Bleach One Shots

The early mistakes.

Take One: Well, they had to show up sometime.

Ichigo faced Rukia, an apparent Shinigami, and the one holding his families life in her hands as a monstrous creature she had called a Hollow rampaged nearby and tore his house apart.

"Are you sure?" Rukia asked in a strained voice. Ichigos face settled into a resolved grimace as he nodded his head.

Adjusting her aim, she prepared to slam the tip of her zanpakutou into his body and allow him to temporarily take on Shinigami powers of his own.

She never got the chance as five figures wearing various masks appeared.

One caught the end of her blade just before it could penetrait Ichigo, and gave a low tsk-tsk of disapproval. "Come now, Shinigami, turning a human?" the males voice had a teasing tone to it as he spoke, as though amused at the situation

he had just interupted.

While that was going on, the others had vanished into the house. The occasional grunting or low growl escaped before being silenced, and within seconds the foursome trotted out.

"Bagged 'em. Hachis barriers prevented any further damage." the tallest of them spoke up. The one beside Rukia and Ichigo nodded his head, smiled beneath his mask, and said "See you around." just before he raised a small device that could wipe away human memories and activated it.

"Or not." using the art of shunpo, or flash step to vanish just as quickly as they came, the five were gone. And Ichigo was left staring blankly ahead, mind fuzzy. By the time he came back to reality, Rukia was limping some distance away.

Shaking his head and wondering what he was doing out here, Ichigo turned back towards his house and froze up at the sight of the damage done to it, his jaw dropping. He stared at it for several seconds before glancing back at the dark shaped figure retreating into the distance, and realized he had just been robbed.

"DAMN IT, GET BACK HERE!" he shouted.