Author: Flash Gator

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance/Angst

Category: All Grown Up

Length: 298 words, One-Shot

Warnings: Slash, incest

Couple: Dil/Tommy (one sided drabble)

Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue.

Another for the 100 themes challenge. I made this months ago and decided to go ahead and use it for the prompt 'Hero'. By far my shortest one shot ever. Its pathetic length is making my head throb. Ouch.


68. Hero

Everyone loves the hero.

That's how it always is, isn't it? Everyone wants a hero. Their good looks, their charming personality, their perfection. No one is exception to that rule. Those titans of the comic book world you grow up immersed in. And those modern, real life heroes you come across every day and can't help but admire. That you aspire to become.

I guess, around here, Tommy is the hero. Smart, funny and liked by everyone. Always willing to help out a kid in need and always true to his friends. I guess, on some level, everyone loves the guy. It would explain all the girls obsessed with him, the secret admirers, and the not-so-secret ones to boot. No one is exempt from his charms, no one immune. Not his peers, not his friends, not even, well, me. His allure is positively gravitational.

The problem is, not everyone can have the hero. Only one at a time folks. After all, three's a crowd. I know I'll never get a chance with Tommy anyway. Of every person in the world, why did it have to be Tommy I developed such inappropriate feelings towards? Things would be so much easier if I'd fallen for a girl, or even another guy, anyone but Tommy.

It's not like I can help it though. Every time I think I've reasoned with my feelings to the point where I can't help but find them wrong, Tommy will glance my way or I'll spot him down the hall or leaving the school building and they just flood right on back. But really, what can I do? You can't choose who you're attracted to, after all.

So what can you do, what do you do, when the hero you love, is also your older brother?


Feh, you should all expect this sort of couple from me by now anyway. Don't bother acting surprised.