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Please don't leave me

"I want you, I miss you. I want to be close together." This is how much Yuuki desired her dear onii-sama. But did he know? Did he know how much she was missing him right now? Of course he did, he wanted her as much as she wanted him. Lying there in bed staring off into the distance of her bedroom lay Yuuki. As she lay there with only her beloved onii-sama in her head, her heart beats faster, her breathing becomes labored, her hands and body are shaking, and her throat gets dryer. She only wanted Kaname, his skin, his blood, his body, his kiss. To ask for such things is like a crime we want to commit. Such desire, it hurts when the person you desire isn't there. Yuki doesn't know where Kaname is and she can't seem to find him or contact him. She didn't know what to do; all she knew was that she can't do anything but just lye there in her bed. As the day goes past, she didn't get any sleep because of how much she wanted him. She stares at the open window that blows in the freezing cold wind into her room, making her room and her body freeze. As Yuuki lies there in her bed, she thinks of a way to reach Kaname.

She then gets the idea and gets out of bed. She then walks over to a table that was in her room. Luckily enough for her she had a small knife in her room, just in case someone threatens her. She grabs the knife and stabs it into her arm, causing it to bleed all over the floor. As soon as she stabbed her self the whole room and school was covered with the scent of her blood. She then felt dizzy from all of the blood that was lost and fell to the ground unconscious.

When Yuuki woke up she found her self in her bed with the knife taken out of her arm and Kaname sitting on the bed beside her, licking her arm. "Are you ok? Please don't hurt your self for me. And Please don't call me with your blood, I don't want you to be in pain." Kaname spoke. He then kissed her arm and it healed strait away. Kaname then got up and faced the door. "I've got to go now. Please don't hurt your self again." He then walks towards the door and as he was about to turn the door knob and open the door, Yuuki gets up and runs to run to Kaname, but she was too quick to get up that she fell right back onto the ground halfway when she was running to her onii-sama. Kaname then let goes of the door knob and runs towards Yuuki and kneels down and puts her head on his lap. They then stare into each others eyes, simultaneously, impossible to not get drawn into them. Kaname then says "Why do you looks so sad? Please take care of your self more properly." Kaname then lifts Yuuki up and carries her to her bed and places her down gently and pulls the sheets over her. He then turns around, but before he could take a step, Yuuki grabs onto his hand and says "Please don't leave me, I miss you when you're gone. My heart aches when you're gone." Kaname then gives out a sigh and says "I suppose I can stay." He then takes off his coat and throws it on the couch near the bed, and climbs into the bed with Yuuki.

He then put his hand on her cheek so that they we're just face to face, and only a breath away from a kiss. "Please don't leave me again onii-sama, I miss you when your gone." Yuuki said. Kaname then kisses her gently on the lips and says "I'm sorry for causing you pain. I won't leave you ever again; I'll always be beside you. I love you, and that's all that matters." He then kisses her again but this more passionately. He then looked backed into her eyes and asked "Why do you still look so sad? Are you not happy that your onii-sama is here?" Yuuki then stares into his eyes for a moment and then spoke into his ear "I'm happy, it's just I missed my onii-sama. But does onii-sama know how much Yuuki's heart hurts when he isn't there? Does he know how much she loves him? Does he know that she only thinks of him day and night? Does he know?" "Of course he does. I'm sorry Yuuki, I made you suffer. But now, please let me heal your heart." Reply's Kaname. He Then Starts to kiss her much more passionately, and puts one hand around her and her other on her waist. Yuuki then kisses him back and puts her hands on his cheeks. Kaname then moves on top of her without letting their lips unhook. As they kiss Kaname then slides his hand down from her waist and up her skirt.

As they kiss Kaname slips in "I Love you, now and forever. And I'll never let anyone or anything ever change that." Yuuki then kisses him back passionately, but she then suddenly pulled back, and got out of bed quickly. "Ah! We're going to be late for class!! Stop lying there, get up and get dressed, we've got class!" Yuuki said with a rushed voice. Although Yuuki wanted him to be quick, because she didn't want them to be late, Kaname still just lied there staring at the beautiful figure trying to dress her self and smiled with amusement. After a while of staring at her, he decided to get up. But instead of getting his coat on he walked up to Yuuki from the behind and hugged her. Yuuki then froze, shocked and surprised that he hugged her, she as so busy with getting dressed and worrying that she didn't realize that it was the weekend.

Kaname then nibbles on her ear and whispers "You know, today is the weekend, and today is my birthday. So why don't we do something fun today to please your onii-sama?" Yuuki then turns around and hugs him back. "What does Kaname onii-sama want to do?" asks Yuuki. Kaname then takes a breath and says "This….." Kaname then slowly undoes her shirt and takes it off of her, and undoes her skirt. As He is stripping her, he nibbles on her neck to mark it, but not pierce her blood filling body. After he stripped her of her cloths he picked her up and put her down on her bed. He then got on top of her and kissed her much more passionately. As he kissed her he slipped in "I will always be here by your side. " He then gives out a big sigh and says "So much skin…. your really tempting me. I only wish for the world to stop so I can always be like this with you. Forever a breath away from a kiss, a kiss away from a sin. Don't worry I'll be gentle. I promise you I won't even leave your side. But I don't think Yuuki wants what her onii-sama wants." Yuuki then looks back and stares into his red colored eyes and spoke "I want what my onii-sama wants so don't hold back on me." She then kissed him more passionately and pulls him closer.