Below you will find the complete list of 38 other characters involved in this world, excluding Videl. Where appropriate, positions of authority and relations to the children of each family are provided. I'll leave you to draw the conclusions for yourself.

Not all of these people were mentioned in the fanfiction, but they are all in the fanfiction. Hopefully this will help you be able to keep better track of all the characters in this alternate universe.

Filcure Family:
Felicia Filcure - mother
Videl Filcure

Ratcliffe Family:
Avery Ratcliffe, Sr. - father
Beatrice Ratcliffe - mother
Avery Ratcliffe, Jr.

Belafonte Family:
Michael Belafonte - father
Isobel Belafonte - maternal aunt
Michelle Belafonte

Pickett Family:
Maurice Pickett - grandfather
Amelia Pickett - grandmother
James Pickett

Stone Family:
Mariya Stone - mother
Jenifyr Stone

Jasso Family:
Geoffrey Jasso - father
Missy Jasso - mother
Matthew Jasso-Helod

East City Middle School Tennis Team:
Jeremy Handel - Captain
Gina Tyler - Co-Captain
Mikayla Unmeyer (Elliott's twin)
Elliott Unmeyer (Mikayla's twin)
Robert Erickson
Stephanie LaFleur
Evan Williams
Kathryn Stevenson

Orange Star Junior High School Tennis Team:
George Dolby - Coach ("Coach")
Harold Dolby - Assistant Coach ("Dolby")
Matthew Jasso-Helod - Co-Captain
Greg Yalert
Emily Morgane
Amari Beltane
Jack Smith
Monica Stevenson
Melissa Mundik

Orange Star Junior High School Triple Tenet Club:
Mariya Stone - sensei
Greg Yalert
Emily Morgane
Videl Filcure
Matthew Jasso-Helod

Orange Star Junior High School Personnel:
Amaranthus Rose Botani - school nurse
George Dolby - science teacher
Harold Dolby - math teacher
Felicia Filcure - Spanish teacher
Mariya Stone - social studies teacher (8th)

Morgane Family:
Jedidiah Morgane - father
Barbara Morgane - stepmother
Emily Morgane

Stevenson Families:
Jonathan Stevenson - father
Monica Stevenson

Richard Stevenson - father
Kathryn Stevenson

Dr. Rowan Hyacinthus Botani
Anthony Pemter
Antonio Esperar