Chapter One:


I was ecstatic when Alice invited Rose and me to spend Christmas with her family. Apparently, the plan was to fly out to New York to spend Christmas with the rest of the Cullen clan, whom I had never met before.

Secretly, though, this was the perfect opportunity for me to make my move in transferring schools. I had gotten accepted to NYU as an education major in the spring semester. I had yet to tell anyone, though.

"Bella, are you ready?" Alice called as she walked into my room. Her hair was- as usual spiked in all different directions. She had on a red cashmere sweater, black skinny jeans and Uggs.

"Yeah, I'm all packed," I said.

"Okay, let's get going!" Alice said. She pulled me by my arm, bouncing up and down excitedly. She was more excited at the idea of all the New York and shopping she could get done.

If she had her way, we would have been gone two weeks before Christmas and cut short the time I had to visit Charlie when I came home. He was sad to hear that I was moving across the country and would miss me. I was worried about how he would survive with out at least one home cooked meal a week.


Jasper, Rosalie, and I were accompanying the Cullen's-who consisted of Carlisle, Esme, Alice, and Emmett- to Carlisle's sister's house for Christmas this year. We made it to the airport and I got to sit in first class! Carlisle had been nice enough to pay for my ticket as well as Jasper and Rose's.

The food was wonderful; I got the lobster tail with steamed broccoli. I got the general biography of the rest of the Cullen's. Alice had told me about them but not in great detail.

"So, there's Aunt Liz, Uncle Edward Sr., but we call him Tony because of his middle name.

They have two kids, Edward Jr.-who likes to be called Edward, and Evelyn. Edward's our age and Evelyn is fourteen- remember these names," she told me.

The flight from Seattle to New York was about six hours. Three of those hours I spent snoozing in my oh-so-comfortable chair. The other three were spent watching Sweeney Toddon my laptop.My ears popped as we began to descend to the ground.

"We hope you enjoyed your flight, thank you for flying Delta," the flight attendant said as we exited. I walked into LaGuardia airport for the first time. It was like every other airport in the world so it was nothing special. We spent half our time walking to the terminal to get our bags. Alice was already spouting things about the shopping we could do and almost made a mad dash to a souvenir shop that was in the international wing. Luckily, Carlisle grabbed the collar of her sweater just in time.

"Where's Emmett?" Rose asked when we made it to the terminal. Everyone looked around for him.

"There!" Esme shrieked, pointing to the baggage claim. And low and behold, there was Emmett relaxing in between suitcases that were going around. He waved at us before taking the position of someone sleeping, curled into a ball with his thumb in his mouth.

A security guard came and practically chased after Emmett to tell him to get off. So he did, and he tumbled right into the Security, knocking them both to the ground.

Carlisle groaned and made his way over to the two, the rest of us following behind closely.

"Excuse me sir, I am so sorry for my son's behavior. He's fallen on his head quite a bit when he was younger and I think it's caused permanent brain damage," Carlisle apologized, helping the guard up. He growled under his breath and walked away. Emmett stood up and was soon back on the ground when Rose smacked him the back of his head with more force than usual.

"We can't take you anywhere!" She yelled at him, hands on her hips.

Unfortunately, it was true. Everywhere we went, Emmett was sure to cause trouble.

We finally got our baggage though. I had only brought one suitcase and a tote- much like everyone else. Alice of course, had somehow gotten away with bringing six suitcases with out Esme or Carlisle knowing.

"Alice, I'm not paying for the extras, you better get a job because I refuse," Carlisle told her in a voice that I rarely heard in all the years I'd known the Cullen's.

"Don't 'but Dad' me, I'm not doing it, the limit was two bags," He hissed.

Alice stomped her foot and pouted. Usually when she did this, Carlisle would give in but not this time.


I heard a shriek and before I knew it, a blur of brown and white whipped past me, leaving me in disarray and clung to Carlisle. He wrapped his arms around the mysterious woman and kissed her forehead.

"How've you been Lizzy?" He said in a teasing voice. Her face twisted up and she put her feet back on the ground.

This woman- Lizzy- had dark brown hair with Carlisle's blue eyes. She looked really young in her white parka, white faux fur boots, and matching hat. She had white mittens on as well and a red turtle neck.

"Oh, I completely forgot my manners, I'm Elizabeth-Carlisle's sister, but you can call me Liz, Lizzy, anything but Beth." She smiled and shook hands with Jasper, Rosalie and myself.

"I'm Bella," I said, introducing myself.

"It's so nice to meet you, Bella," she said, giving me a tight hug. She and Esme seemed to be a lot alike; maybe they were just natural people persons.

"Tony is working tonight, there was a shipment delay at the job and he had to go straighten it out. Edward is stuck in the library- as usual. He told me 'my grades are far more important than seeing family arrive at the airport" Liz mocked.

I looked to Alice to see her and Emmett cracking up. "So... how is our… cousin?" Alice asked, giggles threatening to spill from her lips.

"He's wonderful. He got a full scholarship to NYU and is studying to become a pediatrician. He had a bit of a growth spurt since you've last seen him," Liz explained.

Alice nodded, a snort escaping her. Emmett was red in the face. Jasper pain-but he always looked like that so that wasn't an issue. Rose had a small smirk playing on her lips; she was probably the only of the people that knew Edward that wasn't laughing- except Liz, Carlisle, and Esme.

"So I saw, he grew to be so handsome, he looked like a model," Esme said. She and Liz began to go on a tangent about Edward. What was so spectacular about him?

"Alice, what's the big deal about this guy?" I asked her as the adultsstarted talking.

"Cousin Edward...he's a bit of a geek. We haven't seen him in almost seven years- since I was fifteen and Emmett was sixteen. But Edward, since we were kids-, he wore thick glasses- like Harry Potter's, was super skinny, pale-looking and had the weirdest interests. He would study the anatomy of animals, especially jungle cats, like lions, leopards, cheetahs, all of those.

His hair was a mess, he's the only one in the whole family with red hair and was ridiculously clumsy- and no matter what Emmett and I did to him, he would smile and laugh along with us!" She slapped my arm playfully before busting out in full laughter.

I tried to find the humor in it. Emmett was laughing to, his booming voice, practically shaking the airport. Rose look disappointed but had a rueful smile on her face. Jasper still looked in pain-as usual. "I don't get why it's so funny-and what's wrong with being clumsy?!" I demanded.

"Bella, he used to collect rocks-his room had and entire shelf filled with different types of rocks-from metamorphic to igneous!" she tried to reason.

I snorted a bit. Okay, that was pretty geeky.

"Edward!" Esme squealed, jumping on the man.

My eyes almost popped out of there sockets. This was the Edward Alice was just telling me about? He looked like something out of a magazine. He wrapped his arms around his Aunt and smiled crookedly at her. That smile made me melt.

"Hi Aunt Esme," He murmured into her light brown hair.

"How have you been?!" Esme asked him excitedly.

"I've been good, working hard to get my bachelors in child medicine. I took a minor of child psychology," he said. Hegrinned at her.

"All A's I hope," Esme tsked.

"Of course," he said. He turned to Carlisle and shook his hand and both of them gave each other a clap on the back.

Edward turned to us next and took long strides to Rosalie. She grinned and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing his cheek.

"You look amazing, Edward," She smiled at him. He blushed slightly and kissed her cheek as well. They released each other and he turned to Jasper.

"Jasper, am I correct?" Edward asked my blonde friend.

"Nice to meet you, Edward," Jasper said with a small smile, his voice a bit distance. They shook hands and Edward turned to me.

"I assume you're Bella," he said. He gave me that ridiculously hot crooked grin and lifted my hand to his lips, letting them brush lightly over my knuckles.

A jolt of electricity passed through my body as he did. "Y-Yeah. Nice to m-meet you," I stuttered out.

He chuckled and released my hand. "The pleasure is mine," he murmured. We broke out of our world by the looks everyone was giving us.

"Well, I'll see you all tonight; I'll be back around eight." He smiled softly and walked out the door.

My heart sank as he I sighed and looked to everyone else. "Well, I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to get some more sleep," It was already six o'clock and, the jet lag was catching up to me.

"Alright, do you guys want anything to eat? We could stop by a restaurant on the way home. Tony will be there soon, I could ask him to pick up something," Liz offered. We all declined and piled into the limo she had rented just for all of us.

The limo went through Queens, which looked a lot like older East Coast cities, like everywhere. I wasn't impressed until I saw the Manhattan skyline as we crossed a bridge. "We're about to leave Astoria and cross the Queensboro Bridge," Liz said.

I felt like I was in a movie, gazing out the window.

"When are we going to go to the shopping district?" Alice asked. I had some idea where the neighborhoods were. I knew that Liz and Tony lived on Riverside Dr, which overlooked the Jersey shore on the river in uptown on the Upper West Side. Once we got off the bridge, everywhere I looked, there was concrete.

I looked to the sky, and there were sky scrapers. I craned my neck to see and I saw planes flying and a few stars. It was completely different from Forks where everything was green and wet. I mean, yes it was cold but that was probably the only similarity between the two. Liz gave us an impromptu tour of the City.

I had never been impressed by any city I had traveled to before. There were people everywhere on the sidewalks, Christmas and Hanukah decorations on the buildings and ads on the top of the cabs. I recognized certain sites from movies and TV.

"We're going into uptown," Liz explained. "And here's Central Park." Rose practically trampled me to get to the window on the Park side of the limo. "Don't miss the Park Hotel!" Liz cried. I trampled over Rose to get to the other side of the limo to see the giant Park Hotel.

There was so much to see. I felt like Dorothy in Oz. Liz pointed out the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim and several other landmark museums. "We're almost home."

We stopped in front of one block of townhouses. "Welcome to 12 East 81st street, we are steps away from the Metropolitan Museum, I'll show you to your rooms," Liz said like a bell hop. I let a smile grow on my face as I got out of the car.

Liz opened the first two doors with the key Edward had gotten for her and then walked through the grand foyer to another large, mahogany door and opened it. The doorman greeted Liz as 'Mrs. Masen' and she smiled at him. She opened the door and let us all walk in with our bags.

"Okay, girls, you are on the second floor- to the right. You have to share a room- but we got two more beds so you won't be crammed in there," Liz instructed us.

"Boys, you are on the same floor, to the left, you don't have to share a room, though. I thought that would be awkward; choose out of those two rooms. Esme, Carlisle, you're bunking on the third floor, same as Tony and me, you have the room to the right of the stairs. The den is downstairs, so don't worry, there's lots of games for you guys," Liz said.

I couldn't believe we were here. This house was amazing. There was a small walkway to get up the five steps that led into a room with a tan couch and a black, grand piano on a platform, as well as an impressive collection of books, a beautiful fireplace with pictures on the mantel, and a bar.

There were two doors on either side of the long windows that led to the tiny terrace in front of the house. There was a window through wall that the couch was against. I could see the long dining room table through there it with a beautiful chandelier above it.

Another window was in the wall, you could see the kitchen through the dining room. It was decorated with brown granite counter tops; cherry wood ran through the whole room and the cabinets. The living room was next to the kitchen, separated by a sort of half-wall.

A black suede couch (suede seems to be my favorite material for stories) was settled against it and a matching love seat and chair. There was a large plasma screen mounted on the opposite wall. There was a glass screen door in the kitchen that led out to the patio. An iron table and chairs were in the center, covered in snow.

"Liz, this place is amazing, everything is so open and welcoming," I said.

Liz blushed and looked away from me to hide it.

"Well, shoes off and put them in the rack," she said, pointing to the shoe rack to our side. We did as we were told and then took of our coats. Liz took them all and hung them in the closet underneath the stairs.

"Go, get settled, all the women in this house better be back down here at eight o'clock- because one, we are watching the episode of General Hospital I missed this afternoon," Liz said. "And two, we have to get to know each other!"

As soon as Rose, Alice, and I found our room, I barely got my pants off and into my pajamas before I was collapsed on the middle bed.

I was asleep until a loud clanging started. I jolted out of bed, hitting my head on the night stand on my way down to the floor. Groaning, I put on my slippers and exited the room. Downstairs, Rose and Alice were coming up from the den. Low and behold, there was Alice holding a pot and metal spoon together. In other words, she was the clanging sound that scared the living shit out of me.

"Liz, do you have an ice pack?" I mumbled.

"What happened?" she asked.

"I hit my head" I sighed.

"Don't worry Liz, this is a very Bella-like thing to do, she is constantly falling," Esme assured her.

I blushed but smiled anyway. Liz handed me an ice pack and I pressed it to my head for a few minutes while we chatted.

The front door opened and all of our heads turned. "Good evening ladies," Edward murmured and took off his shoes. He had a stack of text books in his hands and a bright yellow stuffed bear. But, it wasn't like the normal stuffed bear; it was very floppy and looked fragile.

He put his shoes in the rack and came up the steps to put his books on dining room table and took off his leather jacket.

"Edward, don't you dare put that in the closet all wet! Hang it on the banister!" Liz barked at him.

He grinned sheepishly but hung the coat on the banister to the front steps. "So, how was the library?" Esme asked.

"It was fine. I had to stop by and see Natalia. I'm sorry I'm late." He walked into the kitchen.

"How is she anyway? She's such a pretty girl!" Liz cooed.

"She's fine. I thought I could bring her here sooner, but I didn't know there would be so many people in the girl's room," Edward said. There was a slight hint of disgust at the end of his voice. I thought he was staring at me, but he seemed to look past me. I realized he was staring at Alice.

"Anyway, I think I'll get started on my paper for class," he looked at me and smiled.

"Oh, wait Edward, play something for us, I want to show you off a bit," Liz pleaded. Edward pretended to be annoyed and walked to the piano in the sitting room. He sat at the bench and played a few scales.

"Are there any requests?" he asked.

"Play my song!" Esme squealed. I was confused as Edward began to play the song. It was very soft, in the higher pitched keys almost the whole time. I was mesmerized by the way his long fingers danced over the keys. The song eventually faded out into Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.

It ended and all of us clapped, including Alice, even though it was halfhearted.Edward stood up from the bench and took his bow. "Now I really must get started on my paper. Is anyone in the den?" He straightened out his clothes.

"Yeah, Emmett and Jasper are playing the Wii," Rosalie told him.

His lips pressed into a line before he rolled his eyes. "Goodnight," he said and grabbed his textbooks before going up the steps, taking them two at a time.

"He really did grow up to be so handsome, it's a shame he doesn't have a girlfriend," Esme sighed. My heart seemed to pound in my chest. So, he was free? That was perfect.

"I think I'm going to work on my term paper too, so I don't have to worry about it too much," I told everyone. I got goodnights from them all and grabbed my laptop bag. I went upstairs and somehow found myself knocking on Edward's door. He opened it and took in my appearance.

"Bella," he smiled, opening the door completely.

"Hi, Edward. I really just wanted to say, that composition was truly wonderful, where did you learn it?" I asked. Well, that was easy.

"Thank you, I composed it myself." He smiled slightly. My jaw fell slack.

"W-When, it was beautiful," I managed to stutter out.

"I composed it when I was ten, and thank you, again," he chuckled lightly.

"Why didn't you major in music, you would have been huge," I asked.

"Well, I wanted to do something to help other people, I don't want to be famous," he shrugged. I shifted my weight to my other foot as I nodded.

Edward saw this and backed away from the door. "Would you like to come in, we can discuss careers further?" he offered.

I nodded and stepped into the room. The walls were painted gold with white curtains. The large bed in the center had a blue comforter with gold pillows and a golden frame. Along his walls was an impressive c.d. collection. We sat on the bed together and I looked around some more. There was a stereo against the wall where the bathroom door was and some more shelves over it. On the shelves were glass vases filled with different colored rocks.

I stood up and walked over to it. "What is this?" I pointing to the vases.

"It's granite," he explained. Emmett wasn't lying; he did have a granite collection. "Granite actually makes a nice decoration. And you can learn a lot about Earth from it, like when the magma had flowed into the crust, so you know how old it is, there's a lot of different things you can do with it-but mainly decorating."

"I've never thought about it like that," I admitted.

"It's alright, neither did I until eighth grade. I guess I think a bit strange, I just asked myself, 'is that why so many people have granite counters, because it's durable?' And then I looked it up, and found out that it was rather valuable and started saving up money. By tenth grade, I had bought about a block of granite and had it smoothed into marbles." "That's amazing," I said.

"Thank you, so, I see you have some work to do. Would to stay in here and work?"

"Sure," I pulled out my Dell Inspirion and turned it on.

"What's your major?" He asked me suddenly.

"I'm getting my bachelors in education I'm not really working on a paper though. I need to find a place to stay, I'm transferring to NYU for my last semester and staying for grad school," I explained.

"Well, what a surprise. I'm looking for a place to live as well. Maybe...we could consider being roommates," he offered. I set down my laptop and launched myself at him.

"Oh my God, thank you Edward, you're a life saver," I hugged him tightly. He hugged me back, releasing me after a good squeeze.

"You haven't even heard the conditions yet," he chuckled. "Someone else would be living with us-if we did room together." I nodded. "Let's discuss this after the Christmas Eve service."

"Sure, what time should I be up?" I asked.

"Seven should suffice. Look nice-and you should probably get ready at six instead so you can beat the bathroom rush," Edward advised.

I nodded and closed up my laptop. "Well, goodnight Edward," I hesitantly leaned in and kissed his cheek before hopping off the bed. My cheeks burned as I left the room and went back to my room.

Alice and Rose were sitting on Alice's bed, talking.

They looked to me as I walked in. "So, how was Edward's room?" Rose asked, something clearly implied there.

"Really nice, we sat and got to know each other some more."

"All you did was talk? I don't come on Bells. Edward really did grow up. I'd do a lot more than talk if I were in a room with that man," she shrugged.

"Alright, I know, he's fucking gorgeous. His smile could make a woman orgasm on the spot," I dropped to my bed.

"That's really gross, I mean, he's Edward," Alice shivered.

"And you lied, he looks like a god!" I cried. "You told me he was ugly and geeky! I found out collecting granite could make for a very nice center piece!"

"Maybe he finally bought a mirror, and saw how he looked and decided to change," Alice shrugged.

"Actually, believe it or not, he heard I was in New York four years ago and called me up to come see him," Rosalie said, suddenly. "I saw him and forced him into fashion district and finally made him get makeover and contacts. He needed a new look for a job interview."

"You did that to Edward?!" Alice shrieked.

"Yeah, and had I not been with Emmett, I would have jumped him when I was done," she sighed, running her fingers through her hair. "I truly out did myself, and unfortunately, he's the only one that can stand his own against my looks."

Alice gave a small snort at that.

"Okay, I'm going to bed, Edward invited me to go with him to Church." I got under the blankets and turned out the lamp closest to my bed.


The next morning, I had woken up at six and gotten dressed in a red dress that came down a little beneath my knees, had a v-neck that revealed a bit of cleavage and had long sleeves. I put on Rose's black baby doll pumps and tossed on my black button up sweater. I slapped on some lip gloss and mascara and left my hair down. When I went downstairs, Esme, Carlisle, Edward, Liz, Jasper, and a man I assumed to be Tony were in the kitchen chatting.

"Good morning," I greeted them.

"Good morning, I'm Tony ," the man with black hair and green eyes stepped forward and shook my hand.

"I'm Bella."

"Nice to meet you Bella, have you been enjoying New York so far?"

"Yes, this house is...beautiful, I've never seen something so magnificent" I told him.

He let out a good laugh. "Well, it better be spectacular for 30,000,000 dollars" He smirked at me and I could see where Edward got his smile from.

"Well, are we the only ones going?" Liz asked.

"Yeah, but we have to go pick up Evelyn from Jackie's house," Tony said. "Jackie is her friend from school. She lives almost two blocks away so it'll be quick"

"Well, grab your coats, we have to get going," Esme shooed us away to closet to grab our coats.

We locked up the house and piled into Tony 's Ford Escape. "Normally, we'd take the subway, but nobody's going to be out here so we don't have to worry," Tony said.

We rode into some neighborhood, still in the upper eastside. Tony beeped the horn twice and a girl who looked about fourteen came out in a lavender dress that had long sleeves and a high collar. She held her coat in her arms as she ran to the car. "Lyn, put your coat on, you should have had it on already," Liz started to scold her.

"Sorry, I was rushing, we have to come back for my bag later on though," Evelyn apologized. She climbed into the back and sat on Edward's lap.

"Hi Aunt Esme, hi Uncle Carlisle," she waved at them.

"Hey Lyn, how've you been?" Carlisle asked.

"Fine," she said.

"Okay, well this is Jasper and Bella," Liz introduced us. I would have waved, but we were squished into the back. Jasper was on the end with Esme, Liz, and then me, squished in the middle and Edward holding Evelyn on the end. We set off again and pulled up in front of a small Church.

I had been to Church before when religion had become a hobby of my mother, Renee's, for a few months, so I knew enough. We all fell out of the car and walked in. The church had high vaulted ceilings and another door that led to the service room and one that led to the parish hall. We went into the service room after putting our coats in the hall closet.

It seemed that few people came here this morning. We sat in the front row and I took a prayer book from the shelf in front of me. The pastor walked in and raised his arms. "May God be with you," he bowed his head.

"And also with you," we recited.

"Let us pray," we knelt on the bench in front of us and listened to reverend say the prayer.

"Today we have gathered in front of our Father on this day to celebrate the birth of Christ..." I was in true awe. The Church was very welcoming; the walls were pure white with large windows. It was brightly lit and there was a large gold cross behind the altar. After the prayer, we sat in our seats and read a passage from the Bible.

"You look lovely by the way," Edward whispered to me. I held a finger to my lips but smiled.

I looked at the people who came in. There was someone of a different culture everywhere. I looked directly behind us as we sung a Christmas carol and saw two whole rows taken up by children dressed in little suits and dresses. The sermon finished and we all went around talking.

"Edward, why are there so many children here?" I asked.

"They're from the Churches affiliated orphanage. They come every Sunday," Edward explained.

I nodded and followed him as he walked over to them. "Hi Kate." He hugged the middle aged woman standing with the children.

"Edward!" All the children said.

He smiled at them and gave a few of them hugs. "How've you guys been?" he asked.

"Good" they giggled; it was really adorable.

Edward glanced at me and then back at Kate. He whispered something in her ear. "I'm sorry Edward, she said she had a stomach ache and couldn't make it today" Kate smiled sympathetically.

"Is she going to be alright?" he asked, concerned.

"Yeah, she probably had too much to eat last night," Kate waved it off.

Edward sighed but nodded. "Well, I'll see you all around." He grinned at the children before turning back to me. "We should get to the parish hall and claim our seats before the good ones are taken." He led me out of the cathedral. We went to the parish hall and saw the Cullen/Masen clan seated at a long white table.

We sat with them and waited for the Reverend to come back and bless the food. When he finally came in, we all stood in a circle in the middle of the room and bowed our heads in prayer.


It was like elementary school all over again. People were bumping and pushing others to get to the front of the line. There were friends holding spots and letting people cut which caused small arguments to break out.

In all the chaos, Edward and I slipped into the front of the line and got food. I got some of the fried chicken, a roll, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and salad-and a glass of wine. Edward got some roast beef, rice, mashed potatoes, a roll, and stuffing-and a glass of wine.

We had a really good time. Evelyn continuously tried to get a sip of the wine so Edward let her take a sip of his while the adults were talking.

She made a face at the taste but swallowed. "I guess you're not going to try that again anytime soon, huh?" I murmured to her.

She shook her head. "It tasted gross, how do you drink it?" Evelyn groaned.

"I don't know, I guess all us old people are weird," I joked.

"Yeah," she agreed. My purse began to buzz and I looked at my phone. It was Alice, but I couldn't exactly answer in Church so I pressed ignore call.

"Evelyn, what grade are you in?" I asked the girl.

"Ninth," She took a sip of her grape juice-probably to wash out the taste of the wine.

"What school do you go to?" I asked next.

"Dalton, it's a few blocks away from the house, I could walk it if I wanted to." "I heard Dalton's a good school," I nodded. "I wish I could have gone somewhere like that."

"Yeah, but it's huge," she objected. "My homeroom, or rather 'house' as we call it, we're all combined, like ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth, for first period and then we go to our regular classes."

"And?" I asked, trailing off.

"You don't get it. I've been in the school since I was three," Evelyn gave a small chuckle. I joined her.

I wish I had a little sister sometimes, I'm sure it would have been nice.

"Okay, guys, are you ready to head back to the house? We've been gone a few hours," Tony said.

I got up to throw my plate away and get my coat. Once again, we piled into the Ford Escape and rode the five minutes back to the house. Tony stopped at Jackie's again where Evelyn ran inside to get her bag before hopping back into the car. We saw Rosalie, Alice, and Emmett lounging on the couch watching TV. They were fully dressed.

"Hi guys," I greeted them as I put my coat away.

"Finally Bella, I called you five times!" Alice snapped at me.

"Well, I couldn't answer my phone, I was in a Church, that would be really disrespectful," I reasoned with her.

"I suppose."

"Did you have a nice time?" Edward asked me.

"Yeah, it was good to be in Church again. And the food was awesome," I added.

"That's good to hear, Bella," he grinned crookedly at me and went upstairs.

This Christmas might be the best one I have ever had yet.

- - - - - - - -

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