Here's a new story for you all! It's the one that won from my poll, the deaf!Dean story! The other 3 are tied so I don't know what I'll write next! This is only a prologue so it's really short! I just want to see if people are interested in it before I post more! Let me know what you think!There will be more angst and grumpy Dean to come! This chapter is just dealing with all the surprises that come his way! Here's the summary.

A deaf!Dean story. Dean loses his hearing on a hunt and John leaves while he's in the hospital. Sam gets a call from the hospital while at Stanford and goes to pick Dean up. When they arrive at the apartment however Jess is on the ceiling and Dean wants to continue hunting. Sam's resistant but Dean keeps insisting that he can still hunt without hearing. It will be an episodic story. Like the same plots happen in the story that do in the show, but this time around Dean is deaf.

He woke up to a quiet room. Extremely quiet...too quiet.

Dean Winchester didn't dare want to open his eyes. Was he still in the old building that the spirit had been possessing? Was the spirit gone or had he managed to burn the bones in time? Had he gotten out and passed out? Had someone taken him? It was just too quiet....

But he knew he had to open his eyes. He couldn't just lie here.

Dean blinked and was met with an intense light that he knew could not be in the abandoned building he had been in. As his eyes adjusted he knew he was in a hospital. But why?? The longer Dean adjusted to being awake the more he realized that nothing was really wrong with him from what he could tell. His head was pounding but other than that....he could move his arms, legs, he was breathing on his own...A headache shouldn't have caused him to end up in the hospital!

"What the hell?" He mumbled, or at least thought he did. His mouth moved but no words came out. His throat was probably just dry....yeah, that's it....

Dean went to talk again and he felt his throat vibrating as if he was speaking but he couldn't hear himself saying anything. Swallowing, Dean hoisted himself up on the bed and slowly lowered his legs down off the edge. He needed to know what the hell was going on.

But as he was getting up his exhausted body slipped and he ended up crashing to the ground.

If you fall to the ground, aren't you supposed to hear something? A crash, a thud, anything at all?!?!

Dean couldn't hear a thing.

He pulled at his ears and stuck his fingers in them, his ears had to be plugged up or something. But they weren't even hurting! It was as if someone just shut the sound off, not even the buzz of silence was coming through his ears, nothing, nada.

Something was wrong, something was horribly wrong.

Dean hadn't even noticed that a nurse had walked into the room. When she touched his shoulder he bolted upright. Her mouth was moving quickly but nothing was coming out.

"I...I can't hear you." He went to say and wondered if it even came out. But from the look of sympathy on the nurse's face Dean knew that he could still indeed talk, just couldn't hear himself.

The nurse's mouth was moving again, slower this time but Dean couldn't make out what she was saying. It was just too much at once! He learned to read lips while hunting but only a few short phrases, nothing like this before.

Dean's never felt so out of control in his entire life.

He shook his head screaming, or at least he meant to scream, something at her that had to do with not being able to hear. She frowned and grabbed the clipboard she brought in on the side table by his bed. Now why didn't she think of that in the first place??

She scribbled something down quickly and then handed the clipboard to Dean.

I'm sorry sir, but when we found you, you had hit your head pretty bad. We feared that you would have lost your hearing and we were right. You're deaf.

Dean blinked and stared at her, not believing what he was reading. Deaf?? He had lost his hearing? How the hell does that happen?!

The nurse started scribbling again and Dean didn't even know that he had asked how it had happened until she showed him the paper.

There was an explosion in the building you were in. There seemed to be a gas leak. It was a pretty old building. Your eardrums were damaged and so was your auditory nerve. We tried surgery but it wasn't likely to work. I'm sorry.

Dean shook his head. What was she trying to tell him?? That he was going to be like this forever?

"It's permanent?" His soundless voice asked. The only thing proving to him that he was talking was the nurses response in writing.

Yes. Again, I'm so sorry. There's nothing else we can do. We have someone coming to pick you up.

And before Dean could ask who it was that was coming he caught sight of someone coming into the doorway from the corner of his eye.


He was taller, leaner, and looked more grown-up but it was most certainly his little brother. His little brother with the most pathetic, sad look on his face.

Seeing that look on his brother's face made Dean forget for a moment that he was mad at Sam. He couldn't help it as he called out his brother's name.


And what Sam said next, Dean didn't have to be able to hear to understand.