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One night on a boat for her fathers birthday, Bella, a wealthy and beautiful six year old is kidnapped/saved from the boat by Alice who belongs the an immortal ship ruled by the Cullens/Denalis. When the captain, Edward, finds Bella in Alice's cabin, he plans to dispose of her, but finds himself attached to her, leaving him confused but agrees to keep her as a slave/ pirate henchwoman.

As Bella turns seventeen, she learns of the secret everyone on board has, and also that she is beginning to fall for the captain. But when Tanya begins to stur drama, Bella is kidnapped and taken into another ship. Black ship. Owed by none other than Jacob Black and his crew.

What will Edward do? What will happen to Bella?


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As I skipped along the docks by the ocean, I watched the beautiful sunset make its way beyond the horizon, savoring the beautiful colors painted across the dimming sky. I walked slowly towards the edge of the long wooden walkway, hearing the sound echo throughout the deserted beach and sat silently at the edge, allowing my legs to dangle freely over the edge.

I would be leaving tonight on a large ship to celebrate daddy's birthday, and my mommy had dressed me up in those frilly pink dresses I despised, but she had insisted, and threatened, that I wore it for Daddy. She told me I had an hour to enjoy myself before I had to go back to the house to leave for the large ship my daddy owned, and sailed throughout the world, delivering crates of some exotic artifacts he found over the years, receiving money in return for them.

We were quite wealthy, living in a large white mansion close to the ocean, surrounded by a vast green forest I loved to explore. Although I longed to live at sea, and circle to planet along side with my daddy, mommy restrained me and forced me to stay with her and attend very important parties, as she put it, and "show me off".

I was 6 years old, but I was always treated like an adult, everyone always expecting the impossible out of me…except for daddy, of course.

He always told me to follow my heart and do what I wished, saying things about how controlling mommy was and other things that would make me laugh, but he would tell me not to repeat them. I loved both of my parents dearly, but sometimes I wished they would allow me to do things other little kids were allowed to do.

They could run wild, eat what they wished, own animals like puppies and be friends with one another. Me? I was forced to read advanced book every day to influence my vocabulary, practice ballroom dancing with my maids, clean the house (even if we had maids, mommy wanted me to learn how, just in case) and watch grown up behavior when going to parties. No screaming, screeching, laughing loudly, kicking, punching, always have to accept dance offers, always speak respectfully, especially in front of men, and many, many other rules I loathed.

As the last ray of sun disappeared beyond the waters line, I sighed quietly, and walked back towards the house, where my mother, dressed in a flowing dark green gown with bows tied around the hem and lots of lace accentuating her curves, waited for me on the porch steps with her arms crossed with a very stern and angry expression…uh oh. I was in trouble.

As I got closer, she began to speak in a very firm and disappointed tone.

"Isabella, where have you been? I specifically said an hour, not a minute more! Now because of your tardiness, we're going to be late. What do you have to say for yourself?" By then, my head was lowered in shame, and I bit my lip to keep from crying. Like every other six year old, I hated it when mommy screamed at me. I sniffled and lifted my head slowly, ad met her angry eyes.

"I am sorry mommy…I must have lost track of time. The sunset was just so…exquisite." Her face soften, and next thing I knew she had her arms wrapped around me and whispering her apologies for yelling. Every mother knew how yelling caused emotional pain to her child.

"I must say, Isabella, your vocabulary is extraordinary. Those books really have worked." She said while pulling away and taking my hand and leading me towards the carriage.

I smiled back, liking the feeling of her being proud of me. It was true, though. I had heard the other six year olds talk, and I was quite advanced if I didn't say so myself. I really enjoyed reading, especially books about love stories and adventures…adventures I'd love to have one day. As I stepped into the carriage, our butler came and closed our door for us and went back to sit up front, beginning to drive us towards the boat a few miles away from here.

As we got further away from the house, I couldn't help but feel a slight warning feeling inside my gut, but I just ignored it. Next thing I knew, the house disappeared from sight and my head was drooping on the cushions behind my head. A few moments later, darkness had enveloped me into a deep slumber.

* * *

"Isabella? Isabella, wake up this instant. We have arrived." I heard my mother faintly telling me to wake up and shaking my shoulder slightly.

I opened my eyes groggily to see darkness outside the carriage, and the moon over the water creating a beautiful illuminated path on the water. And further out, I could see a ship and the dock, waiting for us to board. It was decorated with many oil lights and candles surrounding it, creating a warm ambiance around it.

My door opened to my side, and I turned my head slightly expecting it to be the butler, but my eyes widened and a smile stretched across my face when I saw it was none other than Daddy.

"Daddy!" I exclaimed, and flung myself in his opened arms and buried my face into his neck and inhaling the many scents he picked up while traveling. He chuckled and held me tighter.

"Happy birthday, Daddy!" I found myself saying, remembering suddenly the reason he was here. He set me down on my feet, and dug his hand into his pocket for a moment.

"Close your eyes sweetie. I brought you something." I did as he instructed and held still. I heard him going behind me, and felt his hands removing my long brown hair from my back. Next thing I knew, I felt something cold upon around my neck, and opened my eyes to find Daddy looking at me expectantly.

I looked down and saw a beautiful silver heart shaped locket with wave designs on it and strange symbols embroided in it as well. I stroked it gently with my finger, marveling at the smoothness and how pretty it was. I looked back up and met my daddy's smiling face and hugged him fiercely around his neck.

"Thank you daddy, it's beautiful. But, what do the strange symbols mean?" I asked while pulling away, and I saw mommy standing behind him with a smile on her heart shaped face. She looked absolutely beautiful in the moonlight.

"Well, it's a destiny necklace. Only the love of your life will be able to know what they mean. When he does, you will know he's the one you're meant to spend the rest of your life with. I found it in a shop that I suspect was own by a witch, since there was eyes in a glass bottle"- he shivered slightly, as well as my mother and me-"…but, she told me this necklace was magic and really worked." He kissed by cheek and then turned towards my mother, which made me turn around, knowing what they were going to do. I may be a mature six year old, but one thing I was not was a girl who liked seeing her parents kiss.

When they were, finally, done, we walked towards the boat and climbed aboard, heading who knows where. The warning feeling came back, but I ignored it once again and mingled with the people until I was too tired to continue.

Mommy and daddy were somewhere else on the ship, and the other men began to get very drunk on the rum, so I decided to get bellow deck and hide in my daddy's cabin where there was a bed he kept purposely for me. As I lay down upon the white satin bed, I removed the shoes my mother called "heels", which I called "death traps" because I had been falling all night because of them. I was a clumsy to begin with, and I found out these "heels" didn't help out at all.

I fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillow, and I drifted off to my dreams that allowed me to escape reality for a few hours.

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