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5 Years Later

It was the night of Summerslam, and Randy couldn't help but feel proud as he walked into the arena in Houston for the final time. It was the night of his retirement, and Randy felt ready. As he looked down at the brown, curly haired little girl walking with him, he couldn't help but think how good life has treated him over the past years.

Randy still couldn't believe that he and Savannah were about to celebrate their 6th anniversary in November, and even more amazed that Sydney would be starting pre-school in a few short weeks. He also became World Heavyweight Champion 3 more times, and made the decision to retire when he barely arrived at the hospital on time to see his second child be born.

"Daddy, Daddy!" Sydney exclaimed, pulling on his arm. "Where is mommy and Sierra?"

Randy looked behind them confused, thinking they were right behind them. "Ummm...I thought they were right behind us," he said as Savannah and Sierra came into sight. He and Sydney started giggling as the two started skipping down the hall. "Where did you guys go?"

"Sierra had to use the potty," Savannah replied as they all walked into the locker room. "I see," Randy nodded as he tossed his bag to the floor and watched as the girls instantly dug into another bag for the toys.

"Can you believe that Sydney will be in pre-school?" Savannah asked as she wrapped her arms around Randy. "It's crazy how fast my girls are growing!"

"I know it princess. Sierra is already going to be 3 in December! I still thank God every day she is a normal little girl," Randy said, referring to Sierra being born 10 weeks early, born on Christmas Day. When she was born, the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck and a low heartbeat. When Randy and Savannah decided on a name, they went with Sierra Hope, in honor of her pulling through her medical problems and also in honor of being born on Christmas Day.

"Randy, do you know what this family needs?" Savannah asked as Randy started pulling out his ring gear for his final match against Jeff Hardy.

"What's that babe?"

"A boy."

Randy's shot up as he looked Savannah in the eye. Before he could say anything, there was a knock on the door, and Stephanie popped her head in the doorway. "Hey guys, your here!"

"Aunty Stephy!" Sierra called as she jumped into Stephanie's arms. Sydney soon followed suit, and also hugged her aunt.

"Mommy, I want to go walk around with Aunt Steph!" Sydney said.

"I think you need to talk to Aunt Steph about that," Savannah told her oldest daughter.

"Oh, it's ok! Paul and the girls are here as well, so if I need to do something, she can go play with them or I can bring them back in here. Sierra, do you want to come?"

Sierra furiously shook her head. "No, I stay with Mommy and Daddy!"

"Alright, alright," Stephanie said as she grabbed Sydney's hand. "Come on Syd, let's go get some work done!"

"OK," she replied excitedly. "Bye Mommy! Bye Daddy!"

Randy and Savannah waved to their daughter, and as Sierra continued looking through the bag of toys, Randy turned his attention back to Savannah. "Ok, what's this talk about a boy in the family?" he asked with a smile on his face.

Meanwhile, Stephanie and Sydney were walking down the hallway, when they ran into someone they didn't expect. As Vince walked toward them, he had a puzzled look on his face. "Steph, who is this?"

"Dad, your kidding right? This is Sydney...Savannah's oldest."

"Hey, your picture is at Grandma's house!" Sydney exclaimed. "Who are you?"

"Shhh..." Stephanie said. Vince simply stared at Sydney and then glanced back up at Stephanie. "What do you mean oldest? She has more than one kid by that asshole?"

Stephanie had a look of disbelief on her face as her father spoke those words. "Dad, I can't believe you!"

"Aunt Steph, you and Mommy are sisters right?" Sydney asked as Stephanie nodded her head. "If this guy is your dad, then shouldn't he be mommy's dad too? Then...shouldn't he be my Grandpa?"

Before Stephanie could respond, she noticed her husband Paul and her girls walking down the hallway. She grabbed Sydney's hand and walked toward them. "Dad, stay right there! Paul, can you do me a favor please? Can you take Sydney back to Randy and Savannah-I have to talk to dad alone."

"Sure no problem. Come on Syd," Paul said as he grabbed the tiny hand and all four of them walked away. Stephanie then turned her attention back to her dad.

"You are unbelievable! Your own granddaughter was right in front of you, and you didn't even talk to her. You didn't even acknowledge she was standing right in front of you."

"Any kid that Randy creates isn't considered a grandchild of mine. Now earlier you said oldest...Savannah ruined her life with another one?"

"She didn't ruin her life. And yes, Randy and Savannah have another daughter. Sierra Hope will be 3 on Christmas day."

Before Vince could say anything more, both he and Stephanie noticed Savannah walking furiously toward them. "How dare you acknowledge my daughter as kid! You know, this has gone on for almost 6 years, and I figured you would have gotten over it by now."

"Savannah, Randy is nothing but trouble, and I still believe you can do better," Vince said smugly.

"Well, I hate to tell you daddy that will not happen. Randy and I love each other. We aren't getting a divorce anytime soon, and he and my children are not mistakes!"

"Says you," he said as he walked away. Savannah then turned to Stephanie shaking her head. "Why is he like this?" Savannah asked.

"Unfortuantely, dad is stubborn. Since this has gone on for 6 years now, he may not get over it."

"It's his loss. I was done trying along time ago. If he doesn't want to be apart of my or the girls' lives, then that's his loss. I have better things to look foward to. After tonight, Randy will be home for good and we can look foward to the new baby coming!"

"New baby!" Stephanie squealed as she hugged her sister. "When?"

"I'm due Feb.10th. Randy is so excited. He has a 'feeling' its a boy," Savannah said with a smile.

About another hour, Savannah, Sydney and Sierra were all walking with Randy to the curtain, as his last match was about to start. As he heard Jeff's music hit, Randy crouched down to the girls' level.

"Girls, can I have a hug and kiss for luck?" he asked as the girls tackled him with hugs and each kissed him on the cheek. "You girls be good for mommy ok."

"Ok daddy," Sydney said as Sierra nodded. Randy then stood up, and quickly kissed Savannah. "I love you."

"I love you too Randy. Please be careful."

Randy only nodded as his music hit, and went down to the ring. Randy's match lasted about 15 minutes, with Jeff getting a Swanton bomb and Randy getting an RKO. After Randy hit the RKO, he went for the pin. 1...2...3! Randy got the win, and his hand was raised in victory. When Randy walked backstage, his friends and family were there to congratulate him on the victory. Randy then walked up to Savannah, and pulled her into his arms.

"Lets go home," he said.

7 Months Later

Randy's parents just walked into the hospital room with the girls, and they could see Randy and Savannah with their new baby brother. "Mommy, is that our new broder?" Sierra asked.

Savannah chuckled as she glanced up at Randy. He couldn't look any more proud then he did at that moment. "Yes he is. This is Ryan Keith Orton, and he'll come home in a few days."

As both Sydney and Sierra climbed into their dad's lap, Savannah couldn't help but think how great her life has turned out. Sure, her dad was out of her life, but that wasn't her fault. That was his choice. Savannah had a wonderful, loving husband and now 3 beautiful children. That was her choice....and didn't regret it for a minute.