttered.

"Put you stuff away then we introduce you to the Dursley's," Harry said smiling.

Nodding slightly, Severus opened his suitcase and started taking out clothes. Harry gawked at them seeing they were expensive and girly. He then remembered Yumi and Cleopatra were mildly rich and that Snape belong to them before. Soon, Harry noticed two plushies underneath all the clothes. One was a bat that was purely black and the other was a tabby cat.

"I didn't know you were into toys," Harry said snickering.

"They're Yumi's and Cleopatra's...," Severus said silently. "They wanted me to have them..."

Harry regretted laughing and bit his tongue.

"...Come on lets go meet the Dursley's," He said.

Nodding, Severus followed Harry silently downstairs and went into the kitchen. Harry made sure that Severus stayed behind him once they reached them. Looking at the people, Severus then hid behind Harry nervous.

"Introduce yourself," Harry said.

"...My name is Severus Snape," Severus said silently. "Your nephews....slave."

The Dursley's appeared shocked then glared at Harry.

"Slaves our illegal," The old man said. "Besides you don't even deserve one!"

"I bought him with my own money," Harry said. "And in the wizard world they're not."

"BAH! You're much too young to have a slave. We should have custody of him not you."

"My master," Severus said softly. "Is the only one who can own me. He can only order me."

The old man glared at Severus while a boy about Harry's age gawked at Severus then sneered.

"Father I want one," He said pouting. "I want my own slave and I want his! Give me his!"

"Why would you want it?" The older man asked.

"It's a he," Harry said angrily. "Don't treat him like he's anything else. Now come on Severus...lets go to my room."

Severus nodded slowly and was about to follow when the older man grabbed his arm and yanked him down to sit next to the younger boy.

"You shall listen to my son," He said. "Not to that scum."

Harry quickly grabbed Severus's arm and yanked him close. Severus noticed the anger in Harry's eyes then started to shiver. He remembered that Alexander use to give him angry looks before he attempted to hurt. Every attempt failed because the girls yelled at their father every time. With Harry....he didn't know what would happen. Soon Harry roughly took Severus into his room then slammed the door shut.

"You okay?" Harry asked.

"Yes master," Severus said quietly. "I'm fine..."

"Severus I would really like to be called Harry..."

Severus looked away and Harry rubbed his head.

"What no insult?" He asked.

"I mustn't insult my master...," Severus said.

"You insulted Yumi and Cleopatra all the time in Hogwarts. You called them the twin freaks before."

"The ordered me to treat them like all my students....no matter what."

Harry looked at Snape who seemed a sad. He never saw Snape ever looked sad. Quietly, he put his arms around Snape and hugged him tight.

"We'll see them at Hogwarts and when we go shopping for school supplies," Harry said softly.

"...I can still teach at Hogwarts?" Severus asked silently.

"Of course you can."

"...Thank you....Harry...thank you."

Harry smiled slightly then let go of Severus.

"Finish unpacking...tomorrow we're going to Diagon Alley," He said. "Hey how much do you have really?"

"One hundred Galleons....," Severus said silently.

"That'll be way enough! I thought you don't get paid being a slave and don't get enough for being a teacher."

"The girls each gave me five galleons anytime their father gave them some to buy books or when it's their birthdays...I've been saving them all...I also got a key to my bank account..."

"Slaves can have accounts?"

"...Master slaves are given all sorts of rights....this was the only way people keep Slaves legal...We can get jobs as long as we still listen and do whatever our Masters tell us to do...If they wanted us to be dirt poor we gave them all of our money. If they wanted us to work to have money we would work. If they wanted us to jump off a cliff we would. Technically we're like any freed person...but we can't do anything that'll hurt our masters....In fact our masters can hurt us if they wanted..."

"Did you get hurt?"

"...Not by my former masters but the mans father yes...When I turned eleven I became more of use as a slave. His father allowed me to go to Hogwarts and keep me being a slave a secret. Then when I got out of Hogwarts he made me work hard and sometimes would hit me with a whip. His sons would just watch and then talk about their future. However their father died as soon as they left and I was given to their son. After a while the girls were born and I had to take care of them. Have to admit after a while I got sick of being with girls. They always want to hug you and kiss you. Nothing wrong with that but I feel like that I've had too much of it....always wondered what it would be like to get kissed by a boy though..."

Is he saying that he's gay or something? Harry thought as he looked at Snape who was deep in thought.

"Anyway, the father let me take a job at Hogwarts knowing that the girls would one day go there so I could teach them. He trusted no one else," Severus continue. "He also made sure that no one knew I was a slave outside the family since he knew I would be taken granted for...which I know you will do..."


Severus looked up and was soon hugged by Harry. Shocked, he was about to say something when Harry looked at him.

"I won't take you for granted," He said. "Come on...lets get ready for bed..."

"But there's only one bed...," Severus said softly.

"I can sleep on the floor, I don't mind."

"But Master..."

"Or do you want to sleep in bed with me?"

Severus stared at Harry silently then shook his head no and got into Harry's bed. Laughing slightly, Harry rubbed Snape's head then went out to brush his teeth. I don't know if he knows this but....he looks down right adorable, Harry thought as he got into the bathroom. Living with him won't be bad at all.