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Patience woke up in a daze. The sun streamed through the window and all she wanted to do was pull the pillow back over her head. Why in the world did the night go by so fast? She even had to admit to herself that she didn't want to wake up from the dream she was having. It involved Dean and many more kisses. She should just put herself out of the misery that she was in. There was no point in her pining after Dean. Sure, he was the one that kissed her last night but he was also the one who apologized for kissing her. Meaning that he was sorry he had kissed her. Then why the hell did he kiss her in the first place? Patience groaned as she covered her head with the blanket. Maybe she could just hide in here and hope the Dean and Sammy would just leave. Yeah, like that was going to happen...

Getting up courage, she crawled out of bed and opened her drawers to get clothes. She pulled out a black mini skirt and a red ACDC tank top. Patience opened the door to her bathroom and locked the door behind her. A nice long cold shower was required before she would see Dean again. Not that it would help her any as soon as she saw him but she could hope. What was with this major attraction she felt for Dean? And how did she make it go away? An immediate suggestion popped into her mind but she pushed it away.

Sean stat at the kitchen table with everyone except the one person he wanted to see. She had yet to come down the stairs, but he kept glancing that way in anticipation. His mind was pulled back to the table by a giggle. His gaze went to Piper, Andrew's girlfriend, and the source of the giggle.

"Don't worry, she'll be down soon. She never sleeps for too long, especially when there is a case," Piper said grinning at Dean.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Dean fibbed.

"Uh huh, sure. Whatever you say," She giggled again.

Just as she said that there were footsteps on the stairs and Dean's heart did a flip. Patience beauty took away Dean's breath. How was it that one woman, one he had barely met, did this to him? He had tried to convince himself last night as he laid in bed that it was because she was a connection to his father, but now that he saw her he knew that wasn't it at all. There was just something about this woman that drove him crazy.

"Hey, Patience," Piper said smiling.

Patience knew that smile meant something was turning in Patience mind, she just didn't know what. "Hey, Piper, everyone." She couldn't help that her gaze went immediately to Dean. Why did he have to look so good sitting there in his tight jeans and black t-shirt? She blushed as their gazes met. She turned toward the kitchen and went to the refrigerator. Andrew always kept a supply of fresh fruit in the off chance that Patience would be there for breakfast in the morning. "Would anyone like a smoothie?" She asked pulling out bananas, kiwis, strawberries, mangos, oranges, and blackberries.

"Sure, I'll take one," Dean said coming up behind her. Patience jumped at how close he was to her. She felt like sticking her head in the blender, but instead took a deep breath.

"Okay, anyone else?" She asked, as she was using her mind powers to cut up the fruit all at once.

"No thanks, I think the rest of us are good with coffee," Andrew said, after a few seconds of no one else said anything. He watched Patience and Dean, knowing right away that something was going on with them. Dean leaned up against the island counter behind Patience as she was cutting the fruit. He could tell by the straightness of her spine that she was fully aware of where Dean was. He lifted his cup to his mouth to hide the amusing smirk on his face. Could it truly be that his friend, who trusted no man but him, was falling for someone? He sincerely hoped that she was, and hoped that Dean would treat her right. She deserved someone who would never leave her and it was about time that she found what he had with Piper. (keep in mind that Andrew doesn't know about Dean and his deal with the crossroads demon.)

Patience tried to ignore Dean but his scent had already sunk into her whole being. She was about ready to melt into a puddle on the floor. Trying to put all thought of Dean out of her mind, Patience focused on her task at hand. She lifted the cutting board and scooped all the fruit into the blender. Putting the lid on she switched on the smoothie button. As she let it blend for a few seconds, she reached into the cubboard above her and pulled out two glasses. Patience shut off the blender and poured the smoothie into the glasses.

As Patience swung around to hand Dean his glass, he knew something was wrong. He couldn't react fast enough to catch her as she fell, the smoothie spilling all over the floor. She landed on her knees and hands. Moaning she lifted a hand to her head.

"Patience?" Dean yelled as everyone from the table rushed forward. "Patience!" He yelled again as she didn't respond.

The last thing Patience heard was Dean yelling her before blackness set in.

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