Catch Up

Summary: Upon his return he'd been curious to see what had changed. Post 'Rock Star'

Author's Note: Just saw 'Rock Star' and thought I might attempt to write a little thing about Zach Nichols, the newest MCS Detective.

Ross had changed.

The moment he had been asked back he could see it. Ross was a changed man. No longer in love, happy with a terrific family, and a sergeant awaiting promotion; Zack Nichols saw a man buried into his work and life, playing surrogate father to that little Megan Wheeler, his new partner.

It was funny in many ways, how straight laced Ross was, well he had never been one to show his real side at work, but nonetheless being in power had changed him. When Ross had specifically asked him to come back, he had been curious, curious to see what seven years could do to his friend.

Upon arriving back he couldn't help but regret not keeping in better touch.

He sighed and drank some scotch, checking the clock.

Ross was late by one minute and 7 seconds.

He heard the tinkle of the bell as the door of the smoky bar opened. He didn't even turn around, a little smile on his smile, ordering another glass. He heard heavy footsteps approaching from behind and drained his glass as a man sat next to him.

"How are you Danny?" he asked softly.

"Been better," came Ross' reply, "How was Cleveland?"

Zack looked sideways at his friend. "Sorry for not keeping in touch,"

"You're not," said Ross shortly, "still I appreciate it,"

"Well it was either you or Lucy…and I don't think Lucy would've wanted to hear from me,"

"Sounds right," Ross ordered a drink.

A lapse of silence surrounded them.

"So how was your first week back?" asked Ross.

"Surprisingly better than I had expected," said Zack with a grin, "Wheeler isn't what I expected – not after what you told me, I thought she'd be more…naïve…" he paused, "Mike Logan really was her previous partner - it isn't rally obvious but there is that little...trace..."

Ross nodded slowly, accepting his drink.

"I really have been gone a while,"

"That you have, that you have."