Smallville: Return of an Amazon

(Disclaimer: This is only a Fan Fic.)

Chapter One

Clark Kent walked into the news room of the Daily Planet. Although it was only 9:00am, the office was bustling with activity as staff members were occupied trying to acquire the latest news from around the world. It was a sight that he had grown accustomed to as he enjoyed working there. As soon as Clark dropped his backpack on his chair at his desk, Lois Lane called out to him.

"Hey, Smallville," With fingers clacking away at the keyboard and without looking up from her computer, Lois said, "The boss wants to see you pronto."

"Good morning to you, too, Lois," Clark chided. "Do you know what she wants?"

"Since Kevin Monroe called out sick this morning complaining of food poisoning, I'm guessing she needs someone to cover the political press conference at the Metropolis Grand Hotel. I'd love to exchange morning pleasantries, but I've got a story to finish about the Red-Blue Blur's latest string of heroic deeds. Last night, he disarmed a robber who held a few people as hostages at a convenience store while the police were trying to negotiate with him. One moment the perp was holding a shotgun, and the next instant his weapon is gone, so the police rushed in and arrested him. Then he saved these two kids trapped in a room in an apartment building fire. He went in and pulled them out to place them by the paramedics in a gusting blur of motion. I tell ya, whoever this guy is, he is some super man in my book."

Clark started to say "You know, Lois, maybe he's just…"

But he was cut off as she interrupted him, "Shouldn't you be marching up to the boss' office? I'm sure she knows you're here already. Go."

With a frustrated sigh and slight nod, Clark left the news room. As he headed to Tess' office, his thoughts wandered as to why Lois even meant anything to him – platonically speaking, of course. As a friend, he really did care about her. Sure, she was very attractive. She had a good heart when it came to the people she cared about and the overall greater good of humanity, but Lois was, at times, the most aggravating person he had ever met.

But even if one day he did tell her the truth about himself, he had a feeling that she would not fully comprehend the burden of responsibilities of his birthright and his abilities that he alone could carry. And as much as she tried to, even Lana never really understood that either. Another part of him feared that Lois would not see him as Clark anymore, and instead she would see him as some sort of heroic superstar that she would constantly worship. He did not want that. The more she talked about the so-called Red-Blue Blur, the more obsessed she became with her larger than life hero. He wanted, no, needed someone who he could be himself with and not worry about hurting them just by sneezing in their direction. Thus, he had resigned himself to the fact that, for a number of reasons, he did not have the option of developing a romantic relationship with her, or anyone else.

He knocked on the door of his destination, and walked in when he heard the familiar female voice that answered, "Come in."

Tess Mercer looked up as Clark walked up to her desk. "You took your time getting here. Don't bother with an apology. I have an assignment that I need someone to cover ASAP."

"Yes, I heard Kevin is out sick. What's the assignment?" Clark asked.

Handing him a file, the red-head coolly answered, "The new Themysciran Ambassador is having a press conference. In case you've been too busy to read up on what's going on in the rest of the world, the new Amazon Ambassador is none other than their very own Princess."

Clark opened the file and skimmed through it. Tess noticed the fleeting look of surprise on his face that he valiantly tried to hide. She stood up and came around her desk to stand next to Clark. Slightly amused, Tess commented, "She is stunning, isn't she? I'm sure this photo of her has caught your attention. You don't have to hide that you find her attractive. I'm sure she'll have men eating out of her hands with no trouble at all." There was a slight edginess to Tess' voice that hinted she did not care for other beautiful women within a one-mile radius of her.

"I can assure you that I'll do my job objectively. Just because she's a pretty girl, doesn't mean I'll romanticize the article to make her look good." Clark sounded convincingly unbiased. At least he hoped he did. Internally, he was still recovering from the shock of discovering Diana was in Metropolis. Seeing her image in the photograph brought a rush of emotions that he needed to contain.

Seeing that set and calm look on his face, Tess smiled and said, "That's why I picked you for this. Unlike some of the men in the office, you are too much of a boy scout to let the fairer sex influence your work. You better get going, Clark. Jimmy is already there and waiting for you. The conference starts in forty minutes. That doesn't give you much time to get across town."

Hesitant that he would sound too excited about leaving, Clark simply nodded and walked out of Tess' office. He let out a sigh as soon as the door was closed, and allowed himself to smile. He was excited to see Diana in person, even if from afar at a conference. So he picked up the pace of his long strides to leave the floor that Tess' office was on. Since meeting and getting to know Diana a few years ago, he would think about her every now and then when something reminded him of her. Even though they only spent a few days together, he found in her a kindred spirit. One he could be open and honest with. She had that effect on him. And Diana was certainly unforgettable.

He walked to his desk and picked up his identification badge and notebook to finally leave the building. He was still smiling. He was so deep in thought that he did not hear Lois call his name, who had taken enough notice to see his expression and stop in wonder what, or who, made him smile like that. She was still calling to him as he left the news room.

As he passed the elevators to take the stairs, he caught his reflection off the elevator doors. He looked at his suit, and decided he needed to change into one of his better suits that he used for more important meetings. It was not like him to be self-conscious about his appearance, but he wanted to make a better impression of himself for Diana. After all, the last time he saw her, he had escorted her to the harbor to say their goodbyes, and much has changed over the years.


The ballroom was crowded with various media crews. TV reporters had already begun filming their presence at the conference, and announcing their speculations and perspectives on the upcoming appearance of the Amazon Princess. As the new Ambassador, she was going on a nationwide tour of the country to introduce herself as the advocate for promoting peace as more than an idea, but as more of the pursuit of the ideal way of living. After Washington D.C. and New York, Metropolis was next in her scheduled tour of cities.

Up in the Presidential Suite, Diana was looking over some notes from the last press conference making mental notations about some of the questions she knew would be asked, and she would comfortably answer. Once she was satisfied that she was fully mentally prepared for the roomful of reporters and commentators, she set her notes down and walked to the cheval mirror to give her appearance a final review.

The long crimson tunic was accompanied with a golden girdle and a golden pair of sandals. A royal blue sash hung over one shoulder and draped over her left arm. A golden tiara with the Amazonian red star and her silver arm bands completed her attire. Seeing that she looked presentable in her royal garb, she let her mind wander off to the last time she was in Metropolis.

Diana had met a few people during her short visit. She had unexpectedly befriended a man who meant more to her than the fellow sisters she met. Diana had thought about Clark Kent from time to time over the years. And even though she had recently met some very nice and interesting men of different ages and sizes, none of them compared to Clark. Clark and she were very different yet so much alike. They had a connection that she knew he felt, too. She wondered if she could take what free time she had to herself, and pay him a visit in Smallville. She missed him, and wanted to see him, even if only for a moment.

She certainly was not the same young woman she was when she first arrived those years ago. Granted, there was still so much to learn about the Patriarch's World, but at least she knew a bit more about it than before. When she came back to Themyscira, her mother was relieved to see her and proud that Diana was able to retrieve the Spear of Athena without incident. But she was also upset that Diana had left without her permission. As Diana's punishment, Hippolyta had declined Diana's request to represent Themyscira as Ambassador when Hippolyta and the Senate made the decision to reveal the Amazons to the outside world. Diana had reported that there were so many wars taking place but there were a number of nations opposed to these wars that only wanted peace. It was determined that mankind needed help in learning about achieving and living in peaceful harmony.

As Queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta chose herself to represent her nation in the Patriarch's World. Her position as Ambassador worked only for a short time as it became apparent that they would need a full-time representative from Themyscira to maintain a residence in the United States of America. With her position as her people's leader, another Amazon would be assigned to take over as Ambassador.

Diana had made an admirable and logical presentation to be appointed the new Ambassador, but Hippolyta had made it clear that she did not want her daughter to go. Thus, the Queen created a competition of physical skills for the rest of the Amazons to compete for that privilege. Little did Hippolyta know that Diana would disguise herself as another Amazon, and rightfully win the contest. As the Champion of Themyscira, Diana had the highest honor that an Amazon could achieve even though she was the beloved Princess of her people. Although Hippolyta was once again upset that Diana disobeyed her, she was also very proud of her and would miss her daughter dearly.

As a member of the royal house and Ambassador, it was only appropriate that Hippolyta assigned six of her royal guards to accompany Diana into the Patriarch's world. Diana had bested these same guards in the competition, but the Queen wanted to make sure that Diana held the appearance that she was not easily accessible or susceptible to any unwelcome approaches. She trusted her daughter, but she did not trust anyone not from Themyscira – especially men. Diana's agreement to have the guards as her personal escorts was reluctant yet obedient. It was the least she could do to appease her mother.

Snapping out of her reverie, Diana saw the time was near to begin the conference. Taking a deep breath, she slowly released it and walked out of her suite as two of her mother's royal guards detached themselves from their posts by the door to follow her down to the conference.


She was a vision as she entered the room and walked up to the podium. Clark felt a slight constriction in his chest when he laid his eyes on her. She smiled and waved to the crowd before her. Her smile was just as breathtaking as he remembered. She greeted and thanked the media before she began her speech. Clark had tried to get a closer seat to the stage but could only find seating towards the back as other members of the media had arrived long before him in anticipation of the conference. He doubt that she had noticed he was there sitting in the crowd.

As she eloquently gave her speech, he finally noticed the guards that were stationed close to the stage. He figured it was standard protocol for anyone of importance to have their own bodyguards since he did not think Diana needed their protection.

She ended her lengthy speech to a thunderous applause from the audience. It was a very well-written and well-delivered speech. As soon as the room quieted down, Diana began to take questions from various reporters, who took turns to stand up and raise their hands for her attention. She was asked some of the same questions that were asked at the previous conferences, and answered them with the same answers. There were some questions that simply pertained to Metropolis that she did answer differently than the ones for Washington and New York as each city had its own charm and character.

As soon as she was done addressing one question about her upbringing, Clark stood up and raised his hand. With a clear voice, he announced, "Clark Kent from the Daily Planet, your Highness."

Diana's eyes widen in surprise ever so slightly as she turned her attention to him. The calm and welcoming expression schooled on her face did not betray the excitement she felt at seeing him.

With his super-hearing, he could hear the sudden thudding of her heart as their eyes met, and he relaxed a little as he knew she remembered and recognized him.

With a controlled smile, Diana answered, "Yes, Mr.…Kent, is it? What question can I answer for your curiosity?"

Clark, in turn, politely began his inquiry, "Your mission of peace is a very noble and admirable cause, Your Highness. Yet, you are also a highly trained warrior – an Amazon. For some people, this can be seen as quite a contradiction, and they may not understand why someone with your fighting skills should convince them to seek peace before pursuing to end disagreements in a war. Can you tell us why we should listen to you?"

Pleased to answer the complex question, she answered, "I know it seems quite contrary, but sometimes in order to preserve peace, one must know how to defend oneself if an unwarranted attack is launched against that individual. I do not condone going into battle, but there are times when it is necessary to end an immediate threat that will endanger the lives of many. I urge diplomacy and open-minded discussions before I would advocate going into battle as the last possible resolution if diplomacy does not resolve conflicts between warring nations. Unfortunately, wars are the only viable solution if peace talks cannot be achieved. When we Amazons were still part of this world centuries ago, we did not choose to battle the many that did not see women as equals in a man's world. We learned to defend ourselves against the many brutal forces that wanted to assimilate us into their submissive ways. If we had not trained and taken to arms whenever we were attacked, and successfully fend off our attackers, we would not be having this press conference today."

Diana smiled as many in the room returned her remark with laughter. She continued, "We have lived in peace for the last three thousand years, and we are willing to share knowledge that your scholars and historians can only imagine and guess. As Amazon warriors, we learn to preserve, protect, and honor the lives we are blessed with, and we try not to throw away the preciousness that is life by foolishly going into battles. That is why we Amazons are suited to be the bearers of peace".

A resounding cheer of applause swept the room.

Clark smiled, proud of how well she carried herself in this press conference. He felt a twinge of envy because he knew he could not hold the amiable attention of any crowd.

Diana focused her attention to Clark, who was still standing. "Mr. Kent, I hope that I answered your question to your liking?" she smiled as she asked.

He smiled back, "Yes, thank you, Princess Diana. I'm sure our people would be very happy to hear that."

They held each other's gaze for just a moment longer, both of them still smiling at one another.

A reporter with a receding hairline who was seated a few rows away from Clark, stood up and coughed loudly. "Hey, Kent. I know the Princess is gorgeous and obviously you do too, but would you mind if the rest of us can have our turn?" A fair amount of chuckling and giggling erupted from the crowd. This caused Clark to blush and reluctantly sit back in his seat, and Diana to finally turn her gaze away from him to answer that reporter's question.

From across the room where he stood with other photographers, Jimmy grinned as he had taken several snapshots of Diana during the conference and a couple more of Clark staring at Diana. He looked down at the images on the LCD screen of his camera. If anything, he thought he had good pictures to tease Clark with.

A few of other reporters in the room also noted the quiet exchange between the Princess and the reporter. It appeared the handsome reporter was smitten with the articulate and beautiful Princess. And as she kept glancing back at him during the rest of the conference, they surmised that she found him appealing to look at. This was interesting to note, but certainly not news-worthy to them. Unless a relationship bloomed from this conference, which was highly unlikely that a junior reporter could hold the interest of an Amazon Princess, these reporters dismissed any thoughts of pursuing a story that would only happen in the movies.

Another reporter asked Diana if she would give exclusives while she was in town. She replied, "At this time, I am not electing to sit for exclusive interviews. If I do change my mind, my staff has a list of everyone who has attended this conference, and one will be chosen at my discretion."

"Princess, I understand you will be meeting with the mayor this afternoon along with some of the cities' commissioners. You also have a meeting with the Governor and one of the Senators. Who else will you meet with during your visit to Metropolis?" asked a sandy-haired reporter from the Metropolis Times.

Trying very hard and successfully avoiding Clark's gaze, Diana answered, "I am planning to visit ill patients, especially children, at the hospitals and shelters for the less fortunate tomorrow. Being the only child brought up in Themyscira, I have a soft spot for children in need of hope and caring."

The same reporter gave her his widest smile, "So you don't have any dinner plans with anyone tonight? May I ask you to dinner, Princess?" Laughter erupted through the crowd.

Diana could not help but smile at the man's likeable boldness. "I'm sure I would have a lovely dinner with you, but I must decline your invitation. Thank you for your kind offer though."

As the time for the press conference ended, Diana graciously thanked everyone for attending and listening to her. Just before turning to leave the stage, she made one last glance to the spot where she wanted to walk, no, run to but did not. She found him, and their eyes met. Both exchanged small smiles. She hoped that he managed to somehow read her mind that she wanted to privately see him.

As she finally turned away to walk off the stage with her entourage, Clark hoped that she somehow read his mind that he was going to pay her a visit.