DIS Claimer: I own nothing the boys belong to the CW not me. I win there were mine. Then I would know that Sam and Dean will be okay at the end of this crazy ride we are all on. But alas we are only playing in the sand box of Eric and he is evil right now.

This is a belated Birthday fiction for a friend Becki I hope you like this. Well Without further ado here we go…

John walked slowly around the outside of the warehouse that he thought his boys were being held at. He had tracked down all the clues that he had given by the bastard that had taken his sons and the ones that dean had left behind for him to find. They had all lead him here, so now he was slowly making his way around the building, when he heard the screams fill the air. Throwing caution to the wind he ran into the building and stopped short at the site that was before him.

A small video feed of Johns boys and a small girl played on a small screen. All were bound in different ways and all were screaming and yelling for one reason or other. Then the feed when black and a demonic voice filled the warehouse. "To bad your boys aren't here, but I had a feeling you would rush here. You just can't follow orders can you? SO now your boys have to pay for it."

"You leave my kids out of this you bastard. You want me not them."

"Oh, but how better to bring the great John Winchester down then by using his boys to do it. They are the one thing you care about the one thing that will break you." The demon slowly walked toward John as he spoke, "You did such a good job with Dean he will endure a lot of pain trying to protect his little brother did you know that?" The demon grinned as he watched the muscle in John's jaw jump.

"I do! I listened to him scream as I tore into him." The demon raised his hand and ran it along John's cheek, "You should have heard him beg for me to do it to him again when I would move on to the girl or Sammy. …It was like music to my ears."

"You son of a Bitch" John roared as he slammed into the demon wrapping his hands around its throat, slowly choking the life out of the host that the demon was in. "Kill mmee and you never …..get……em back…..human…..kill….them…" choked out the demon. John was in a killing rage. The demon's words slowly sank into john's mind. The boys have to find the boys. He let the demon go and stepped back to let the demon get to his feet.

"Where are my boys? What have you done with them?" John growled out.

'Johnny. I only gave them to a human, so they should be fine right? This human is fun to be around Johnny, he wants to know what people will do to protect each other. What they can stand. Want to play with him John. Dean has been lots of fun to play with. Sammy started being fun once we got our hands on the girl. What to see what we did to them?"

John clenched his hands into fist as the demon moved to turn the screens back on and press play on a VCR. The screen filled with the screams of the kids again and this time John hears the little girl screaming along with his boys. Dean was yelling for them to stop and to leave them alone. Sammy and the girl were just screaming. Each begging for it to stop, begging for help. The screen then filled with an image of the children that caused the hunter to gasp. Dean was bound to a post in the center of the screen with his arms chain above his head while his feet were bare and chained to an I-hook in the floor. His body was stretched as far as it would go without dislocating his shoulders or hip joints. A chain also ran around his waist to help keep the strain off his joints for the time being. He was pulling at the bounds in an effort to reach Sam to help him. When the camera turned to show the other two children John started cursing up a storm. He saw his youngest son trying to hold on to a rope that held a girl above a pool of water. John noticed that blood ran from Sammy's hand as the camera paned to his hands to show the rope. That was really a length of cable that had the protective covering removed so that the wire splinted and ripped into Sam's tender palms. He screamed, for dean to help him as he watched the girl slowly fall toward the water. Sam lost his grip and she fell into the water with a slash, screaming, Sammy reached for the rope again, pulling at it to try to bring the girl out of the water. John wanted to cry as he watched Sam wrap the wire around his arms to try and get the leverage he would need to pull her out. When she final broke the surface John heard her gasp. He looked at her next as the camera final focus on her. Her face was red and she started screaming for Sam to get her out of the water. "It burns. Please…. PPPP…PPPPLease get me out. Sam Please don't let me fall again please." She cried as she slowly rose above the water again.

The demon reached over and turned the TV off as it when black again. He smiled at the hunter that panted in rage looking at him. "See what I mean. He is a real master with the pain stuff. A real Marquis de Sade if you ask me. Well all I know is the man loves to hear them beg. Now John you want your boys back and I want a certain something from you."

"What do you want? I'll get it for you just stop hurting the kids. Call off that sick fuck that has my boys or I swear your will regret it more than you already are." The demon smiled when he heard John give in to him. He knew that taking the kids had been a good idea.

"There is a hunter, that I want you to kill for me John. Just one little hunter for your kids, is that so much to ask for. Once you kill him bring me the knife that he keeps with him and you can have your kids. Understand John?"

"Yeah I understand. But I want to talk to my kids first. Call it a proof of life. After that little video you have there I want to make sure my kids are still alive."

"Sure thing John just give me a second to ring him up for ya. See which of the kids is awake to talk to you right now." The demon laughed as he watched John turn red faced with rage as he tried to hold in that famous temper of his. The demon spoke quietly into the phone then handed it to John. "Here ya go John Dean wants to talk to you."

John grabbed the phone and quickly spoke to his son, "DEAN SON ARE YOU ALRIGHT??"

"Dad..Help us. They have Sammy and Kisha dad... you have to help us. Their hurt dad and I can't get to them. Please dad hur..."


"Sorry that is all the time he had now it is time to go back to my games. Have fun doing whatever Tarvin wants you do to. Till you are finished with him I get to play with the kids. Take your time if you want John I am looking out for the kids. I have had them for two days and Dean is so much fun to play with. Have Fun, I know I will be." As the man stopped talking he could hear flesh hitting flesh and a pained grunt. Then he could hear nothing else as the line with dead.

John held the phone to his ear for a few seconds longer, hoping to hear Dean again, but knowing he wouldn't, the line was dead. He turned eyes filled with murder on the demon, "Where is this Damn Hunter you want DEAD?? Why do you want me to kill him? Why not do it yourself?"

The Demon smiled at John, "Because it is more fun having you do it. It goes against everything you are to hunt down one of your own. He is the best there is and you are second best so you are the only one that might be able to kill him. So I need it to be you. Plus if you get caught killing him all your little hunter friends will turn on you and kill you saving me the trouble later. So I win either way this plays out."

Tarvin handed John a business card, which had a hand written address on it. "That is where you will find this hunter John. Once you kill him bring me the damn knife he carries as proof. It is a simple little knife that has an engraving near the hilt. He is never without it."

"You know I could just steal the knife for you and not kill the guy."

"NO!!! I want him DEAD!! He killed my mate and I want his head and the knife he used to gut her. It was her own knife that he used to kill her. It was one I gave her. I want him DEAD. You try and just steal that knife without killing him and I will gut Dean and Sam in front of you. DO YOU UNDERSTAND JOHN?"

"Yeah I understand. You want him dead because he killed your shank and used her own knife to do it. I think I like this guy. Maybe I should buy him a beer."

Tarvin punched John in the face before the hunter could move. John reached out and grabbed Tarvin by the arm and twisted his arm in to an arm lock on instinct. Before he drove a powerful left into the man's ribs. Smiling when he heard a rib snap under the blow, as the demon freed his self and returned the blow with one of his own. John felt his lip slit as the blow rocked his head back and to the side. "You will not see you kids again Winchester if you use that tone again when you talk about my mate."

John just looked at the Demon as he tried to rein in his temper, all he wanted to do was kill this Prick and find his boys. "Fine once I find him and kill him how do I get in touch with you?"

"No worries John I will find you." As Demon walked out of the warehouse he used his powers to turn the TV back on and let the video play again. Leaving John to listen to the recorded screams of his children as filled the warehouse again.