Galaxy Police Cadet Scramble


Chapter 1


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One does not lightly slay a being capable of leveling mountains and regenerating from limb-rending wounds. The events leading up to such a momentous occasion are the sort of things which tends to get noticed by the people with the ability to notice them. Especially when one doesn't bother to hide the fact that one is rearranging a Chinese mountain range over the course of one's fight. Sure, Saffron was the one who'd done most of the rearranging, but that didn't change the fact Ranma Saotome was helping him do the rearranging, if only by way of avoiding attack after landscape-scarring attack.

Ranma would happily admit to himself that his strategy for that fight, if one could in fact call it a strategy, had essentially been as follows: Hang on to Akane's shriveled form, try not to die a horrible flaming death, and wait for the opportunity to strike back... all with a strong dash of panic-induced hope that the chance would eventually come. The pigtailed boy knew he'd gotten lucky in that fight.

All of that didn't change the fact the fight was rather noticeable.

Washu was the first to chance upon the fight. She'd quickly concluded that, while powerful, the beings involved were nowhere near Ryouko's level. After a cursory review of the participants' vital statistics, she'd set her computer to automatically record the fight for viewing later, when she had the opportunity to make some popcorn. Entertainment like that didn't happen often enough to ignore completely, after all.

Yukinojo was the second one to sense the battle taking place. The A.I. extended the ship's sensors to cover the region, comparing the power signatures and any other data he could acquire with local and Galaxy Police databases. Visual data collected from local satellites indicated several humans from Japan were involved in the conflict, with one Ranma Saotome being directly in a fight with another being of vastly superior power. The data also correlated with one record which hadn't been accessed in nearly four thousand years.

The being Ranma Saotome faced was the notorious space pirate Saffron. Born of a race of incredibly powerful bird creatures possessing frightening powers over flame and the ability to regenerate even the direst of wounds, Saffron had gone on to acquire a powerful fleet of ships before raiding and pillaging spacelanes for hundreds of years. The list of his crimes was so extensive that they even surpassed Ryouko's... And only the fact he'd been gone for over four thousand years had dropped him from his Most Wanted status. After the first thousand years with no reported sightings, the Galaxy Police had reluctantly concluded that Saffron was dead.

Yukinojo silently appended the incorrect fact in the file, sending it immediately on to the Galaxy Police headquarters. With luck and the assistance of Tenchi and his friends, Yukinojo reported his confidence that Detective Mihoshi could handle the situation. While the humans currently fighting Saffron would no doubt be mourned, the timely intervention of the Galaxy Police could prevent further loss of life at the hands of the interstellar menace.

The A.I.'s circuits blinked as a new reading came through. A diagnostic was run on the long range scanners, then run again when the initial response indicated there were no problems. Deciding not to waste further processing power on an obvious glitch, Yukinojo focused on the incoming visual data... Which, he noted, synced perfectly with the sensor data: Ranma Saotome had, apparently, defeated Saffron. Even as the A.I. watched, the boy dove through the air to shatter a fancy statue and soak himself in the water.

The artificial intelligence amended the report, downgrading the urgency. Records indicated that when Saffron's race were forced to regenerate in that manner, they were essentially defenseless for years afterwards. Mihoshi, with her training, would certainly be capable of capturing the criminal in the days to come.

Yukinojo was certain the Galaxy Police would be more interested in this Ranma Saotome. Official Terran government records stated the boy was an Earthling, and thus exempt from admission into the interstellar academy. Those official records also stated that Tenchi was an Earthling, and the A.I. noted dryly in his report that the records were certainly wrong on that count. He made a recommendation that the young man be approached with recruitment in mind and filed the report, his processes twitching happily as he received confirmation from the central computer of the report's arrival.

All Mihoshi had to do was wait for a GP representative to go over the report and confirm the recommendation, then hand the boy the pamphlet with the application. Even she couldn't mess that up, and if the combat records were any indication this Ranma Saotome would be one of the better candidates the Galaxy Police had seen in years.

The A.I. was rather pleased with himself. After all, it was fool proof. Even Mihoshi couldn't possibly mess this one up.


Airi raised one delicate eyebrow as she read the report, her interest slowly peaking as the details went on. She'd already keyed Mikami's line before she finished the third paragraph.

"Mikami, have you read this?" Airi demanded incredulously, a wide grin on her face as she continued to read the report. "According to this, a sixteen year old boy on Earth managed to take down Saffron!"

"I've read the report," the older woman admitted, smiling slightly. "I agree with the appended comments. Certainly the boy can't be fully human if he's capable of fighting a criminal of that level."

"So you'd like to test him?" Airi asked, folding her hands and leaning forward in her chair. "I'll admit, it'd be nice to have someone interesting around the academy. Poor Seina and his brides are so busy these days they hardly drop by to see us at all!"

"Interesting? That's one way to put it, I suppose," Mikami admitted with a light chuckle. "I'm not sure I care if he's interesting or not but I do think he'd be a good addition to the Galaxy Police. I'll tell Mihoshi to scan him from her ship, and, if he's not human, we can see if he's willing to join."

With a nod Mikami cut the line while Airi continued to read. This could get very interesting indeed, the green-haired lady noted to herself. Saffron certainly hadn't been a slouch if his record was accurate so if the boy's opponent was any indication of what he himself could do, the results would be fantastic.


To say that Mihoshi was surprised to find a recorded image from her great aunt waiting on her ship was an understatement. She'd gotten occasional letters from her family in the time she'd been on Earth, but never anything delivered in an official capacity. Her great aunt had plenty to say to her niece, but the Headmistress of the Galaxy Police Academy rarely had anything to say to a detective stationed on an out-of-the-way, low tech planet.

"Detective First Class Mihoshi, we've become aware of someone in your area we believe would be an ideal candidate for recruitment into the ranks of the Galaxy Police," her great aunt began immediately, and the blond woman watching the blond woman's message nodded as Yukinojo automatically raised a picture of a young, dark-haired man with a red silk shirt in the corner of the window. "You are to perform a thorough scan of the young man, as indicated in the supplementary report attached to this file, and if he's not human you are to do your best to have him enroll in the Galaxy Police Academy!"

The older blond paused, her face forming a rare, stony mask.

"This boy defeated an intergalactic space pirate without any measurable weapons and all available records indicate he's just a regular student in a nearby ward's high school," Aunt Mikami continued, smiling a bit. "Obviously this isn't entirely true. If possible, do your best to uncover the secret behind his power.

"Take care, and good luck!" The video ended with a broad smile from the detective's stout aunt, and Mihoshi nodded to herself.

"Yukinojo, can you perform a scan from here?" the blue-eyed detective asked, eyes travelling up to where her A.I.'s robotic interface had lowered from the cieling.

"I'm sorry, Detective Mihoshi. My systems are not calibrated to perform a scan like this without moving closer to the subject," the robot concluded in a light tone. "I suggest relocating the ship to the Nerima ward so that I can run a detailed scan."

"Alright Yukinojo, let's go!" Mihoshi concluded with a broad smile.

"We can't go yet, Detective Mihoshi! My systems can't mask our presence from radar during the daytime!" The A.I. mourned, causing the blond to groan. "The appended report suggests familiarizing yourself with the available data on the subject. Would you like me to bring it up for... Detective Mihoshi! You can't sleep now!"

"Wake me up when we can move closer, Yukinojo," Mihoshi yawned, moving to the back of the ship. Some days, the A.I. lamented, it wasn't worth doing his job. No matter how much his basic programming told him otherwise.


Several hours later, Mihoshi was awake and dressed in a conservative business outfit. The scans of the subject, Ranma Saotome, had been inconclusive about his species in particular, but conclusively proved one thing: He was not human.

The scanners, even at their strongest, had not been able to detect the specifics of his genetic makeup. They had revealed a very strong energy field which directly effected his biorythmic pattern. More importantly, the pattern had been detected in only four other people in Tokyo, one of them, the strongest, being his father. Clearly it was a trait of whatever species he was, getting weaker with each generation of humanity his ancestors bred with. After all, what other explanation could there be for the strong energy pattern affecting scans of both father and son while the other three were so weak?

That more than qualified him for entry into the Galaxy Policy. Thus, with the translucent orange folder in hand and a plan in mind, Mihoshi made her way on foot through Nerima towards the target's address. He would receive a good education and a guaranteed job if he graduated... Who wouldn't want that?

The blond woman arrived at the Tendo Dojo and didn't hesitate to knock firmly on the large gate. She blinked at the sign to the side of the gate: 'To face the inhabitants of the dojo in mortal combat, use the rear entrance.'

Then the door opened.

"Hello, can I help you?" Mihoshi looked at the question to find herself face to face with a young woman of average height, a soft smile greeting her. Long brown hair was pulled into a ponytail hanging over one shoulder, and the girl's willowy frame was clothed in a bright sundress under a white apron.

"Yes, hello! I'm here to see Ranma Saotome," the blond detective stated.

"Oh please, come in. You're in luck," the young woman informed the blue-eyed officer. As Mihoshi followed the woman inside the gate, the brunette smiled once more. "Normally Ranma is playing with one of his friends after school. He has so much fun with them... but sometimes the property damage is quite terrible."

"Property damage?" Mihoshi asked, eyes widening.

"Oh yes. The construction companies around here send us a gift basket every week," the woman admitted, opening the front door. Mihoshi slipped off her shoes and followed the young woman down a small hallway. Sitting at a table with a pair of books opened up was a young man. The one from the report Yukinojo had filed. "Ranma? You have a guest."

"Oh yeah?" Ranma asked, bored eyes lifting from his notebook to the blond. After a moment of awkward silence, Mihoshi began.

"Saotome-san, how would you like a scholarship to the best school you could possibly go to?"


The bustle downstairs was enough to disturb Nabiki's calculations as she tabulated numbers from recent business ventures. With darkly quiet mutters, the middle Tendo sister stood from her desk and walked to the door, hearing a murmur of voices float up to the landing. She walked down the stairs to find Kasumi, her father, and Genma crouched at the living room door.

"Kasumi, what's going on?" Nabiki asked, annoyed. Her sister merely shhh'd her, raising one finger to her lip and waving the younger girl over. Nabiki strode over to the door and peeked in, finding Ranma sitting across the living room table from a stunning blond woman, darkly tanned skin contrasting her light-colored business suit. In the pigtailed boy's hands he held a translucent orange folder, held open to some paperwork.

"I don't know, Nabiki. This woman has come to offer Ranma an all-expenses paid trip to the finest school available! He's must have gotten a scholarship for Tokyo University," Kasumi whispered reverently, turning to listen to the conversation. Intrigued, Nabiki joined her sister at the door.

"So, Saotome-san, do you accept the offer?" The woman asked pointedly, her voice firm but polite. Nabiki couldn't believe the way Ranma's head slowly began to shake and marched it.

"Saotome, don't be an idiot. A chance like this comes along once in a lifetime. You'd be a fool not to take it," Nabiki warned with a quiet chuckle. She crossed her arms and leaned against one of the walls. "Or is the big, bad martial artist afraid of some paperwork?"

Pushing the boy's buttons had always been easy. For all his talk about martial arts being based in deception, he may as well have labelled his pride with a sign saying 'tug for a reaction'.

"I ain't afraid of anything!" Ranma retorted, flipping past the pages in the folder and filling in the information in the back of the pamphlet. He slid the folder across the desk to the blond woman. "I accept the offer, Kuramitsu-san!"

"Great!" The blond chirped, smiling broadly as she picked up the folder. "Someone from GP will be by tomorrow to pick you up, so get ready for your journey! Take care and good luck!"

Without another word, the blond woman was gone.

"Wait, GP?" Nabiki muttered, tapping her jaw thoughtfully. One eye went to Ranma, who was sitting wide-eyed at the table. "Wait, Saotome... I thought Kasumi said the offer was for a Tokyo University scholarship. Why would you have to move anywhere?"

"I dunno," Ranma shrugged, yawning as he got to his feet. "She was going on and on about how great this school was. I don't think it's Tokyo University, now that I think about it. The pictures looked really advanced."

"So you just signed up to go to school somewhere, and you're not even sure where?" Nabiki asked with a dry chuckle. She raised one eyebrow. "And you did that simply because I dared you to?"

The look on Ranma's face as it froze was priceless. There were some days when Nabiki wished she carried her camera around with her at all times.


The next day, the sun was shining brightly as it crested the horizon. Nabiki was not awake to see this joyous dawn, preferring to sleep in a bit. She was just stirring as she heard Genma's dismayed shout of "The boy is missing!"

That snapped her awake. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and slowly got out of bed, making sure she was wearing a pair of pajama bottoms before venturing out to see what the latest catastrophe was. Genma was frantically running around the house, opening closets and cupboards as if the pigtailed martial artist might be hiding in one of them. Her father was helping with the search, she noted. She walked downstairs, checking the dojo. Neither Ranma nor Akane were in the training hall.

After checking the bathroom and finding it unoccupied, the middle Tendo sister stopped to poke her head in the kitchen,.Nabiki verified that Kasumi had not seen the aquatranssexual this morning. That left only the guest room. She immediately noticed the thing the elder Saotome had missed in his haste to find out where Ranma was: the futon was made neatly. Far more crisply folded than Ranma's housekeeping skills would have suggested. She grabbed one corner of the blanket and threw it off.

Under the covers was a letter, with a holographic symbol floating above the ordinary paper. It detailed his admission to the 'Galaxy Police', along with notes that someone would be by later to allow the family to record their 'farewell' to him. Hearing Akane return from her morning jog as she tapped the note, Nabiki wondered if, perhaps, her pigtailed brother-in-law-to-be was in over his head this time.

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Ranma groaned as he awoke, noting the darkened room in which he lay and the soft bed underneath. The soft bed which, after a moment's thought, he knew was not the futon he'd gone to sleep on last night. Blue eyes snapped open as he felt the last vestiges of sleep wash away.

The room was, floor to cieling, a light grey metal. Opposite the bed he lay on was another bed, neatly made, and between the two was a small wooden table. The only other piece of furniture was a bookshelf though the entire unit appeared to be sealed with a seamless clear cover, much to Ranma's confusion.

All of which told him he very obviously wasn't in the room he shared with his father. He was pretty sure he wasn't in the Tendo house at all, come to think of it. Given the heat of the summer, all he'd been wearing when he'd gone to sleep was boxers and a muscle shirt... Which were, of course, the only clothing he still wore. He swung his legs out of the bed and stood, shivering slightly at the cold metal underneath his feet.

A translucent, slightly green rectangle popped up in front of the pigtailed boy, startling him into falling back on to the bed. The screen bobbed down with him, settling at a comfortable viewing height as an elegant-looking woman with purple hair popped onto the screen. Her smooth face was framed by two long ponytails which seemed to have been flipped forward over her head, appearing at first like bangs.

"Good morning, cadet Saotome!" the pink-eyed woman chimed, seeming to ignore Ranma's utter confusion. Ranma poked the screen, paling slightly when the prodding finger went directly through the image with no resistance. "I'm glad that you're awake. We're just about to enter a hyperspace jump."

"Wait, cadet Saotome?" Ranma muttered, scratching his jaw. He stood, walking over to the door. The screen rose and followed him, much to Ranma's growing apprehension. "Hey, where's the door handle!?"

"I'm sorry but per Galaxy Police regulations, untrained civilians aren't allowed on the bridge of a vessel this size when we're about to enter a hyperspace jump," his kidnapper commented, her smile dropping a bit before brightening again. "You're perfectly safe in my hands. I'll have you at the academy before you know it"

"Wait, what!?" Ranma demanded, pounding on the door. "Let me out! I've got school, damn it!"

"Of course, you're on your way there right now," the woman informed him distractedly, growing somewhat annoyed. "We'll be there in a few hours. I can understand wanting to rush to something but this is ridiculous. We'll be there soon."

With a hmph, the screen disappeared, leaving Ranma to bang uselessly on the door.


Author's Notes:

What's this? Another story!? I haven't abandoned my other stories, I promise. I just couldn't help myself after watching Tenchi GXP the other night. Um. So yeah. Don't hurt me, please!

I started writing this with the express intent of NOT involving Ranma with any of the Tenchi cast until he'd been noticed by the Galaxy Police once I decided on my outline. There's far too many crossovers which rely on Ranma or someone Ranma knows being somehow related to Tenchi or otherwise being half-Jurian. It's gone beyond cliche and into the downright repetitive.

Ranma's human and not related to anyone at the Masaki shrine. Jusenkyou curses just confuse Yukinojo's sensors a bit, leading Mihoshi to draw an incorrect conclusion. So yes, the three other readings mentioned were Shampoo, Mousse, and Ryouga.

-Gaming Ikari

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