The boy's eyes opened slowly to see a huge blurry image above his bed. 'What the???Who is that?'

"Daddy? Hurts" his rough voice whispered out.

"I know it hurts son. I know! Now open your eyes for us. Please. The doctor's told us that when you wake up and stay wake for an hour you can go see ya brother. SO that he will shut up and leave everyone alone."

"Where's Dean?" the slurry question was answered y his brothers deep voice. "I'm right here and these damn nurse and dad will not get me any real food. They are trying to kill me Sammy. I asked for food and they gave me a SALAD dude do I look like a damn rabbit or you for that matter. No! Raising his voice as the food cart wheeled by with dinner he said, "You only get a body like this if you eat red meat now bring me a DAMN BURGER WITH EXTRA ONIONS!!"

"If you don't pipe down I am going to give you another shot in your bottom just for good measure." The nurse told him as she changed the bandages on his stab wounds.

"Your just being mean there 'hot lips' so you want to give me some of that hot action?" he winked at her as he hummed the theme song to an old TV show causing the nurse to laugh at him.

"How old are you son? I think you are faking your age if you know that show. If you do not give the staff a break I am going to go find nurse Klinger to give you the shot. You get me young man. Now your brothers up mess with him for a while."

Dean closed his mouth as she called him on his joke with the old TV show his dad liked to watch. Some people just loved to steal thunder guess Hot lips was one of them. He looked over at Sam and smiled. "Good to see you up final sleeping beauty. If you keep sleeping we were going to dress you in a blue velvet dress and let Kisha do your hair and put makeup on you."

"Kisha where is she. DID you find her to Dad?"

A little sandy haired girl popped up beside his bed. "See dad I told you he would be fine and you did not need to worry so much. Hey Sam sorry it took so long for us to get to you. Bobby is slow ya know he is kinda old."

"Who you calling old short stuff?" Bobby picked the girl up as she squealed and pulled his cap off so she could smack him with it.

The tension in the room faded quickly as both brothers looked at each other then their father, they were all alive that is all they needed right now, everything else could be worked out later.

John looked at his little family that had grown over night the little girl crawled up bob and wrapped her legs around his hips to help hold her weight. She looked up at John and asked the question both his boys wanted to know.

"When can we go home daddy?"

The doctor entered the room as the question was asked. "Well since Dean has not fever and is doing well with his wounds I do not see why he cannot go home today. Sam if you do not have a fever and your lungs still sounds clear you can go home also. How does that sound"

It sounds great dean said as he laughed at the look fear on Sammy face.

"Yeah that is easy for you to say." Sam growls. He tries to think of ways to make sure his lungs sound clear. I wonder if you can fake that? He thinks as the doctor presses the cold disk to his chest. After a few seconds that seem to last forever, the doctor gives the family the all clear.

Several hours later

The sun had set as John and Kisha walk into the hotel room with her new outfits and things. John had taken her to get new things since all her stuff had been lost with her father in the fire he had set. The least he could do was replace all the stuff he had taken from her. He wished that he could replace everything so easily, but he knew that he couldn't. She had started calling him daddy as soon as he told her that she could stay with him. It seemed second nature to her.

"Boy's time for bed. Sam you and Dean can share the one near the door Kisha honey you can have the other I am taking the sofa. Now go brush your teeth and then hit the sack." He ordered the three.

They all filed into the small bathroom of the hotel and did as they were told. Then quickly fell asleep while John laid all the salt lines and warded the room. He final when to the bathroom to take his own shower and brush his teeth, as he walked out he smiled at the image before him.

Kisha had crawled into the bed with the boys. She was wedged on her side with Sam in front of her as she wrapped her arm around his stomach like he was her teddy bear. Sam's fingers just brushed his brother's chest as it fell over Kisha's ribs. While Dean's longer arms reached over both small body's and rested on the other side of Sam hanging off the bed. The kids were a tangle of legs and arms as they rested together. Both of his boy's had found ways to protect and cover Kisha's as she rested peacefully in the arms of her new brothers.

"God Mary, do you see your boys. They have had a sister for all of a day and they are already putty in her hands." He covered the kids with the blanket form the free bed and petted Kisha's face as he looked at her. "I hope you understand what you are getting yourself into little lady. Once a Winchester you are forever a Winchester. He kissed each of the children as he turned out the lights and lay down in the free bed and dreamed peaceful dreams for the first time in almost 14 years.

Thank you all for reading this. I hope it did not seem rushed at the end. I just could not keep the boys in the hospital it stirred to many painful memories for me. I tried to do them well but I could not stop thinking of bad things from my recent past and I just could not stay there it was killing my muse as it were. I am very happy to have so many people reading this story with me and giving be reviews that have helped to keep going. You are all wonderful people. Thank you I hope you come back for the next story I am planning. It is going to be very dark and it will have Kisha in it as well. Hope to see you again. Till then be happy everyone.