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My eyes widened when I saw the Cullen crew and practically collapsed right there and then they were all here, except Irina, Kate, Carmen and Elzear.



Slowly, I turned my head in the direction of the voice, and my eyes instantly met the bright green orbs I had longed to see again. Smiling softly, closing everyone and everything out, I continued to stare at him. He was still as perfect as ever, even more then before if that was possible. His soft bronze locks blowing in the wind, as if in slow motion, his face practically in tears as he continued to stare at me, his lips mouthing my name every now and then.

As if something were tugging us towards each other, as if we were the last two people in the world, we started to advance towards each other, both of us now with tears silently gliding down our faces. My mind and heart were screaming in joy as he smiled. I found my lips tugging in the corners as well, but that quickly stopped when from the corner of my eye, I saw Jacob's wolf form growling viciously in our direction.

I whipped my head in his direction and my eyes widened in horror as I saw that he was running, in slow motion in my view, right towards Edward with his teeth bared, and his eyes crazed with rage. I quickly looked back at Edward, who hadn't noticed anything and was still staring at me as if in awe. I screamed for him to get out of the way, but he seemed as if he barely heard me.

"Edward, look out!" I heard not only myself, but some of the family as well scream it, but either he didn't hear it, or he didn't want to hear it.

My eyes widened in horror as Jacob jumped in the air, like an arrow heading towards its target with determination. Just as he was about to touch him, he was suddenly hurled back towards the edge, and right into the ocean.

"Looks like we're not too late." I heard a familiar voice say. I turned my head and looked behind me to see Myra along with her crew, smiling, and standing in the light of the sunset with everyone beside her, with Farrah in front of her with her arm extended towards where Jacob was before. It had been Serena to say it, and she was smiling along with everyone else in a smirking way.

"Too late for the beginning, but not too late to kick some ass!" Erin merrily shouted in, unleashing a sonic blast towards the wolves. They all reeled back, some landing into weapons and some unarmed. As Erin clutched her throat, a result from the blast that she wouldn't be able to do it again for a while, Mira pulled out her sword, as well as everyone, and winked at me before heading towards the wolves along with the rest of the Cullen's.

General POV (never did this one before!)

Bella, smiling exuberantly, caught a sword Myra threw to her, and quickly headed to Edward's side where he looked at her with tears in his eyes, but full of joy at the same time, and began to fight along side there family and the Prowls. As Bella helped defeat numerous wolves, she looked around her to see what else was going on. She was relieved when everyone was still alright, and the only ones losing were the wolves.

Myra, smiling widely but full of rage at the same time, decapitated numerous wolves then happily tore them limb from limb then threw them into a fire that had been built, letting out her rage that had been kept inside her for so long. She never been one to let people stomp all over her, and she wasn't about to start now. And the fact that she had been holding a grudge against these monsters for 6 years wasn't helping either.

She looked numerous times towards her daughter to see if she was alright, and sighed in relief every time she was. If a wolf dared to law one stinking paw on her, she would merrily chop it off, as well as the rest of him quickly. Her boat lay in the distance, waiting for its owner to come back, but something was nagging at the back of her mind, but she couldn't understand what it was…

Alice and Jasper fought together, deflecting attack from attack and Alice using her ability to see where they would NOT be, and Jasper using his advanced skills to protect her, although she didn't need it. The two had been exuberant when they had seen Bella, and the fact that she was now one of them only made Alice happy, since 1. There would be a great chance she would come back to them and the other…well, anyone could guess. Even Jasper was thrilled to see her. She had been his friend for a long time.

Rosalie fought, in her way, against any wolf that dared to come while Emmett simply insulted them, some phrases like:

"Over here you stinking mutt!"-Or-"Quit liking your sack and come fight me like the pup you are!"- Or other things similar to that.

He teased them, and then criticized there movements while wearing a huge grin on his face until they got so enraged they acted foolishly and headed towards the big teddy bear, who simply threw them into the ocean after a good beating….Ya, they didn't last long, either. He kept thinking about Bella now being a vampire, and that he was eager to show her just what kind of pranks he did. Hell ya! Now she can be my partner in prank crimes…after I give her a taste of them that is!

Tanya, although somewhat upset the wolves had showed up and had delayed her latest plan to seduce Edward, fought furiously, eager to have them off this ship for good. That was how she was thinking, but then Bella showed up, and the only thing that could be seen in her mind was Crimson. WHY DID SHE HAVE TO SURVIVE?! She fiercely thought. She had been even more enraged by the way Edward had been looking at her, as if he had seen the sun for the first time.

It didn't help either that her friends and sisters had left a year ago, saying they were tired of this lifestyle. She envied them, in a way, because they were happy and she…well, she just wasn't. Edward should have been mine since day one, she often told herself.

Serena gladly fought with Anthony close to her, and showed them exactly what kind of skills one could acquire over years with a sword…and teeth. Both worked as a team, and ended up defeating a large number of wolves, even if they had scratched her a couple of times…Anthony hadn't been too alright about that, and showed them exactly what he thought of his love being hurt. No one and I mean NO ONE touches MY girl! He thought angrily every time one touched her…she just simply smirked smugly when he kicked there asses, then took care of what was left. She used her shape shifting powers a few times to help out when her energy was too low, and fought with whatever she transformed as, which was a Siberian tiger, and another time a shark, which seemed ironic.

Erin fought a bit, but she hadn't really practiced over the last years, so she simply deflected them and towards each other cleverly, without even lifting a finger. Jackson, although worried about her, fought furiously, eager for it to be over, but kept an eye on her time to time.

Farrah, not yet quite experienced enough to handle a sword, simply deflected wolf from wolf with her ability, but after a while felt her energy running slim. After several more wolves, she hid in a barrel, waiting for her energy to come back. She watched from a hole in the barrel, and smiled in relief when everyone was still alright. The wolves were outnumbered, so nothing wrong had happened, apart from the occasional bite or scratch on someone.

Yet…A part of her mind told her, but she ignored it. Removing her black curls from her face, she peered more closely and saw there were about 8 wolfs left, and everyone was on deck fighting them off while someone was bellow deck, firing cannons towards the other ship.

Farrah POV

I should head bellow deck too, and he or she must be one of the good guys if he's or she's firing towards the wolves' ship, I concluded. I swiftly got out of my hiding spot, and raced towards the staircase leading bellow without, thankfully, getting noticed by the wolves, and quickly searched before I finally found who I was looking for. As I crawled from shadow to shadow, I approached whoever it was with caution, just in case, and once close enough, I stood slightly higher, and examined him.

He seemed exhausted as he put cannon ball after cannon ball into the cannons and firing, but still he pressed.

It was dark down here, but I could still detect his silhouette and a tad of his features. He seemed pale, like most vampires, and I believe his hair was black; almost the same shade as mine, only slightly blue in the light, unlike mine that had some red in it instead, I believe was from my mom's auburn hair.

I didn't notice until it was too late that the crate in front of me was on the verge of falling off the one under, until I leaned slightly against it, making it fall with a loud crash to the ground. I clenched my eyes shut at the sound and stiffened. I was about to open my eyes again when I was hurled back and pinned to the wall forcefully with a hand to my throat, and felt something cold and hard at my throat. It didn't take a genius to guess what it was.

"Who are you and what are you doing down here?!" He yelled, pressing the blade harder against my skin. I was about to roll my eyes at the thought of some ordinary sword hurting me, but quickly stopped myself once I looked at the person in the eyes. It wasn't the fact that they were full of rage, but…they seemed…familiar? Like a distant person I had only met once? I wasn't sure…

"I'm s-sorry, m-my name is F-Farrah, and I w-was just l-looking for s-somewhere to hide…" I answered shakily. I couldn't help it. It was usually I holding the blade against someone, not the other way around. His eyes softened the slightest, and his grip and the blade loosened until he let me drop to the ground. He quickly put his sword back in its case on the side of his belt and knelt down to my height.

"I'm sorry if I scared you…When you're out here, you don't take chances, even if it's from someone as young as you are. By the way, what is someone like you doing here? Don't you know it's dangerous?" He spoke softly, but there was still an edge to his voice.

"…Well, I'm with my mother's crew, and…well, it's a long story."

"I have time. I wrecked the other ship enough, so…begin." He smiled slightly in encouragement. I took a breath and told him from day one, from what I was able to remember.

* * *

Flashback, 2 years ago…

I opened my eyes to the streaming sunlight and to the loud voices on the ship and sat up. I looked around my cabin and quickly crawled out of my crib and onto the floor. I looked for the door, and smiled when I found it ajar. I crawled out of it and onto the deck, and sneaked a peak before I would climb fully on. I halted quickly when I saw my mommy and the others surrounding some poor man, on his knees, looking like he was begging for mercy from my mommy.

"Please, I beg you, I wish simply for a small amount of money to feed my family…" He said weakly, as if he was starving as well. My mommy narrowed her eyes, something that always made me wince if directed at me, and took out her sword.

"And what else, maybe go to a bar?! Get drunk until you can't remember your own name?! Or maybe even pay your depths?!" My mother snarled sarcastically at the man, who winced at every word.

"N-no, n-nothing at all l-like t-that! J-just a f-few d-dollars…" He continued to plead her.

"Myra, common, we can just spare him a tiny am-" Erin began but was cut short quickly enough.

"I said NO! He can go bother someone else!" My mommy bellowed at Aunty Erin, and I saddened for the poor man. He just wanted a bit of money, and we had enough to spare, right?

"Myra, have a heart, for once in your life!" Uncle Jackson yelled at mommy, enough to make anyone wince with his powerful voice, but she simply glared fiercely back, making him shut up.

"Jackson's right, My, he's just a man down on his luck!" Uncle Anthony stood up for Jackson, standing from his seat on the railing and walking over with aunty Ree-Ree hand in hand. (A/N Ree-Ree is Serena, for those who didn't get it :P Hey, if I was her age, saying that would be a mouthful, so I cut it.)

"I don't care what's his life story and what he wants, if he's so desperate for some, maybe he should get a job, like everyone else that has money do!" She replied back, with just as much venom in her voice as before.

She turned back to the man and quickly kicked him off the ship and onto his tiny sail-boat he had on the water. When he looked over where I was, I smiled slightly and crawled over to the side of the boat and threw down some coins I liked to play with down to him, where he caught them quickly and looked up at me gratefully and waved before he left.

Once he was gone, I hid in a barrel and looked at the scene in front of me, where the crew surrounded mommy with angry expressions and there faces.

"Way to be a bitch, Myra!" Aunty Ree-Ree screamed at her, and I had to hold my laugh back and being exposed to them. I found when they cursed was funny…while mommy didn't.

"Look, I learned a long time ago that if you're nice, you only get bit in the ass back!" She screamed and aunty Ree-Ree growled at her.

"If this is about what freaking happened, so help me I'll-" Suddenly I heard uncle Jackson yell "Land!" And we all headed to the railing and saw and island approach us, a very beautiful one at that.

(One month later…)

After lots of work, mommy and the crew had built a new home for us, and I loved it! I shared a tree with my mom, for now as she said, and everyone else had one! It was amazing! We had arrived here to find all of them dug-out in there trunks and little homes at the tree-tops, perfectly built safely and elegantly at the same time, and there was no one here! We had decided to call it Midnight Island, because if you were lucky enough to see it during a full moon, when it was directly above the island, no one could be able to hold back there gazes of awe…

(Two years later…)

I was sniffing around in the woods close to home for something to eat, especially after almost a month of nothing but human food, which I admit was filling, but disgusting after a while, and I needed blood sometimes. Mom had explained to me why that was a year back, and at first I had been shocked and angry with what I was, a half vampire, or a "hybrid" as she called. But then, I realized it wasn't much of a shock, with what the whole lifting trees with the middle finger, of the running the contour of the island in ten minutes (A/N it's an EXTREMELY large island…lol, just saying.)

But I had been slightly thrilled when I discovered my power! Moving things with my mind? Sweet! And seeing the in the VERY near future and feeling the slightest bit someone's emotions were a bonus.

Suddenly, I snapped my head up when I smelt something off…way off. There was someone else on the island…and with my family. Growling, I pulled out my knife, made out of Armacite, a rare metal made of lava, but still touchable, if you were someone like me. A regular vampire would get burnt easily, and a human would find it way too heavy, but I was human, resisting the whole "burning up" because I didn't have venom, and the strength of a vampire.

I ran to our site and saw who was there…a girl of about 16 years of age; she had dirty, wet and very inappropriate clothes on, ripped here and there, long wavy brown hair, and dark eyes from what I could see.

Snarling to myself, I threw her with my mind a way from everyone else, and when she tried to get up, again, I threw her, only further. I quickly straddled her back, pinning her down and shoved the blade close to her neck. She struggled, but it was no use.

"Who are you, and what do you want?!" I screamed. No one and I mean NO ONE messed with my family. She looked at the knife with fear in her eyes, but when she looked up at me from the corner of her eye, amusement clouded them for a minute, that is, until I pushed the knife further. I smirked but then someone wrapped there arms around me and knocked me off, rolling along with me. Whoever it was locked me in as if protecting me, because I didn't feel the ground touch me at all.

I looked up and realized that person was my mother, who was standing over me with a look of disapproval on her face. I smiled slightly up at her before looking back down. I know it was childish, but even though she was mean and guarded at everyone else, to me I was like her sanctuary…somewhere she could go and let out everything…and trust me, my mom hid A LOT of what she really felt.

"Sorry Bella for that, Farrah here is quite protective of us, and didn't know who you were. Isn't that right Farrah?" Mommy said to the girl…Bella, huh? It was a pretty name, I guess…

"Yes…sorry." I mumbled and looked away from everyone. Jeez, I was only doing what I thought was right.

(About 50 minutes ago…)

I walked onto the deck where everyone was, each at there posts, and headed towards the rod holding the look-out point and climbed it quickly. Uncle Jackson was creating some radar thingy that could detect any on coming ships for miles, which was interesting, Serena was in the water as a shark and asking in fish language, don't ask me, if they had seen any boats come by. Erin and Anthony were working the sails while my mom steered, while whispering to herself some things to help know which direction to go.

Even if her power was directed towards what others said, she could use it herself to find out which was the right direction to go. I looked along the horizon and suddenly spotted a dark spot in the distance…two dark spots, if I was seeing correctly.

A beeping sound erupted the silence and I looked down to see the same two spots I had seen on Jackson's radar and smiled smugly to myself before jumping down from the tower and racing to my mom while he yelled for everyone to come back.

"Do you think it's them?" I asked her. She seemed…happy, to be out here and sailing like the old days. That was rare, but she had been different since we left the island.

"I hope so…we have been looking for weeks now." She smiled at me then turned back to sailing.

"Mom, I know I'm ruining the moment but…what if, you know…"

"…We're outnumbered and don't make it?" She finished for me but with a smile. "Don't worry Fare; just think about the moment and not the future. And besides, they don't have minds, those stupid mutts.

I nodded and looked where the two ships were coming up. Both my mom and I stiffened at the smell that assaulted us. Werewolves, definitely…and vampires. If they were with the werewolves, we stood no chance.

"Anthony, anchor us! Serena, sail on ahead and check if the vampires are with the werewolves, and check if Bella is with them! Erin, haul down the sails! Jackson, create a giant bubble for us!" My mom shouted, and the stopped the ship. Serena transformed and raced towards the ships as the others lined up and waited for Mom's next orders. I quickly went in line as well and touched my sword and smiled.

"Alright everyone…this is our first mission in years, and I don't expect a miracle. All I have to say is stay safe and help each other out, while tearing them to pieces!" Everyone cheered and raised there swords while my mom smiled.

"First things first, destroy the enemy then look for Bella." Just at that moment, Serena hopped on deck and rushed to Myra.

"They're fighting, so the vampires are against the werewolves. Bella was bellow deck in the wolves' ship, and I detected Bella's scent, although faint, on the vampire ship." Serena quickly said and grabbed her blade and everyone quickly rushed into the bubble Jackson had created. And with that, we sneaked bellow the water and headed towards the two ships.

Once we were right bellow them, Jackson popped the bubble, so the speak, and we swim onto the surfaced and quickly climbed the ship. We all hopped on at the same time, and my eyes widened when everyone was still, except for a wolf heading for what I believe was the captain, and my eyes widened even more when I realized Bella was there, starring and screaming for the captain to move from the wolf's path.

Narrowing my eyes at it, I sprigged my arm out and launched him backwards just as he was about to…well, maul the captain to shreds, and he landed into the ocean.

End of Flashback…

He just starred at me, Amazement, shock, anger, surprise and sadness playing across his face. He listened intently the whole time, his eyes widening every time, and gulping repeatedly.

"…How old are you?" He asked shakily. I narrowed my eyes slightly in confusion, but shrugged off the feeling. Suddenly, I heard the fight finish, and smiled.

"…Four, why?" His eyes widened and he looked as if he were calculating something in his head. He the sighed, as if in relief, and looked back at me. I should finish my sentence, I decided. "…for now."

"What?" He asked.

"I was born 14 years ago. But…I age VERY slowly…" His eyes widened to the maximum and he stood up and reeled back. I stood in alarm.

"What's wrong?" I asked loudly. He looked everywhere but at me, repeating over and over with a smile growing on his face every minute: "No, it can't be…there's no way!..."

"What is it?!" I shouted at him. This was only ticking me off. He spun around to me with the widest smile on the earth.

"What's your mom's name again?" He asked.

"Myra. She never said her last name." His smile faded and he slumped onto a crate. We then both heard a blood curling scream and both of us dashed up towards the stairs and onto the deck.


I watched as Myra finished the last wolf about ten feet from me and turned to me with a bright smile. I smiled back and gave her the thumbs which she copied right back and mouthed "good job, Bells." I nodded and watched as everyone ran to their respective partner of family.

"You're still mine, Isabella Black." I heard a familiar voice behind me and my eyes widen but it was too late to scream because he put a hand over my mouth.


No way.

No freaking way!

I just got my family back; I wasn't going to lose it again!

I bit on his thumb and he let go with a loud grunt. I began to run but he caught my arm and flanged me to the ground and stood over me with his blade in his hand…

An Armacite sword…

"If I can't have you, no one can!" And with that, he lifted his sword and I turned my head to the side and clenched my eyes shut, and awaited my death…

Goodbye Edward…

Someone screamed. Then another one did. Then everyone screamed. Someone died this day. Someone would never see tomorrows first light. Someone would be missed dearly. Someone wouldn't breathe no more.

There was something off though. That someone wasn't me.

I turned my head slowly and saw the sword protruding a body over me, and realized the sword was only half Armacite, but it wasn't going to make a difference. My eyes widened in horror at my next thought. Who. Was. The. Person. Shielding. Me?

I looked and saw whoever it was had struck Jacob with her or his own sword and Jacob was now lying on the ground, dead. I turned my head even more and met someone's gaze. An agonized silver gaze.


She smiled weakly down at me and forced herself to collapse beside me and removed the sword. I sat up with tears in my eyes and put her head on my lap and removed her auburn bangs from her forehead.

"Bella…" She said weakly and I looked at her in the eyes and realized she was crying, and so was I. I realized everyone else were surrounding me, Serena and Erin crying in there mate's shoulders and them as well crying. Edward had his arms wrapped around me and I quickly turned and cried into his shoulder as well. I had found my family, but I had lost one of them…

Serena and Erin ran over to Myra's side and both cried and said things at the same time, but I didn't hear any of them.

"NO! Your not dying, not on us, no, no, NO!" Serena screamed loudly, but it wasn't that one that I heard. It was this one.

"MIRANDA, NO!!!" Miranda? Wasn't she- I looked over to see Caleb running over to Myra with tears streaming down his face. My eyes widened wider then saucers as I looked back at her, in time to see her look at him with pure love in her eyes, and they were turning deep blue…

... "When she's actually happy, her eyes go deep blue. But apart from that, they stay the piercing silver."

I raised my head and locked gaze with cat-like silver blue eyes…

Her rich auburn hair…

…"So that night…well, we…you'll learn about that later. Anyway, the next day I came back to her house and…"…Farrah…Black hair, almost the same shade as her dad's, only with the red tint from her mom, and a mix of hers and cale's color…she ages slowly, born 14 years ago, the same time Miranda disappeared…

My eyes widened and more tears came as the as I stared truth right in the face.

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